12.07.22- Commies, RINO’s And 500+ Corporations Have Declared War Upon Our Children, Are Pushing Them Into Satanism
Rob Pue

After reading my daily news feeds, I often find myself shaking my head and simply saying, Unbelievable. Yet the stories I’m about to share with you (in no particular order) are absolutely true, believe it or not.

First up, the Daily Signal recently reported this: “Imagine that a progressive American city creates a financial incentive for residents to ‘transition’ from man to woman or from woman to man. That’s exactly what San Francisco has just done with a program called ‘Guaranteed Income For Transgender People,’ or ‘GIFT.’”  Read More

Some Lights Go Out, Some Lights Go On
James Howard Kunstler

“The DNC and Biden Team knew they had friends at Twitter who would do their bidding during the election. And Twitter lied to the FEC [Federal Election Commission] about that influence…. But that’s just at the surface.” —TechnoFog on Substack

Have Americans grokked that virtually all of the mis-and-dis-information bombarding them lo these many years actually comes from the government and the news media channels that serve it? What we’ve got now in this country is a Mind-Fuckery Industrial Complex waging a psy-ops war on the people of this land. Why is that?  Read More

12.05.22- Inflation is Deflating
the American Dream

Vance Ginn

The latest inflation report reveals that inflation is slowing, but it remains at a 40-year high

The stock market rose, as softer-than-expected inflation rate gave investors hope the Federal Reserve may not have to raise its target rate quite as fast. A 7.7-percent increase in prices over the last year shouldn’t make people hopeful. Many Americans can’t afford soaring living expenses, however, and the economy will worsen before there’s any relief. Read More

12.03.22- How’s the War on Truth Going?
James Howard Kunstler

“I have had enough of this insanity and lack of national media attention or regulatory attention to this clear and present danger and tragedy.” — Ed Dowd

Barreling down to Christmas and the bitter butt end of a bad year, a primal fear of the deepening darkness makes people desperate — another reminder that human nature has not changed so much in ten thousand years, despite the discoveries of Prozac and plant-based meat. Yet Freud was right: death has its attractions for tormented minds. Thus, our nation appears to hasten to its own funeral. Read More

12.02.22- An Inconvenient Truth
Brian Maher

‘Tis is a shame that the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change doesn’t follow the science more closely…

At its recent climate confabulation it announced a:

Breakthrough agreement to provide “loss and damage” funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters. Read More

12.01.22- The Evil Of The Political Left Is Rooted In Their Exploitation Of Tragedies
Brandon Smith

What is the root of all evil? Money? No, not really. Money is just a tool, like a hammer, a wrench or even a gun. When I think of evil I don’t envision a handgun or a rifle or a big pile of hundred dollar bills. Instead, I see nightly news talking heads spreading disinformation and fear. I see mobs of over-emotional and ignorant activists setting fire to buildings, tearing things down because they don’t know how to build anything useful and new. And above it all, I see a small group of elites hovering, licking their chops as they fantasize about the potential power that can be gained from exploiting the chaos. Read More

11.30.22- As Easy Money Crashes, the Political and Legal Effects Appear
William L. Anderson

In his recent article targeting the collapse of the FTX exchange, Ryan McMaken noted that the easy money regime we have lived under for more than two decades has led to yet another bubble with a spectacular crash. Enron and WorldCom blew up in the wake of the first bubble; Lehman Brothers and other investment banks and Wall Street firms went down in the 2008 collapse of the infamous housing bubble. The third iteration of the great bubble economy not only gives us a housing crash, but throws in Silicon Valley and the troubles of the social media giants to boot. Read More

11.29.22- Shakedown!
James Rickards

The latest climate shakedown — sorry, the last climate conference — COP27, has wrapped up in Egypt.

In a “historic moment,” participants agreed to implement a new funding mechanism to compensate countries most affected by “climate change.”

Basically, we’re talking about climate reparations. Of course they all want the U.S. to pay for them. Read More

11.28.22- We're So Far Downstream from Culture that We're in Hell
Brian Parsons

Robert Johnson is often considered the first rock musician and one of the godfathers of the Mississippi Delta blues.  Though his entire recording career spanned a mere seven months between 1936 and 1937, and though he achieved relatively little commercial success in his lifetime, Johnson is considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century.  Legend has it that this relative unknown met the devil at a crossroads and traded his soul for musical talent.  He sang about it in his 1936 song “Cross Road Blues Read More

11.26.22- FTX and the Corruption of America
Charles Hugh Smith

What all the entrenched insiders in America’s parasitic, predatory elites and institutions don’t dare admit is that to protect themselves from consequence, we’ve had to sacrifice everything else.

Thanks to the FTX swindle, we now know the cost of a get out of jail free card in America: $40 million, paid to political elites. It seems even get out of jail free cards have suffered from inflation. Read More

11.25.22- Inflation Is Not Price Increases. Inflation Causes Price Increases.
Frank Shostak

Why is inflation regarded as bad news? What kind of damage does it do? Popular commentators maintain that inflation causes speculative buying, which generates waste. Inflation, it is maintained, also erodes the real incomes of pensioners and low-income earners and causes a misallocation of resources. Read More

11.24.22- Why Do Americans Hate Putin?
Mike Whitney

Why do Americans hate Putin?

Tucker Carlson thinks he knows. Here’s what he said:

“… Democrats in Washington have told you it’s your patriotic duty to hate Vladimir Putin. It’s not a suggestion. It’s a mandate. Anything less than hatred for Putin is treason.

Many Americans have obeyed this directive. They now dutifully hate Vladimir Putin. Maybe you’re one of them. Hating Putin has become the central purpose of America’s foreign policy. It’s the main thing that we talk about. Entire cable channels are now devoted to it. Very soon, that hatred of Vladimir Putin could bring the United States into a conflict in Eastern Europe. Read More

11.23.22- Have the Democrats Destroyed Our Election System?
D. Parker

Is there any point in voting if we can’t trust the system — or whether the liberty-denier Democrats will abide by the rule of law or basic decency?

Do you get the feeling that you’ve been had?

That terrible sick-in-your-stomach sensation when scam artists laugh and you realize they’ve done it again?  When all of our hopes for the conservation of liberty have been destroyed by the same type of schemes that we should have seen coming a mile away? Read More

11.22.22- What If US Policymakers Are Even More Stupid Than We Think They Are?
Karen Kwiatkowski

It goes without saying that the US foreign policy is not wisenot measured, nor even well informed. The US leadership doesn’t even try to hide the hypocrisy and the stupidity.

The Defense Department has been clear about its US foreign policy agenda vis a vis Russia, as discussed here in a 2019 Rand Corp paper, and repeated in the media by people on all sides who take this agenda as fact.  Overextending and unbalancing Russia is the rationale for the US proxy war in Ukraine, for the destruction of the Nord Stream pipelines, for the unprecedented economic sanctions and financial seizures of Russian assets by western governments, for the CIA instigated color revolutions in Eurasia, and the US naval and extensive US military occupation throughout the world. Read More

11.21.22- This is the Only Answer to the Moral Corruption of the West
Vincent James

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11.19.22- Hey, Red States:
Ready for Secession Yet?

Thomas Dalton

When I wrote this, six full days after the 2022 midterm election, the situation was still undecided. The Senate is apparently in Democrat hands again, and the House was “leaning” Republican , although some 19 (!) races are still undetermined. [Editor’s note: The Democrats have indeed held the Senate, and the Republicans now have been assured of a very slim majority in the House.] But in any case, what we have witnessed here are multiple systemic failures at multiple levels. The simple fact that so many races have no results even now, over a week after the fact, is itself an indictment of “American democracy.” But the problems go much deeper than that. If it wasn’t already obvious, the system is broken beyond repair. The house is rotten. New siding or new paint won’t do it. Down it must come. Read More

11.18.22- She’s Gonna blow: It’s Weimar,
But Where Is Our Adolf?

Fred Reed

“Consider America today. By comparison with Japan, China, Korea, it is a barbarity, a dumpster, an asylum, an abattoir, an astonishment”

As the sentient have presumably noticed, the United States is in crisis, the country’s problems are profound, intrinsic, without solution, and worsening. When a population reaches the point of despair, even desperation, when it sees a darkening future for itself and its children, people yearn for a strong man who will forcibly put things right. Yet it is unlikely that helicopters of Marines from Quantico will descend on the White House and announce the dictatorship of some general. Military officers are too well paid and comfortable to worry about the country. It is hard to imagine an American Mussolini. Read More

11.17.22- Polyamorous geeks, psychopaths and perhaps the greatest fraud in history
Dominic Frisby

I’m delighted to report that The Flying Frisby is now a Substack Bestseller. Thank you to everyone who supports this bestselling publication!

By popular demand, today we consider bitcoin - and the amazing story that is FTX.

Gosh, this is some story - it’s difficult to know where to start. The more you dig in, the more that comes out. It’s a cautionary tale of the madness that engulfs crowds during investment manias and bubbles, of greed, delusion, risk, and more besides. Read More

11.16.22- Government Clarifies Vaccine Injured Can Sue Manufacturers Despite Indemnity
Will Jones

The Government has responded to a petition calling on it to “remove indemnity from the manufacturers of COVID-19 vaccines, to allow individuals to pursue claims for compensation against them” by clarifying that “individuals’ right to sue the producers of the vaccine” has not been removed. Read More

11.15.22- Appointed Boards Are NOT Lawmakers!
Thomas A. DeWeese

This alert is directed specifically to local, county, and state elected representatives. As for local residents and activists, I ask that you share this with your elected representatives and demand that they take action to protect you from the jaws of power hungry corporations that are working through appointed boards, run by hired bureaucrats, to impose an agenda to control and destroy American food, energy supplies, property rights, and liberty.   Read More

11.14.22- The Evidence Is In — Another Stolen Election
Paul Cfraig Roberts

Americans, not all of them but most, are too proud of their country and too protective of its reputation as “the world’s best democracy” to admit it, but they have just experienced another stolen election.  All the telltale signs are there–just as they are for the 2020 presidential election that was stolen from President Trump.  Ballot count delays while Democrats round up  sufficient fraudulent ballots to offset the Republican’s victory.  Sudden upward spikes of 100,000 votes in one moment of time to push a Democrat candidate on a losing path ahead of the Republican.  It is not possible for that number of ballots to be counted in such a short time period or that they would all be for one candidate alone.  Read More

11.12.22- Fake Elections Are The New Normal
Dr. Joseph Sansone

The predicted red wave in the 2022 midterm elections turned out to be a mere splash. Media analysts will read the tea leaves and decipher what this means about GOP messaging and other apparently insightful lessons to be learned. This is all BS. This election was possibly more fraudulent than the 2020 election.

In 2020 Trump likely won by 10-12 million votes or more. I make that assertion based on the number of votes Trump received in his reelection campaign above the number of votes that Obama received, the number of votes Clinton was awarded, and the alleged attribution of voted to Biden.  Read More

11.11.22- Crime Spikes: Real Evidence of Election Fraud
Mike Lindell

View Video

11.10.22- Regardless of Who's Elected, Imperial Corruption Rules the Nation
Charles Hugh Smith

But in the meantime, enjoy the political theatrics down on the sand-strewn floor of the Coliseum.  

While the much-touted differences between America's political parties get obsessive, hysterical attention, the sameness of Imperial corruption, waste and squalor regardless of who's in power gets little notice. Scrape away the differences--mostly in domestic issues--and we see the dead hand of Imperial Corruption is on the tiller. 
Read More

11.09.22- Do Not Comply – No Matter What

Articles in SurvivalBlog are generally, focused on practical “How To” survivalist topics. I’ve been concerned more about my mental and emotional state lately. With so much negative news as of late, I’ve been focused on the practicality of managing my spirit as I work on practical things. I thought I’d share – this is where I stand. Read More

11.09.22- Do Not Comply – No Matter What

Articles in SurvivalBlog are generally, focused on practical “How To” survivalist topics. I’ve been concerned more about my mental and emotional state lately. With so much negative news as of late, I’ve been focused on the practicality of managing my spirit as I work on practical things. I thought I’d share – this is where I stand. Read More

11.08.22- Largest Funeral Operator in North America Seeing “Unheard of” Revenues
Veronika Kyrylenko

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) has been a part of global news coverage for at least a year. The unexpected deaths of adults, including young athletes in their peak, are ignored by federal healthcare regulators, yet the funeral market is reacting to the “unexplained” phenomenon with record profits. Read More

11.07.22- Establishment panic about Elon Musk’s changes to Twitter
means he’s doing something right

Ian Miles Cheong

The only ones outraged about Twitter’s new owner are the ones afraid of free speech getting in the way of their authority

Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover has heads rolling. But it is funny how the only people who seem to be upset are those who vehemently do everything in their power to shut down any peon who dares to air wrong-think on the platform. Read More

11.05.22- Emily Oster’s Plea Bargain
James Howard Kunstler

By now, everybody and his uncle has seen Emily Oster’s plea for “pandemic amnesty” in The Atlantic magazine, a house organ of the people in America who know better than you do about… really… everything. Emily’s wazoo is so stuffed with gold-plated credentials (BA, PhD, Harvard; economics prof at Brown U) it’s a wonder that she could sit down long enough to peck out her lame argument that we need to forgive one another for what we did and said when we were in the dark about COVID.” Read More

11.04.22- On The Verge Of The Worst Homelessness Crisis In the Entire History Of The United States
Michael Snyder

If you live in a major urban area, you may have noticed that “tent cities” are starting to pop up all around you.  The worst inflation crisis in decades has combined with the worst drug crisis that we have ever seen to create an unprecedented homelessness crisis.  Every night, even more Americans join the rapidly growing “unsanctioned encampments” that are taking up more and more real estate in our largest cities.  If things are this bad now, how many of our fellow citizens will be sleeping in the streets when economic conditions are much worse a year or two from today Read More

11.03.22- The Cancer Within Modern Medicine
The Sharp Edge

The Modern Medicine Obsession With Unnatural Selection

There is a cancer within the world of modern medicine, eating away at the very heart of its original design. Rather than healing the world, this cancer seeks to destroy us from within. As we continue to dissect the cancer within, in this segment of the report, we will focus on the area of eugenics and the eugenicists who have shaped the world of modern medicine since the turn of the 20th century. Read More

11.02.22- Driving Electric Cars Produces Little Carbon. Making the Batteries Produces a Lot.
John Stossel

Many politicians who want to ban gas-powered vehicles appear to misunderstand the science.

Electric cars sales are up 66 percent this year.

President Joe Biden promotes them, saying things like, "The great American road trip is going to be fully electrified" and, "There's no turning back." Read More

11.01.22- Linguistic Analysis Shows a "Big Ugly" Period is Coming
Clif High

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10.31.22- The United States Has Been Overthrown
Paul Craig Roberts

What has taken its place?

The United States has undergone a coup. Having observed no martial conflict, you might think that I have gone off my rocker. But not all coups are physically violent. They can occur because poisonous ideas take hold and subvert the society. The United States is defined by the Constitution, and when the Constitution is eroded away, so is the United States. Read More

10.29.22- GDP Stands for One “GROSS Domestic Pig” During Election Season
David Haggith

President Bidin’-his-Time just got a little reprieve delivered right in time for the upcoming election, and it looks like we’re all having pork for Thanksgiving this year, not turkey. His government served up a nice GDP-growth surprise that came in below the Atlanta Fed’s final GDPNow estimate of 3.1% at 2.6%, but still a solid-looking porker of a non-recessionary number. 

Glory, hallelujah! The president has plenty to give thanks for in this report because we all know Americans vote their pocket book and never re-elect the party in power during a recession. So, it’s important that we got that look of a recession out of the way, and this report put some serious lipstick on the pig. Read More

10.28.22- Your Real Enemy
James Howard Kunstler

Welcome to the New Age, where authority has no authority and does not deserve to act with any authority, but will act as if it does, anyway, and then lie to you about it.

Nowhere is this quandary more vivid than in the racketeering operation formerly known as medicine.

Our authorities have disgraced themselves behind a new theology of degenerate “science” that veers back into superstition. Proof that they don’t believe their own story shows in their desperate efforts to hide the data, confabulate numbers, ignore true facts and lash out viciously at anyone who discloses their zealous deceits. Read More

10.27.22- A Superpower Just Declared War
Brian Maher

“A superpower declared war on a great power and nobody noticed.”

This is the studied conclusion of journalist Edward Luce, unfurled in a recent Financial Times columnThe war-declaring superpower in this instance is the United States. The declared-against great power is the People’s Republic of China. Read More

10.26.22- Who Said There Needed To Be an Alternative?
Simon Black

In the early 6th century BC, roughly 2,600 years ago during the Zhou Dynasty of ancient China, a young scholar named Li Er was hired to work as a government scribe in the imperial capital of Chengzhou. Though Li had no formal schooling, he quickly became renowned for his keen intellect. And in time he began to attract a large number of disciples and students who wanted to learn from him. According to one legend, even a young Confucius came to seek his wisdom.

The more time Li spent in government, though, the more disillusioned he became with the entire institution. He witnessed corruption, financial waste, and abuse of power first hand, and he could see that his kingdom was in decline. Read More

10.25.22- The Worst and the Stupidest?
Victor Davis Hanson

Our elites are now viewed with the disdain they have earned on their own merits. And they are none too happy about it.

Elites have always been ambiguous about the muscular classes who replace their tires, paint their homes, and cook their food. And the masses who tend to them likewise have been ambivalent about those who hire them: appreciative of the work and pay, but also either a bit envious of those with seemingly unlimited resources or turned off by perceived superciliousness arising from their status and affluence. Read More

10.24.22- The Road To Mediocrity

Woke progressivism seeks to strengthen the weak by weakening the strong...

We are told that the MAGA cult, Trump voters, and Republicans in general are a threat to democracy, who, if not neutralized, will lead the nation into fascism.  In theory, a politically divided nation such as ours could evolve into fascism or socialism, should a political faction gain autocratic control.  In reality, however, we are confronted with the threat of evolving into a much more unique political structure - a Mediocracy. Read More

10.22.22- It's Not Over
Tom Woods

Just when you think the ordeal is over, it’s not.

A reader writes:

In the Pioneer Valley (Amherst/Northampton/
Greenfield, Massachusetts, one of the hearts of progressive academia) our major source of community life is our once vibrant dance community — folk, contra, English, Scottish, Swing and more — vibrant before the covid lockdowns.

Once we were hippies, now, where Trump Derangement Syndrome continues to thrive, we’re Branch Covodians, afraid of our shadows and relying solely on the CDC, NPR and left-wing social media for info we trust. Whatever’s going on  elsewhere, the pandemic is still raging here, at least in people’s minds. Read More

10.21.22- Yeah - Right
Clif High

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10.20.22- How an Illiquid Dollar
Ruins the World

Matthew Piepenburg

One can’t emphasize enough how dangerous the current macro setting is in the wake of a deliberately strong and illiquid Dollar.

Biden, of course, says not to worry. We say otherwise.

The Illiquid Dollar: We Showed You So

Over the years, we have written and reported a great deal about the US Dollar and the ironic mix (as well as danger) of its over-creation yet simultaneous lack of liquidity. Read More

10.19.22- Western Civilization
Is Ceasing to Exist

Paul Craig Roberts

I often explain that we are losing civilization. The risks come from many sources.  Among them is the growing risk of nuclear war; the rising police state in which behavior protected by the Constitution is criminalized despite the Constitution; unity supplanted by a Tower of Babel; fomented race and gender hatreds that serve Identity Politics; soil destroyed by glyphosate with consequent reduction in the  food value of plants and meat and milk from animals fed GMO products; the corruption of science and education; rejection of the accumulated culture in literature, art, music, morals, and behavior; drastic policies to remedy perceived threats, such as climate change. Read More

10.18.22- Violent Crime Has Become A Hot Political Issue This Election Season
Michael Snyder

Millions upon millions of Americans are starting to realize that we simply cannot continue down the path that we are currently on. Communities all over the nation are degenerating into crime-infested hellholes, and a lot of us have decided that enough is enough. We don’t want to raise our families in cities that resemble war zones. We don’t want to walk on city streets that are soaked in blood. Unfortunately, just electing new politicians won’t stop the rising tide of violence. The truth is that social decay is systematically eating away at the foundations of our culture, and that is not such an easy thing to fix. Read More

10.17.22- Why Are Student Test Scores Plunging? Look at Politicized Education
Lance Izumi & Wenyuan Wu

Recent national student test scores showed a massive decline in learning in reading and math. This achievement implosion has several explanations – one is the increasing politicization of classroom instruction, which is reducing rigor and diverting attention from improving students’ foundational knowledge and skills.

From 2020 to 2022, reading scores for nine-year-olds on the National Assessment for Educational Progress (NAEP), often referred to as the nation’s report card, registered the largest decline since the 1990s, while math scores declined for the first time ever. These score comparisons were the first nationally representative snapshot of student learning during the pandemic. Read More

10.15.22- Latest Supply Chain Crisis Could Threaten Global Stash Of Food, Energy
Rachel Premack

You probably do not spend much time thinking about barges. This is something that you ought to change. 

The barge industry is quite important. It’s crucial for moving aluminum, petroleum, fertilizer and coal, particularly on the Mississippi River and its tributaries. About 60% of the grain and 54% of the soybeans for U.S. export are moved via the noble barge. Barges touch more than a third of our exported coal as well. Read More

10.14.22- All of Us Are in Danger: When Anti-Government Speech Becomes Sedition
John & Nisha Whitehead

“If you can’t say ‘[email protected]#k’ you can’t say, ‘[email protected]#k’ the government.’” Lenny Bruce, comedian

Anti-government speech has become a four-letter word.

In more and more cases, the government is declaring war on what should be protected political speech whenever it challenges the government’s power, reveals the government’s corruption, exposes the government’s lies, and encourages the citizenry to push back against the government’s many injustices. Read More

10.13.22- King Dollar’s Uncertain Throne
Peter C. Earle

Behold, the dollar ascendant! Since June 2021, the greenback has been on a tear, recently reaching levels not seen since July 2002. In a year in which virtually every asset class has been hammered, US dollars (as measured by the DXY Index) are up over 16 percent as of October 1st. In fact, between September 12th and 26th alone it increased by over 5 percent. Because the dollar is the world’s reserve currency, and for a significant portion of global trade acts as the unit of account, the effects of the surge are being felt worldwide. Read More

10.12.22- Demorats Disavowed -
Tipping Point Reached

Tulsi Gabbard

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10.11.22- The Sky is Falling
Jeff Thomas

Governments are in the flimflam business.

Pared down to the bare essentials, governments can be very useful in passing and enforcing a small number of very basic laws. These laws should be limited to policing those who would seek to aggress against others, or their property. Governments may also have a value in providing protection from invasion – organizing an army of able-bodied people to address this collective problem, if and when it occurs. Read More

10.10.22- Dread
Clif High

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10.08.22- Who Are the Neofascists?
Stephen Moore

In just the last few weeks, Liz Truss, Britain’s new prime minister, has been denounced by critics as a “fascist.” So has Giorgia Meloni, Italy’s newly elected prime minister. Along with all Republicans in Congress, Texas and Florida GOP Govs. Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis and, of course, former President Donald Trump. Every one of the tens of thousands of “MAGA Republicans” who attend Trump rallies, too.

Dangerous fascists, for that matter, all of whom critics say need to be shut up. Read More

10.07.22- Did Uncle Sam, A.K.A. Wile E. Coyote, Blow Up the Wrong Pipeline?
Kevin Barrett

And what's behind the unending parade of acts of self-destructive imperial hubris?

After “parties not-so-unknown” bombed the Nordstream gas pipeline, Anthony Blinken celebrated the tremendous opportunity. He assumed the whole Nordstream operation was out of commission. That would have given US producers the chance to make billions of dollars robbing Europe blind selling overpriced gas. Read More

10.06.22- Nordstream – Washington Knows It Has Lost the 'Great Game'
Nick Griffin

“Not ANOTHER article about the Nordstream sabotage, surely? We all know who dunnit, because we’ve seen the Biden clip and Radek Sikorski/ Applebaum's now deleted tweet, we've noted the telling exchange between Sen. Ron Johnson and Victoria Nuland, and because we have the wit to ask the vital question ‘cui bono?’ So what more is to be said?”

I understand if that’s your initial reaction to seeing this piece, but bear with me, because the ‘mysterious’ Baltic explosions are more than a hugely dangerous escalation in NATO’s undeclared war on Russia. They are also a signal that one of the greatest geopolitical shifts in world history has already taken place – and that the Anglo-Zionist elite understands that its imperial dominance and unipolar moment have gone for good. Read More

10.05.22- Developing Developments
James Howard Kunstler

“Joe Biden” screws the pooch on Western Civ. He can’t help himself. His helpers can’t help him. Who will help us?

Message found in fortune cookie from Panda Take-out reminds us: “The dildo of consequence is seldom lubricated.” Please apply this ancient wisdom to “Joe Biden’s” sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 natgas pipelines. Secretary of State Antony Blinken spun the deed as a “tremendous opportunity” to reduce fuel use in Euroland, and shift its prior dependence on affordable Russian energy to ruinously-priced American liquid natural gas (LNG) — a supposed boon to US producers. Lucky us and them! Read More

10.04.22- Epocalypse Revisted: The Entire Global Economy is Breaking Up on the Rocks
David Haggith

The sails are torn and fluttering fiercely like flags in a windstorm. The ship has stopped slicing through the waves, and its timbers are shuddering on the rocks. You can hear the stony teeth chewing into her planks, but the captain and crew are passing around sherry glasses and raising a toast to the fine weather, assuring the passengers that all is well. Read More

10.03.22- Who Profits from Pipeline Terror?
Pepe Escobar

The War of Economic Corridors has entered incandescent, uncharted territory: Pipeline Terror.

A sophisticated military operation – that required exhaustive planning, possibly involving several actors – blew up four separate sections of the Nord Stream (NS) and Nord Stream 2 (NS2) gas pipelines this week in the shallow waters of the Danish straits, in the Baltic Sea, near the island of Bornholm.

Swedish seismologists estimated that the power of the explosions may have reached the equivalent of up to 700 kg of TNT. Both NS and NS2, near the strong currents around Borholm, are placed at the bottom of the sea at a depth of 60 meters. Read More

10.01.22- The Curious Whodunit
of Nordstreams 1 & 2

Tom Luongo

The old world broke this week. It was blown up cynically by someone who thought this would advance their agenda the most.

The act of vandalizing a major piece of physical infrastructure, targeting civilian populations, isn’t unprecedented in history, but it does signal that everything we thought we knew about the rules of the current game was wrong.

Well, for most people anyway. Read More

09.30.22- POLLING: Americans Give No-Confidence Vote to Rigged Two-Party System
Ben Bartee

The 2022 Congressional midterms are around the corner. Based on historical precedent and the state of the union, they should be a slam-dunk for the GOP.

Runaway inflation, brazen warmongering, ongoing COVID hysteriarecord-setting crime spikes, and unchecked illegal immigration of the past two years has all been overseen and endorsed by the Democrats who control Congress and the presidency. In a functional two-party system, this would and should guarantee a landslide loss come the 2022 midterms. Read More

09.29.22- The End of Western Civilization
Doug Casey

International Man: The decline of Western Civilization is on a lot of people’s minds.

Let’s talk about this trend.

Doug Casey: Western Civilization has its origins in ancient Greece. It’s unique among the world’s civilizations in putting the individual—as opposed to the collective—in a central position. It enshrined logic and rational thought—as opposed to mysticism and superstition—as the way to deal with the world. It’s because of this that we have science, technology, great literature and art, capitalism, personal freedom, the concept of progress, and much, much more. In fact, almost everything worth having in the material world is due to Western Civilization. Read More

09.28.22- 5 Major Events That Have Happened Within The Last 100 Hours
Michael Snyder

If you think that nothing is happening, then you have not been paying attention.  Within the past 100 hours, there has been a mysterious attack on the Nord Stream gas pipeline system, two monster storms have threatened North America, NASA rammed a spacecraft into an asteroid in order to knock it off course, and our ongoing stock market crash reached a new level when the Dow Jones Industrial Average officially plunged into bear market territory on Monday.  I would say that is a pretty active 100 hours, but of course this is just the beginning.  I believe that global events will continue to accelerate during the months ahead, but meanwhile most of the general population is still assuming that things will eventually “return to normal” somehow. Read More

09.27.22- Brandon Euthanizes Europe
Bob Moriarty

On February 16th the comedian running Ukraine began a massive shelling attack on the Donbas after murdering over 14,000 innocent civilians since 2014 in the region because they did not support the illegal coup d’état sponsored by the US. 

In a speech given at the Munich Security Conference on February 19th the clown made it clear Ukraine wanted to regain its nuclear arsenal. Also on February 19th Brandon announced he knew Putin was about to attack Ukraine. That may have had something to do with  Ukraine’s planned invasion of the Donbas scheduled for early March. Read More

09.26.22- As Democracy Dies In The EU, Von Der Leyen Reveals Its Sins
Tom Luongo

It’s no secret at this point that the EU is an anti-democratic organization. The leadership isn’t elected, but selected from a pre-determined pool of candidates from within the Party structure.

Everyone with the power to make a decision was placed there not by popular vote but by backroom collusion. Read More

09.24.22- What Would a Nuclear War
Look Like?

Jeff Thomas

For eight years, NATO has backed puppet rulers in Ukraine, funded attacks on Donbass, repeatedly violated the Minsk Treaties, outlawed the speaking of Russian in the Luhansk and Donetsk Republics, and has destroyed democratic opposition and free media in Ukraine, leaving it a one-party government, essentially owned and financed by the US and administrated by US operatives.

Not much subtlety there. Read More

09.23.22- It’s As-If Voters Want to Remain Deceived.
Eric Zuesse

Right now, most Governments do things that are commonly said to be evil when perpetrated by an ‘enemy’ country but which are simultaneously considered to be okay when one’s own Government does it. Read More

09.22.22- America’s Open Wound
Edward Snowden

The CIA is not your friend

“Better that right counsels be known to enemies than that the evil secrets of tyrants should be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a nation have it absolutely under their authority; and as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they against the citizens in time of peace.”― Baruch Spinoza

It hasn’t been a month since President Biden mounted the steps of Independence Hall, declaring it his duty to ensure each of us understands the central faction of his political opposition are extremists that “threaten the foundations of our Republic.” Read More

09.21.22- Escalation: Recent Events Suggest Mounting Economic Danger
Brandon Smith

A common refrain from people who are critical of alternative economists is that we have been predicting crisis for so long that “eventually we will be right.” These are generally people who don’t understand the nature of economic decline – It’s like an avalanche that builds over time, then breaks and quickly escalates as it flows down the mountain. What they don’t grasp is that they are in the middle of an economic collapse RIGHT NOW, and they just can’t see it because they have been acclimated to the presence of the snow and cold. Read More

09.20.22- Shocking document: How the US planned the war and energy crisis in Europe
Markus Andersson and Isac Boman

  • In what appears to be an exceptional internal leak from the think tank RAND Corporation, known among other things to have been behind the American strategy for foreign and defence policies during the Cold War, a detailed account is given of how the energy crisis in Europe has been planned by the United States. Read More

09.19.22- The U.S. is a regime, not a democracy. Here’s how it started.
Eric Zuesse

Little more than three months after America’s last democratic U.S. President,  Franklin Delano Roosevelt, died on 12 April 1945, his successor, Harry S. Truman, made the fateful decision that created the hegemoniacally-obsessed, globally grasping, regime — and, consequently the world it dominates — that we live in today, plagued by a U.S. hyper-imperialistic Government which is determined to take over the entire planet. Truman did this upon the advice of his personal hero and immediate successor, Dwight D. Eisenhower. Read More

09.17.22- The Latest Litigation
Concerning IG Farbensanto

Joseph P. Farrell

It has been a while since we’ve heard anything from Big Agribusiness’s I.G. Farbensanto, but we can relax: the system of graft, corruption, and denial roles on, according to this article shared by M.W.  In fact, according to the article, I.G. Farbensanto has actually managed to win a few recent court cases:  Read More

09.16.22- Is War What You Asked For?
James Howard Kunstler

Beware: Ukraine’s touted Kharkov offensive is probably not what the US news media cracks it up to be….

The Russians called their move into Ukraine last February a “special military operation” for a reason. The description was precise. It was not a “war” prosecuted on the people of Ukraine. Russia could have completely disabled the Zelensky regime in an afternoon with air power, but they did not want to smash up the country’s vital infrastructure and foreclose the peoples’ future. Read More

09.15.22- 30% Stock Crash Next With Germany Kaput & US Insovent
Egon von Greyerz

The current stock market crash has the potential to extend to a 30% fall in the next few weeks on the way to a 90% fall in coming years.

That the Dark Years would be coming has been clear to me for many years. The Dark Years are the very unpleasant antidote to a fake monetary and financial system which was doomed to fail the day it was created in 1913 when the Fed was founded.

Thomas Jefferson must be turning in his grave, as he foresaw over 200 years ago what will happen next. Read More

09.14.22- For All Americans Who Think They Still Have A Country, Here Is Bad News
Paul Craig Roberts

America is permanently divided in a way that can only be resolved with the victory of one political party over the other, which in today’s parlance means the victory of traditional Americans or the victory of their woke Democrat opponents, most of whom are white but are ashamed of it. With the founding whites split, the power of immigrant-invaders is multiplied.

These thoughts were brought to me by the latest Rasmussen Poll. The poll tested the US population on its response to President Biden’s assertion that  Read More

09.13.22- The Woke Plot
Against Academic Freedom

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

A university requires academic freedom. Scholars must be free to investigate the truth.  Without this freedom, we are headed to totalitarianism. As Ludwig von Mises said, “Tax-supported universities are under the sway of the party in power. The authorities try to appoint only professors who are ready to advance ideas of which they themselves approve. As all nonsocialist governments are today firmly committed to interventionism, they appoint only interventionists. In their opinion, the first duty of the university is to sell the official social philosophy to the rising generation. They have no use for economists.  Read More

09.12.22- The World Wants No Part of Woke, But It’s Glad We Do
Victor Davis Hanson

China can likely sink any $12 billion American aircraft carrier and its 5,000 diverse “they/them” crew that dares to venture into the Taiwan strait.

The United States obsesses over whether biological men can compete in women’s sports as transgendered males. 

Crime is spiking at levels not seen in 40 years. But it is considered racist to suggest that arrests, indictments, convictions, and incarcerations deter crime.  Read More

09.10.22- History Repeats: Abandoning Sound Money Leads To Tyranny And Ruin
Jp Cortez

Money is one of the most misunderstood topics of our time, and we’re seeing the implications of this play out every day.

To understand money, one first must first understand that human beings have always been incentivized to participate in exchange. If humans could not, or did not, trade, the majority of people would die young: whether by starvation, disease, or exposure to the elements. Read More

09.09.22- Is the US Sacrificing Europe to Maintain Global Dominance?
Martin Armstrong

Vladimir Putin believes that Washington is sacrificing Europe to maintain global dominance. The United States has always been the world police, and the top country that others turn to in times of crisis. America’s post-World War II status left it as the financial capital of the world, and the dollar has remained the world’s reserve currency. Nothing has topped the dollar.

Europe attempted to create the European Union in an effort to prevent European conflicts, but it also created the euro to compete against the dollar. I explained various times how their attempts have failed. However, the euro is now beneath the dollar and on the decline. Nations maintain diplomatic relations, but only Schwab wants a one-world government as everyone is competing for global dominance. Read More

09.08.22- First Came 9/11, then COVID-19, What's the Next Crisis
to Lockdown the Nation?

John and Nisha Whitehead

“The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by an endless series of hobgoblins, most of them imaginary.”

- H.L. Mencken

First came 9/11, which the government used to transform itself into a police state.

Then the COVID-19 pandemic hit, which the police state used to test out its lockdown powers. Read More

09.07.22- Quick Hitter on Communism
Jon Rappoport

When you drill down at foundations like Ford, and government agencies like the State Department, and many universities, you find quite a nice sprinkle of Communists.

Yes, actually.

The principal tenet of these loons is: all private property is a crime.

They advocate the seizure of private property by the State. Read More

09.06.22- New Information Released about ILLEGAL U.S. Bio-Weapons Research
in Ukraine

Hal Turner

At the initiative of the Russian Federation, a meeting of the States Parties to the Biological Weapons Convention will be held next week on the issue of non-compliance by the United States and Ukraine with the obligations under the international treaty. Documented evidence of their violations of Articles I and IV of the Convention will be presented at the event. Read More

09.05.22- The Global Energy Crunch
Charles Hugh Smith

If we insist on doing the transition the hard, slow, costly way rather than the easy, fast, cheap way, it's going to be a needlessly arduous, soul-crushing slog.  

Let's cover a few common-sense points and ask a few questions about the Global Energy Crunch.

Let's start with the high-tech, super-costly solutions that many promote as the surefire source of abundant, affordable energy: thorium reactors, mini/modular-reactors, clean coal plants and fusion. Read More

09.03.22- All Aboard the Stupid Train – Energy, Climate, Voting & Immigration
David Haggith

California demands all new vehicles sold be electric/hybrid vehicles by 2035. Not to be outwoke by CA, Washington State is amping it up by demanding all light vehicles registered be fully electric by 2030! Yet, CA already has brownouts due to overpopulation and drought and wildfires, while Washington State is blowing up five dams that provide the cleanest, greenest electricity in the nation to save the salmon. Where is all the extra, supposedly green energy going to come from? Read More

09.02.22- Vaccines Are Taking an Average of 5 Months to Kill People
Steve Kirsch

The CDC has been hiding the Social Security Administration death master file. I got it from a whistleblower. This shows deaths are taking 5 months from the jab to happen. This is why it's hard to see.

Executive Summary

We’ve always assumed the vaccine kills you quickly because that’s when people notice the association and report it to VAERS. This is still true; it does kill some people quickly. Read More

09.01.22- A Discussion of Optimism and the Threshold Event
Clif High

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08.31.22- Russia to Lead New OPEC?
Jim Rickards

The Ukrainian money-laundering racket continues. Last week Joe Biden pledged another $3 billion in aid to Ukraine. The aid includes weapon systems that will allow Ukraine to defend itself over the “long term.”

Just how long is the long term? How long does the administration plan on watching Ukraine be destroyed simply because they want to weaken Russia? Read More

08.30.22- "Don't Be Fooled By Recent Strength... A Post-Dollar World Is Coming"
Ruchir Sharma

This month, as the dollar surged to levels last seen nearly 20 years ago, analysts invoked the old Tina (there is no alternative) argument to predict more gains ahead for the mighty greenback.

What happened two decades ago suggests the dollar is closer to peaking than rallying further. Even as US stocks fell in the dotcom bust, the dollar continued rising, before entering a decline that started in 2002 and lasted six years. A similar turning point may be near. And this time, the US currency’s decline could last even longer. Read More

08.29.22- Americans Are Brainwashed
into Ignorance

Paul Craig Roberts

White liberals have succeeded in brainwashing Americans into ignorance. White liberals have been so successful that schools are dedicated to erasing history instead of teaching it. For example, South Orange New Jersey has ridded itself of association with Thomas Jefferson by renaming Jefferson Elementary school Delia Bolden Elementary School in honor of the first black woman from that area to graduate from high school. According to the school, both the students and faculty led the fight to disassociate from Thomas Jefferson. School board member Qawi Telesford said the reason is that Jefferson owned slaves. Read More

08.27.22- Corruption in Government
John Woodard

... For several years, there have been reports of stock trades by members of Congress, most notably, Nancy Pelosi. Then, the news of Hunter Biden's international activities came upon the scene causing the corruption issue to be a kitchen table issue with Americans across the country. The news media did everything that they could to protect the Biden family from scrutiny and to detach Pres. Biden from being connected to the activities of his son. As time has progressed, what we have all known from the very beginning, is that the president has been involved at all levels of his sons business relationship with Ukraine, China and others. Read More

08.26.22- If The IRS Wants To Find Lost Tax Dollars, It Should Look In Ukraine
Chuck Baldwin

I’ll begin with a quote from my good friend Thomas DiLorenzo who wrote an outstanding column that appears on LewRockwell.com:

The Biden administration’s “Inflation Reduction Act” will increase inflation with hundreds of billions in additional government spending and money creation by the Fed while making supply chain problems even worse with onerous new corporate taxes, especially on energy, and myriad new “Green New Deal” environmental regulations. Read More

08.25.22- Into the Black Hole
James Rickards

The war in Ukraine has been dragging on for six months with no end in sight.

Russia is slowly and systematically advancing, while the Ukrainian military is being ground down in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine. On balance, Russia is winning the war, although progress is slow. Read More

08.24.22- Massive Increase in Deaths Following Covid Vax Confirmed by Major Insurance Report
Alexandra Bruce

Former BlackRock securities analyst, Ed Dowd reveals the name of his insurance industry analyst as Josh Sterling, from the top notch Wall Street research firm, Alliance Bernstein. He tells Alex Jones that the Society of Actuary Institute (SOA) has published a report on Group Life Insurance Excess Mortality, a survey of 80% of the Group Life industry in the US, that confirms Dowd’s findings from last February, that in Q3 of 2021, there was an alarming spike in Working Age Excess Deaths. In ages 35-44, it was 100% over normal (i.e., double) for that quarter. Read More

08.23.22- Must Watch:
‘We’re in the Matrix’: U.S. On a Trajectory That’s Not Going to End Well
David Morgan

View Video

08.22.22- Should Red States Block Federal Agencies From Operating With Impunity?
Blue States Do It

Brandon Smith

The concept of “sanctuary cities” has long been implemented within predominantly leftist states in America. It’s not anything new. Any operations by DHS and ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) within blue states to arrest and deport illegal immigrants are often met with aggressive resistance by Democrat run city governments Read More

08.20.22- Weaponizing the Bureaucracy: 
Who Will Protect Us from the Government’s Standing Army?

John W. Whitehead

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” ~ James Madison

The IRS has stockpiled 4,500 guns and five million rounds of ammunition in recent years, including 621 shotguns, 539 long-barrel rifles and 15 submachine guns.

The Veterans Administration (VA) purchased 11 million rounds of ammunition (equivalent to 2,800 rounds for each of their officers), along with camouflage uniforms, riot helmets and shields, specialized image enhancement devices and tactical lighting.Read More

08.19.22- 5 Parallel Economy Businesses
YOU Can Build

Joe Jarvis

The point of building a parallel economy is to replace the corrupt and untrustworthy institutions which you cannot rely on– like public schools, banks including the Federal Reserve, big tech companies, big pharma and so on.

In addition to denying them our “business” (if you can call it that), we also can benefit by providing an alternative product, service, or company to their fleeing customers. Read More

08.18.22- Here Is Why 37 Percent Of U.S. Farmers In The Western Half Of The Country Are Killing Their Own Crops
Michael Snyder

Food doesn’t just magically show up at the grocery store.  If farmers and ranchers do not produce it, we do not eat.  I know that I have been writing about the rapidly growing global food crisis a lot lately, but that is because this really is a big deal.  All over the globe, agricultural production is going to be below expectations in 2022.  As a result, those of us that live in wealthy countries will pay much more for food in 2023, while many of those that live in poor countries will either deeply suffer or die.  In fact, children are already dropping dead from starvation in large numbers in some parts of Africa, but most Americans haven’t heard about this because they aren’t showing it on the news. Read More

08.17.22- Something Upon Which Americans Can Agree: The FBI and the IRS Suck
JD Tuccille

Tax collectors and federal cops have always been rotten to the core.

There's no doubt that both the FBI and IRS are having a tough moment with the public. Perceptions that the national police agency is at war with half of the population have eroded its standing, while Biden administration plans to super-size the tax-collection agency further sour public perceptions of that never-popular arm of government. It might all be very depressing if you work in the public sector, or you could say that Americans are finally gaining a more realistic assessment of deeply flawed federal enforcers. Read More

08.16.22- Trump Raid—Why the FBI Must Be Dissolved
Mike Billington

Aug. 13—Today’s release of the search warrant approved by Attorney General Merrick Garland to raid the home of former President Donald Trump on Aug. 8 has confirmed that this has nothing to do with classified documents. Rather, it has everything to do with an out-of-control Department of Justice and its national police force, the FBI, openly and proudly announcing to the world that the United States is no longer a Republic, serving “the people,” but a police state, rapidly descending into fascism. Read More

08.15.22- Gestapo the Steal
James Howard Kunstler

Despite all attempts to disable him in office, Mr. Trump, as president, got to see an awful lot of classified material, including all the evidence of Hillary Clinton’s Russia Collusion hoax, abetted by the FBI, the DOJ, CIA, and DOD, plus all the lawless shenanigans that took place in the FISA court….

To America’s political Left, serving its masters in the runaway deep state, reality itself must be portrayed as “baseless,” as in nothing to see here, folks. Is it any wonder, then, that half the country has gone mental. The reality they don’t want you to see is that the intel-and-surveillance agencies of our Republic have taken on a rogue life of their own as a dominant “fourth branch of government,” and that some time ago they embarked on a crime spree against anyone threatening their operations. Read More

08.13.22- Weekend Rant: FBI, RIP?
Victor Davis Hanson

The FBI is dissolving before our eyes into a rogue security service akin to those in Eastern Europe during the Cold War.

Take the FBI’s deliberately asymmetrical application of the law. This week the bureau surprise-raided the home of former President Donald Trump — an historical first. A massive phalanx of FBI agents swooped into the Trump residence while he was not home, to confiscate his personal property, safe, and records. All of this was over an archival dispute of presidential papers common to many former presidents. Agents swarmed the entire house, including the wardrobe closet of the former first lady. Read More

08.12.22- FBI: Feds Behaving Incorrigibly
Michelle Malkin

The FBI’s raid on former president Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate—ever so conveniently timed as the White House occupant’s approval numbers sink, the Swamp prepares to shovel a whopping $5.5 billion in foreign and military aid down the bottomless Ukrainian black hole and the American economy keels over like Biden on a bike—gives us a national teachable moment. Read More

08.11.22- The Sickening Quickening
James Howard Kunstler

The regime must know that the next Congress is going to rip the face off the deep state and likely impeach “Joe Biden” for accepting bribes from countries hostile to the USA.

Do you still doubt that the federal bureaucracy and the elected government parasitically attached to it seek to harm the people they rule (i.e., us) by any means necessary? They’re still pushing Covid “vaccines” in a futile effort to eliminate the control group of their massive eugenics experiment — that is, the unvaccinated, who are not getting the many vaccine-induced diseases behind the rise of all-causes mortality in people under 65. Read More

08.10.22- The Government is Hiding a Dark Secret About the Economy
Graham Summers

July’s jobs numbers were amazing. And this is great news!

Or it would be… if the jobs numbers were remotely accurate.

According to the headlines, the U.S. added 528,000 jobs last month. Unfortunately, most if not all of these “jobs” were created in a spreadsheet, not the real economy.

Let’s dive in. Read More

08.09.22- Robert F. Kennedy Jr Exposes Big Pharma’s Covid Plot To Destroy Us
Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

In November 2021, Robert Kennedy Jr. released his epochal The Real Antony Fauci, the definitive exposé of how the monster Fauci has for decades been plotting to impose vaccine tyranny not only on America but throughout the world. The Covid-“vaccine” hoax is only the latest episode in this plot, and I summarized the vital core of Kennedy’s case in a review that appeared on LRCRead More

08.08.22- Sweet Karma: Rabid ‘Social Justice ‘ Movement Implodes, Self-Cannibalizes
Ben Bartee

As the snake devours its own tail, SJW (Social Justice Warrior) ideology reaps its karma.

The façade is crumbling because it lacks any foundation. The SJW house — built on weird, self-contradictory, incoherent academic dogma — victimizes itself with its own inertia. Read More

08.06.22- The Rise of Alternatives as the US-Led Global Order Falters
Doug Casey

International Man: Since the invasion of Ukraine, we’ve seen the US and its European allies institute unprecedented sanctions on Russia. In a bold move, the US government also froze the US dollar reserves of the Russian central bank.

In response, Russia demanded payment in rubles in exchange for its energy.

What’s your take on this new phase of economic warfare? Read More

08.05.22- More Nightmare Shortages Are Coming Thanks To This Emerging Conspiracy
Brandon Smith

In a recent interview with Bloomberg, the executive vice president of UPS asserted that “regionalization” of the supply chain is critical to economic stability in a world where geopolitical conflicts continue expanding.

The word “regionalization” is basically another way to describe decentralization, a concept which the UPS representative obviously did not want to dive into. Almost every trade expert and industry insider admits that supply chain problems are going to persist into the foreseeable future, and some are starting to also admit (in a roundabout way) that localized production and trade models are the key to economic survival. Read More

08.04.22- Now We Know What It’s like To Live Among Lunatics
Mark Oshinskie

From 1965-71, CBS aired a sitcom entitled Green Acres. The show’s protagonist, Oliver Wendell Douglas, was an NYC lawyer who bought a farm and, several years ahead of the zeitgeist, went back to the land. In Hooterville, his adopted domicile, Oliver wears a three-piece suit while he rides his tractor and is surrounded by hicks, hucksters and bumbling bureaucrats. The show portrays this naive romantic’s daily encounters with the loony locals and his ingenuous, Hungarian immigrant, incongruously glamorous, reluctant farm wife, Lisa, who’s also a very bad cook. Every interaction ends with Oliver exasperated by the ludicrous statements or conduct of those in his new sphere. Read More

08.03.22- There Won’t Be Any Winners Because The Status Quo Is Corrupt Everywhere
Charles Hugh Smith

Systemic corruption on this vast scale optimizes failure and collapse.

Debating which nations will “win” as the global economy unravels is a popular but pointless parlor game. Since the status quo in every nation is deeply, profoundly, systemically corrupt, there won’t be any “winners,” there will only be losers. Read More

08.02.22- The Paradigm of the Narrative (800AD to Today)
Clif High

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08.01.22- Argentina’s Economy Collapses
Martin Armstrong

(Editor's Note: The following report illustrates a falling domino. This will happen here unless a very large number of American Citizens, currently asleep, wake up. - JSB)

Argentina’s economy has collapsed. Around 57% of adults in the nation are currently unemployed. The Socialist nation has programs in place to compensate, costing the country around $6 million daily. However, socialism no longer works when you run out of other people’s money. July’s inflation report showed an uptick over 60%. Read More

07.30.22- Transhumanism:
Utopian Fantasy and Totalitarian Fact

Jeremiah Johnson

“Once men turned their thinking over to machines in the hope that this would set them free. But that only permitted other men with machines to enslave them.” – Frank Herbert

The science fiction of today is the scientific fact of tomorrow. A good example is Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seapredicting today’s nuclear-powered submarines. Another would be H. G. Wells sci-fi/horror piece, The Island of Dr. Moreau which examines a world filled with human-animal hybrids. So when we discuss the future of transhumanism, you need to keep this in mind. For though it may seem far-fetched today, it is where we are headed. Read More

07.29.22- Why Does The United States Just Keep Getting Hit By One Historic Nightmare After Another?
Michael Snyder

Have you become numb to all the bad news yet?  Almost every single day, something really horrible seems to happen in the United States.  It is just one thing after another and it has been that way for months.  It is as if we are in the midst of some sort of a “perfect storm” that never seems to end.  In all my years of writing, I have never seen anything like this.  There is so much bad news happening right now that it is literally impossible to keep up with it all.  Events are starting to accelerate at a pace that is absolutely breathtaking, and I am extremely concerned about what the remainder of 2022 will look like. Read More

07.28.22- Here’s What the Government Should Really Do in the Greater Depression
Doug Casey

It’s hard to have a conversation today, or even overhear one, without being exposed to moronic – and I now use that word in its colloquial as well as its clinical sense – opinions about what “we” should do.

“We,” of course, is the government. Everyone believes it should “Do Something.” And it is.

But why deal in half-measures? Read More

07.27.22- Just Paddling
While The Empire Burns

Jim Quinn

The phrase “fiddling while Rome burns” is an intriguing idiom, referencing the great fire which ravaged Rome for six days in 64 A.D. and the legend that Nero, one of the most sadistic, decadent, and cruel rulers of all-time, instead of taking action to stop the fire, played his lyre while composing a song about Rome’s destruction. The Roman historian Tacitus wrote that Nero was rumored to have sung about the destruction of Rome while watching the city burn but it’s likely this was just a myth. Read More

07.26.22- What Is The “Council For Inclusive Capitalism?” It’s The New World Order
Brandon Smith

The idea that there is an agenda for global government among the financial and political elites of the world has long been called a “conspiracy theory” within the mainstream and the establishment media. And sadly, even when you can convince people to look at and accept the evidence that banking institutions and certain politicians work together for their own purposes, many folks will STILL not entertain the notion that the ultimate goal of these power mongers is one-world empire. They just can’t wrap their heads around such a thing. Read More

07.25.22- This Tragedy Was Entirely Avoidable
Jim Rickards

The war in Ukraine will have huge ramifications for the international system in the coming years. Many will prove negative for the U.S. as sanctions backfire and the world moves more rapidly toward dollar alternatives.

Unfortunately, the war in Ukraine was totally avoidable. Had the U.S. pursued closer ties with Russia years ago, rather than antagonizing it and driving it into a deeper alliance with China, it’s highly unlikely the war would have taken place. Read More

07.23.22-  Michelle Obama Registered To Vote As a Man In 1994 According To Illinois State Board of Elections
The People's Voice

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07.22.22- WARNING from a Farmer -
Appalachia's Homestead with Patara

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07.21.22- Covid-19 and the Continuing Erosion of Private Property Rights
Claudio Grass

Even though the downhill trajectory we've seen over the last decades in terms of property rights is bad enough, nothing could have ever prepared us for what the covid-19 crisis would bring. Even those of us who have read enough history to know that there's really no line that the state will not cross in its fervent pursuit of absolute power were sincerely surprised. How could the ruling elite deny us our birth given right to own our own body and mind? How could we forget the principles of the Enlightenment and what it means to live in a society based on personal freedom? Read More

07.20.22- If Government Can Take from One Group, It Can and Will Take from Everyone
Claudio Grass

It wouldn't be an exaggeration to argue that private property rights, as understood by classic liberal thinkers, by those who embrace Austrian economic theory, and by all members of an enlightened society, are not only the cornerstone, but also the last defense of human civilization and the Western way of life in particular. Nothing stands a chance without this premise. No prosperity can ever come about or even be maintained, none of the civil liberties and human freedoms we so often take for granted these days, no innovation in business, technology or science. Read More

07.19.22- Trans Swimmer Nominated For NCAA Woman Of The Year Honors
Tyler Durden

Determined to lead the Ivy League to the absolute depths of woke irrationality, the University of Pennsylvania has nominated trans swimmer Lia (née Will) Thomas to receive NCAA Woman of the Year honors. 

The nearly-6' 4" Thomas posted three years of respectable results in collegiate men's competition before switching genders and proceeding to smash records set by biological women left and right. Thomas set five individual records at the 2022 Ivy League championships aloneRead More

07.18.22- A Tale of the Taco
James Howard Kunstler

Has anyone noticed, by the way, that the US is under an invasion of breakfast tacos…?

What to make of this bizarre headline out of The Washington Examiner? First impression: well, that’s at least one they’ll send back. Read More

07.16.22- The Emasculation
of the American Male

Servando Gonzalez

According to what it was reported in the press, as soon as they heard about the ongoing situation at the Uvalde school, some of the mothers ran to the place in an effort to protect the lives of their children. Unfortunately, the Uvalde police did not treat them well.

We saw dramatic scenes of Uvalde police mistreating and harassing desperate mothers. Some of them were gassed, tased, handcuffed and treated as criminals. It was a shameful day for America. Read More

07.15.22- Mexican President Lopez-Obrador Offers to Bail Out the United States from the Biden Created Energy Crisis, and Will Supply Electricity to Texas
The Conservative Treehouse

The media did not give this much attention; however, Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez-Obrador thoroughly, albeit diplomatically, dressed down Joe Biden over his economic and energy policy during a Tuesday visit to the White House.

You might remember that together with a host of south and central American leaders, Mexican President Lopez-Obrador refused to attend Joe Biden’s Latin-America summit last month {Go Deep}.  With that in mind Obrador’s media remarks in the oval office are quite remarkable in their pointedness. Read More

07.14.22- Here Comes The Violent Summer Of Soaring Dollar Discontent
Elwin de Groot

In this climate of rising inflation, particularly of energy and food, and global central banks in tightening mode, a (political) crisis never is very far away. Sri Lanka has been one of the most prominent examples with its recent default on foreign debt and its President Gotabaya Rajapaksa fleeing the country yesterday has been one of the most prominent examples. Bad economic policy, the Covid-19 shock and, ultimately the global food and energy crisis resulting in serious shortages, tipped the country over the edge. Protests also broke out in Libya earlier this month, where rising ‘cost of living’ problems were cited as one reason. Read More

07.13.22- Will America disappear into the Sands of Time?
Joe David

Dinesh D’Souza’s film, 2000 Mules, documenting the 2020 U.S. presidential election, was released this spring and the response from America’s political swamp was predictable. Because of the significant promotion and interest in the video, the mainstream media (MSM) couldn’t easily ignore the documentary, as they normally do with whatever contradicts the MSM and the Democrats’ narrative.

In this case, they addressed the matter as best as they could. They attacked and by attacking tried to cancel it. Read More

07.12.22- The Perfect (and Only) Solution
Ted Butler

A new article by Reuters concerning this year’s default in nickel on the London Metals Exchange help me to crystalize some new thoughts on the recent dramatic collapse in commodity prices of all types, certainly including silver and gold. I would describe my new thoughts as being fully in line with all the major themes I’ve presented over the years, but now with a clarity I hadn’t quite anticipated. Please bear with me for a bit, as I try to tie this in with the current quite pronounced melt down in the prices of metals and other commodities. Read More

07.11.22- Biden’s Selling Of Oil From Reserve To Hunter Biden-Tied Chinese Firm 'Impeachable'
Eva Fu

The Biden administration’s move to sell nearly 1 million barrels of oil reserves to China “defies all common sense” and is benefiting U.S. adversaries at the cost of national interests, said Republican lawmakers, with some calling the action “impeachable.”

The Department of Energy in April sold 950,000 barrels of Strategic Petroleum Reserve to Unipec America, the U.S. arm of China’s largest trading company Unipec, which is wholly owned by China Petrochemical Corporation, also known as Sinopec. Read More

07.09.22- ‘Friend-shoring’ threatens Western metal supplies
Richard (Rick) Mills

In George Orwell’s book ‘1984’, the world is divided among three superpowers, whose continuous struggle for global dominance plunges the world into a never-ending conflict.

Oceania, Eastasia and Eurasia, with their large spheres of influence, closely mirror how the Grand Alliance of the US, the UK and the Soviet Union planned the defeat of Nazi Germany during World War II. Read More

07.08.22- The Normalization of Perversion
Paul Craig Roberts

Many years ago I wrote that the normalization and legitimization of the first sexual perversion would set the precedent and all others would follow. And they have.  At any moment I expect an entrepreneur to open a bestiality brothel. Read More

07.07.22- Welcome to the
Slow Motion Depression

Jeffrey Tucker

Think for a moment of other failed experiments in human history.

One that comes to mind is the Bolshevik Revolution. Its leader, Vladimir Lenin, never really expected to take power, much less be put in charge of implementing the system he had spent a career promoting. Read More

07.06.22- American Secession
Adam Dick

On Independence Day, many Americans think about, at least briefly, the American Revolution. One important thing they should consider in this reflection is that the American Revolution is misnamed. A more appropriate name would be the American Secession.

And an appropriate question for now, when the power of the United States government and Americans’ dissatisfaction have become immense, is whether the time is right for another American Secession. Read More

07.05.22- The Gas Inflation Crisis
Is Far From Over

Brandon Smith

After a single Federal Reserve rate hike of 75 basis points (0.75%) I am noticing a trend among mainstream economists whipping out their crystal balls and predicting an almost immediate reversion to deflationary conditions. In their view, a recession will “balance everything out.” For most of these people, I would suggest that they keep their crystal balls in their pants; they have been consistently wrong and it’s time for them to shut up. If you were predicting that inflation would be “transitory” last year, then you have no right to act like you are an economist today. Read More

07.04.22- The Most Valuable Form of Money Nobody's Seen--Yet
Charles Hugh Smith

What is "money"? "Money" is a claim on the essentials of life. Ration cards are claims on essentials. 

Many people expect "money" will soon be tied to commodities. Agreed. It's called a ration card that grants the holder the right to buy a specific quantity of essential goods at a specified price. 

This right is a form of "money" directly tied to the value of commodities. Read More

What If People Actually Controlled The Government?
Jeffrey Tucker

Imagine, if you will, the following system...

Government is managed by elected representatives who are in turn elected by the people. Government is further restrained by checks and balances between three branches, each of which is accountable ultimately to the people who live under the laws. Read More


07.01.22- How the Super Wealthy 1% Use the Most Ignorant & the Most Vulnerable
to Wage War on the Middle Class
Americans United

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06.30.22- Proof:
Pfizer Shots Killed Colin Powell
Dr. Jane Ruby

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06.29.22- 700 Million Worldwide Will Die from CV19 Vax by 2028
Dr David Martin

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06.28.22- “Winter” is coming for the West, and it is going to be apocalyptic
Ethan Huff

The head of Germany’s Federal Network Agency has issued a stark warning about what is soon to come for the country – and it is not pretty.

Fuel shortages coupled with skyrocketing prices will send “shockwaves throughout the country,” says Klaus Müller, whose office regulates Germany’s electricity, gas, telecommunications, postal services and railway markets. Read More

06.27.22- It Costs $22,648 And Requires 11 Agencies To Start A Restaurant In San Francisco
Simon Black

In a report called Barriers to Business, the Institute for Justice (IJ) analyzed 20 US cities for how easy it is to open five different types of businesses. To cover a range, those businesses included a restaurant, a retail bookstore, a food truck, a barbershop, and a home-based tutoring business.

Entrepreneurs who want to start a restaurant, for example, have 13 different fees totaling $5,300, on average across the 20 cities. In San Francisco, those fees reach $22,648. Read More

06.25.22- The Drumbeat Morphs
Robert M. Hamburger

In my March 18, 2021 post I suggested that we might be up to as many as four “vaccine” doses by September 2022. The FDA beat my prediction by six months, approving the fourth dose on March 25, 2022. Four doses ... because the first three did not do what was represented.

At first they (pharmaceuticals, government, media) told us that two doses of the Pfizer or Moderna products, or one of the Johnson & Johnson product, would prevent infection and stop transmission. With a mere six months of testing before administering the still experimental drug to the general population, the FDA and the mRNA injection manufacturers had no way of knowing how quickly the effectiveness would wane. Read More

06.24.22- America the Beautiful is Broken
David Haggith

The twaddle that comes out of the White House is deep right now. When our tottering president isn’t out enjoying a bike ride and falling down because Putin put gum in his stirrup so that he couldn’t get his foot out to steady himself, he is assembling a colorful team of Frisco-style professionals highly qualified in the field of transition to guide us through the vicissitudes of war, plague and famine that are swirling around the entire globe right now. (“Frisco” is the name the city loves to hate, so I chose it intentionally for a city I once found beautiful.) Read More

06.23.22- Deep State Global Chessboard...
The End of Freedom!
Catherine Austin Fitts

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06.22.22- Clif High: Patel Patriot -
Devolution Power Hour

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06.21.22- It’s TOO LATE for the Oblivious Masses to get Red-Pilled
Mike Adams

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06.20.22- Rethinking the Second Amendment
Dr Naomi Wolf

Can We Indeed Have Peace and Freedom Without Guns?

I wrote this essay some weeks ago, but I kept waiting to publish it til tragic mass shootings were no longer in the news. But that day looks as if it will never come, so I am publishing it anyway, with grief and mourning for those lost to gun violence, as we must nonetheless have this difficult conversation.

The last thing keeping us free in America, as the lights go off all over Europe- and Australia, and Canada - is, yes, we must face this fact, the Second Amendment. Read More

06.18.22- The Engineered Stagflationary Collapse Has Arrived –
Here's What Happens Next

Brandon Smith

In my 16 years as an alternative economist and political writer I have spent around half that time warning that the ultimate outcome of the Federal Reserve’s stimulus model would be a stagflationary collapse. Not a deflationary collapse, or an inflationary collapse, but a stagflationary collapse. The reasons for this were very specific – Mass debt creation was being countered with MORE debt creation while many central banks have been simultaneously devaluing their currencies through QE measures. On top of that, the US is in the unique position of relying on the world reserve status of the dollar and that status is diminishing. Read More

06.17.22- Soaring Gas Prices, Supply Chain Collapsing, Riots, Martial Law
Sarah Westall

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06.16.22- Judy Mikovits Shocks The World:
Most Damning Covid Evidence Bombshell The World Has Seen

Stew Peters

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06.15.22- The Real Makers of Lethal Weapons Are in Our Schools
Servando Gonzalez

In 1999 I wrote an article I titled “The Real Makers of Lethal Weapons Are In Our Schools,” that was published in an Australian newspaper. Eight years later WorldNetDaily reproduced it, adding, “Editor’s note: This prophetic commentary was first published in June 1999.

“Guns they’ll never find, ‘cuz my lethal weapon’s my mind.” — Ice-T Read More

06.14.22- The Jabbed are About to get a Rude Awakening
Clif High

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06.13.22- Hopium, False Prophets and Inside Fighting Q&A
David Nino Rodriguez

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06.11.22- Billy Wanka and The Vaccine Factory: Lethal Injections and Super Happy Rainbow Fun!
Jeff Berwick

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06.10.22- CIA Officer: How the Establishment Makes War Seem to Be Fun,
to Get Young People to Fight

Jeffrey Bennett

John R. Stockwell (born 1937) is a former CIA officer who became a critic of United States government policies after serving seven tours of duty over thirteen years. Having managed American involvement in the Angolan Civil War as Chief of the Angola Task Force during its 1975 covert operations, he resigned and wrote In Search of Enemies. Read More

06.09.22- Juan O Savin Bombshell Update!
David Nino Rodriguez

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06.08.22- 1,287,595 injuries reported after COVID shots, vaccine injury compensation programs ‘overwhelmed’
Children’s Health Defense

VAERS data released Friday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show 1,287,595 reports of adverse events from all age groups following COVID-19 vaccines, including 28,532 deaths and 235,041 serious injuries between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 27, 2022.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data June 3, showing a total of 1,287,595 reports of adverse events following COVID-19 vaccines were submitted between Dec. 14, 2020, and May 27, 2022, to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). That’s an increase of 9,615 adverse events over the previous week. Read More

06.07.22- General Berger to White Hats:
“Stand Down!”
Martin Brodel

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06.06.22- Global CV19 Vax Absolute Insanity
Dr. Ryan Cole

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