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Defence Secretary Austin's Presumptive Replacement
Woke Deep-Stater, Dr. Kathleen Hicks.
Bob Bishop

Lloyd Austin underwent an invasive surgical procedure called a prostatectomy for his prostate cancer. He was readmitted to the ICU ward of Walter Reed National Military Medical Center seven days later, on January 1st, due to complications caused by a severe infection. It appears he was septic. He concealed his inability to carry out his duties from Biden, Congress, the Pentagon, and his Deputy Secretary, Dr. Kathleen Hicks. On January 4th, finally becoming aware of Austin’s hospitalization, security adviser Jake Sullivan notified Hicks, who was on vacation in Puerto Rico.

Even though Biden continued to back Austin, Austin was already politically skating on cracked thin ice due to the colossal failure of the Afghanistan military withdrawal. Predictably, he will resign. His presumptive replacement is Hicks. Few are aware of Hicks’s woke, deep-state background. Hicks views her Defense Department role as the chief operating officer; in other words, she formulates strategic plans and formulates policy.

Think Tank Cult

Hicks is a policy wonk focusing on climate change, health security, and DEI issues. She holds a Ph.D. in political science from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She previously served as senior vice president, Henry A. Kissinger Chair, and director of the International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). CSIS is a hawkish non-profit think tank providing policy solutions to influence political and bureaucrat decision-makers.    

She also served on the Boards of Council on Foreign Relations and the Truman Center for National Policy. She served on the Center’s board with Vice Chairman Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Jake Sullivan, and Pete Buttigieg, ring leaders in the Biden Administration. The Center promotes critical race and gender theology in the State Department and the military and advocates decarbonizing the military. This is a page out of the script of the Idiocracy movie.

Deputy Secretary Hicks’s Woke Policies

Hicks establish the Deputy’s Management Action Group (DMAG) to be the Defense Department’s principal governance body to address topics from diversity to extremism. You would be correct if you consider Hicks’ role similar to the Soviet Union’s political commissar.  

After the January 6th protests, Secretary Austin delegated Hicks to conduct a sixty-day review of white nationalism and racist ideologies in the military (AKA Inquisition). It created the false impression of counter-revolutionary forces embedded in the military. The report was tacitly released last month and provided no evidence supporting Austin’s justification for purging the military of right-wing extremism. Military morale and recruiting have bottomed out at an all-time low. As Gomer Pyle used to say, “Surprise, surprise, surprise!”

Hicks plans on cutting the military’s carbon footprint by using EVs and hybrid fuels. The military will build charging stations and an electric grid for vehicles that “makes them resilient to manmade or weather-related effects.” She wants to switch from conventional fuels for aircraft and maritime fleet vessels to hybridized fuels or electric approaches, which “has lots of tactical warfighting advantages for us.” “Those are quieter for systems, we can go longer, we can cut fuel lines.” Her junk science green-energy transition is a dangerous delusion and threatens national security.

Mandatory DEI Indoctrination

Hicks delivered a DoD Pride Month Event speech promoting diversity and inclusion for the military, public employees, and private contractors. She directs the implementation of racial and gender identity-based pedagogy through “diversity and inclusion requirements and course curriculum, including training to detect and respond to unconscious bias” to advance enterprise-wide DEI.

Idiocracy 2.0

The U.S. military used to represent the best in America. But no more due to society’s youth being too obese, too moronic, and too drugged to fill its ranks. Thus, military recruitment standards are dropping, and led by nomenklatura executive leadership; the military is being hurdled towards an Idiocracy, much like the dark comedy. How paradoxical faux right-wing extremism and climate change are a national threat and not an invasion of millions of military-aged males pouring over an open border.





Bob Bishop is a Citizen Investigative Journalist, Digger, Dot Connector, and Forensic Investigator specializing in Nonprofit Organizations | "Facts are stubborn things" ~ John Adams

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