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100 Million Fire Ants on the March
Elizabeth Nickson

Much journalism these days is filled with fear, a genre made by the paranoid for the paranoid. A friend sent me Victor Davis Hanson’s recent X post about the lawsuits faced by President Trump, the corruption of the judicial system, the desperate straits he is in. Hanson, who I privately think of as Eeyore, is the King of the Genre. Thankfully he is a deeply read man, and necessary, which is why he is King. And his mind is clear. He sees it clear.

But he’s wrong. All those lawsuits foundered this week, a mere week later. And wrong are all the other catastrophists. They are so used to those on the top of the pile determining the shape of the things that their view is narrowed to officialdom, to the so-called “mainstream”.

They think they have the whole picture, but they don’t. The entire world is on the move, literally. It’s on fire. There are 100 million fire ants on the move. We are setting the agenda now, not them.

Tamara was the logistician who organized Canada’s truckers protest, who was arrested and imprisoned without charge.

Unlike most mainstream journalists, current and former, I consider the following theory has merit. I’ve read into enough to know there is a mountain of evidence pointing to its possible truth. I think that the great families of Europe in league with their counterparts in Asia, Russia and the Americas, still, largely, run the world. They are fully behind the Club of Rome, the “overpopulation” fiction, and the grotesque lies of anthropogenic catastrophic climate change. I think they see Americans and Canadians as “their” peasants. I know that the Rockefeller foundation is single-handedly responsible for the hellscape their shut-down-everything agents have made of rural life all over the world. I’ve been to the places they destroyed; the mess in Africa is indescribably awful, tent cities and terrorism their legacy.

Let’s call them by their latest iteration: the W.E.F.

Their wickedness is especially on display in the U.S. and Canada, which should be two long-running and booming economies with major growth rates, and creativity like a Catherine Wheel. The Rockefellers in league with America’s major foundations, and their bought-and-paid-for politicians and bureaucrats…shut it down. It took forty years. In the early 1970’s, the work of the agencies turned sharply from enabling American enterprise to restriction and punishment. This latter I’ve proven in this book.

I know these families hold American debt through their ownership of the New York Fed. I think they ‘allow’ and promote, via funding the hard left, the grotesque overspending by ‘liberals’ in order to prevent the growth of the bottom 50%, the inevitable high interest rates stalling independent action and entrepreneurship. I think they allow and control the wealth of the upper-middle-class because they need servants – media, lawyers, compromised medical people – to run their scams, like the Covid ‘experiment’. I’ve written extensively about this, especially in August if you want to look for sourcing.

I think they seeded the two world wars, and the Russian Revolution. I think they were the ones who sent Lenin on a blacked-out train across Europe to Moscow and I suspect that there was a Rothschild or Orsini (please, this is a cross-ethnic conspiracy, not “the Jews”) guiding Stalin’s hand (Red Symphony). I think they have coopted every power center there is, folding opposition into their cabal and compromising the up and coming through blackmail and payoffs. I think these people for generations have seeded unrest and regional wars to keep power and make money. I think they have deliberately ruined Africa – which for some reason makes me incandescent with rage. Punching down … unforgivable. I think they run Biden and the Democrats, and are trying to keep hold of the Republicans, but the populists are queering that play. Every family gets a special task, like the Pritzkers, who grabbed a marginal movement – sex transitioning – set us against each other, proceeding to destroy healthy sexuality in order to draw down population. I think they invented DEI to break the efficiency and productivity of America.

I think they want us to die faster.

What’s dying is their propaganda arm and as a result, they can’t proceed. 

As reported this week by many, but first by Zero Hedge, thirty thousand media workers were laid off in 2023, six times as many as 2022.

Last weekLA Times laid off 120 employees. Wall Street Journal plans layoffs, restructuring. There aren’t enough RINOs in the world to keep them going.

Buzzfeed announced it lost 97% of its value. Fortress which bought Vice in bankruptcy, is trying to sell most profitable divisision, fashion site, Refinery 29, which lost $20 million last year. Women are sick of being told how to dress by shrivelled harridans like Anna Wintour who is managing a woke censorious Conde Nast into the ground. 

Forbes staff launched a three-day walkout. Insider eliminated 8% of its workforce, NYDaily News editorial walked off the job. Paramount warned employees of fresh layoffs. Time laid off 30 journalists. And it’s everywhere:  CNN Philippines is to close due to financial losses.

Watch the ghastly doxing Taylor Lorenze cry herself a river, it’s delicious fun.

“And it's not just digital media sites," she continues. "Local news has been obliterated, the newspaper industry is cratering, radio is essentially dead - aside from NPR which has been gutted. Meanwhile, hundreds of workers at Conde Nast, the parent company of pretty much every major magazine from GQ to Vogue to the New Yorker to Vanity Fair are on strike."

As Zero Hedge puts it: No matter how much you hate journalists, it's not enough

In a 2022 Pew Research poll of US mainstream journalists of all ages, over 55% said that they don't believe all sides of any given story deserve equal coverage.  The youngest journalists (ages 18-29) were the worst, with 63% saying they did not agree with equal coverage.  Lorenz reflects this very sentiment as she rolls her eyes at the notion of objectivity in news writing.   

In a similar poll, over 76% of the general public said they want equal coverage of all sides by the media.  The disconnect between establishment news sources and what their audience wants is immense.  Given that progressive ideology is greatly over-represented in most corporate media, the public has simply sought out the other side of the story.       

Every idea these idiots have, fails. Their economy is an embarrassing shambles. The U.S. Fed posted its largest-ever annual operating loss last year. They do not know what they are doing. 

We’re onto them, the media, their funders, their lizard selves. It is they who cause the fights and flare-ups and wars and bankruptcies and hate. We know. We know they fund the hard left. We know they fund the open border. We know they fund castrating children. We know they fund hate.

It's slipping through their fingers. And fast. The following happened in just one week. Just one week. Across every economy, up and down the ladder, the right people are being fired, and the right people: judges, lawyers, writers, businessmen and women, rural workers, normals, are standing up and fighting back.

In just one week:

I nearly fell over laughing listening to Kari Lake chow down on a Big Gulp and fries while the head of the Republican Party of Arizona, Jeff DeWitt, attempted to bribe her to stay out of politics for a couple of years. “Name your figure”,  he said.

“SLURRRRRP, ”goes Kari. “Crunch Crunch Chruuunch …..No. Go Away.”

And the very next day, he quit. 

MAGA Matt Rosendale, running for Senate in Montana, was told by the chair of his party (R), Steve Danes, “You have to turn it down, Matt, no running for Senate. I gotta lotta billionaires who will spend a lotta money against you.” He said no.

The RINOs running that weird bony Indian chick, Nicki Haley, are just throwing money away. In New Hampshire, 70% of the people who voted for her were Democrats.

Everywhere…across the world, the people are standing up, and saying no. This is the first representation of a people’s movement since the American Revolution but this time, one that reaches into every sector. And unlike the Russian or French or even American Revolutions, people are educated and above all connected. The farmers, truckers, police and rail workers sitting in their cars and trucks are reading.

Biden tried to glad hand this fellow in a coffee shop. Guy refused to even look at him. Respect!

The son of the founder of the W.E.F., Pascal Najadi, is projecting a “Global U.S. Military Operation STORM reality in 2024”. I don’t think so. They might try to start a war, but no one will turn up to fight it. In some countries on the march, the police are just saying nope. In New York Thursday night, the police ran a protest about catch and release of real criminal. The media and the cabal’s mouthpieces are shrieking about hate and ‘civil war’ now. Nope, not happening. We are just going to methodically take over the levers and reins of power. In ten years it will be a new world.

Police saying no

Here’s what happened in just one week.

The Canadian federal court ruled that the declaration of the Emergency Act was counter to the Constitution. Exactly one month before the Statute of Limitations was to run out on civil cases. There are instructions how to sue the government everywhere now. Did they freeze your account? Arrest you? The logistician Tamara Lich was arrested and held in jail without charge for months, and she is going to be rich.  She started as a logistics manager for a trucking company and she may just run for Prime Minister. This is a genuine peoples’ movement.

Protests/Uprisings currently ongoing in:













Roadblocks on fire as main arteries into Paris continue to be blocked, same in other areas of France. Farmers have started digging up the roads into Paris, and getting them ready to plant. 

700,000 trucks on the way to the U.S. southern border.  Texas National Guard took over the border. U.S. farmers lending assistance. The Border Patrol Union says it will not arrest the Texas National Guard for following their lawful orders. Border Patrol posts on X “TX NG and rank-and-fine BP agents work together and respect each other’s jobs. Period.”  Once the police join the rebellion, it’s over.  

Thousands of taxi drivers in France support the farmers. Macron hiding in palace hiring 15,000 police to combat farmers. Hundreds of thousands of French support the farmers.

Government buildings in France burning.

French farm tractors lining beach outside of Macrons’ beach house.

Ten percent of UNRWA staff are now believed to have affiliated with Hamas and Islamic Jihad. 190 UN staff accused of being hardened killers.  Ten countries cut funding to UNRWA. Canada sent the money just before the storm broke. Iranians are all through the Canadian government at the highest levels and Poilievre immediately called for a formal inquiry into Iranian influence operatives. He then refuses funds to UNRWA going forward.

Canada’s chief technology officer is accused of manipulating, destroying files at CBSA relating to ArriveCan, another Liberal Party ‘innovation’ meant to pay off funders and supporters.  Over sixty of the contracts were funded and nothing was done. Auditor-General’s report due on February 12th.

UK Government suspended free trade negotiations with Canada, due to a lack of progress. The Liberal government is so broken, it can’t do its job.

The cannabis industry launched by the Canadian government to ‘save’ the economy is crashing.

International student visas in Canada cut by one-third.

Danielle Smith of Alberta doubles Alberta’s oil production.

Trudeau’s Liberals considering ‘rebranding” carbon taxes.

Railyard workers join truckers and farmers in Germany. 69% of Germans support the protest.

Italian farmers are riding out in Italy to support farmers in Germany and France

Truckers in France dump foreign wine imports

Farmers digging up highways into Paris and spraying police with manure.

Trudeau booed outside mosque in Quebec. Chased down the road. “Shame on you”. He can’t go anywhere in public without someone shouting at him. 

Twenty-two specific Articles of Impeachment filed against Fani Willis. Further, she is said to owe money to the State of Georgia. Nineteen of those charges are with regard to her attack on Trump. She is charged with launching it in order to advance her political career. The Georgia State Senate voted 30-19 to create a special committee to investigate Fani Willis. It will consist of six Republicans and three Democrats and can require testimony under oath. This case was considered the most serious against Trump.

Canada’s Health Minister expresses doubt over eligibility for medically assisted dying MAID over mental health issues.  

Joe Biden and Pfizer’s plan to make Taylor Swift and her footballer Kelse campaign for him outed on all social media to hilarity and mockery.

Protestors outside Nancy Pelosi’s house tell her to go back to China.

Seventy percent of Americans support Texas erected barriers at the border.

Donald Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize again.

House Republicans voted to advance effort to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas

NASDAQ to cut hundreds of jobs. New York Community Bancor’s stock crashed, trading halted. Net Zero, DEI, ESG cripple the economy.

Russian banks post record profit. 

Mark Cuban in trouble with federal officials over DEI.

Florida will no longer allow trans people to change their sex on their driver’s licenses.

Calgary, Alberta is moving towards re-allowing plastic bags and straws.

Alberta College of Physicians and Surgeons has dropped charges against a doctor who gave COVID-19 vaccine exemptions to patients.

Ron DeSantis announces that DEI no longer has a place in public universities

Illinois declines to remove Trump from ballot.

Paypal to cut 2500 jobs. Paypal’s “misinformation fine” backfires, as rivals pick up market share. Loses 30% on shares as of Jan 30.

XI promises Biden China wouldn’t interfere in 2024 election.

Evergrande faces liquidation after talks with top creditors break down. More bailouts for property sector didn’t work.

Joy Reid caught on a hot mic saying Joe Biden is “starting another fucking war”.

Ukraine says corrupt officials stole $40 million.

Trudeau and Singh plot electoral reform legislation making it easier to cheat.

New Hampshire and Maine ban geoengineering overflights.

Alberta introduces parental rights legislation.

Arbitrator finds that the City of Toronto’s mandatory vaccination policy was no longer reasonable after 1 September 2022, and unvaccinated employees must be reimbursed.

Payouts coming for unvaccinated Alberta health care workers.

Arkansas is removing voting machines.

Pennsylvania Republicans have filed a lawsuit alleging Biden and Gov Josh Shapiro violated the U.S. Constitution when they loosened voting restrictions. (I’ve studied the 2020 voting in Penn., it was stolen hard, by unions, by members of the Masonic Order in Delaware County, by the Democrats) 

Andrew Cuomo was found guilty by a U.S. Justice Department investigation of sexually harassing 13 employees.

U.S. regulator launches probe into tech giants’ AI investments.

Last week was crowned by a constitutional crisis in the U.S. Seven hundred thousand truckers and farmers on the way to the southern border. Every Republican led state is behind them. The 10th Amendment means that the Feds have to protect the States against an invasion and late last week ten  FBI luminaries sent a letter to the President stating that this is an invasion, “alarming and perilous” and that America stands on a precipice. 

No wonder billionaires like Zuck are building three hundred million dollar bunkers under their estates. Zuck funded the stolen election and he made the crackpot decision to suppress any questioning of Covid 19 and the vaccines. I was put on a time out on Facebook so many times, I was permanently down-ranked for three years. And I am a teeny tiny little fish. There are so many bigger ones with access to constitutional law foundations itching for an adventure. Zuck was forced to apologize on Wednesday to concerned parents. This is just the beginning of his life-long adventure in retribution. 

In Calgary, Tucker Carlson brought down the house by calling Trudeau a weird little cross-dresser and urged Canadians to stand up. Hey, what happened to the trucker convoy inflamed the whole world and triggered today. A hundred million fire ants. All mad, all educated. All those truckers and farmers in their trucks? They are reading. And not the mainstream press. The alternatives. Us.

The whole world is being reborn. 

Welcome to Absurdistan is reader-supported. I am so grateful to the many people who have tried us out, subscribed, and then took an annual subscription. You have no idea how good that makes me feel. 

kevinfernandes82 on Insta does the best job on reporting populist wins I have found, but many others are joining. Optimism is a decision. It doesn’t mean you are ignoring the dark, it just means you aren’t choosing it. Fine line.







Elizabeth Nickson began reporting for TIME, became European Bureau Chief of LIFE and has written for Harper’s, the Guardian, Observer, Independent, Telegraph, the Sunday Times, the Globe and Mail, Bloomsbury, Knopf and Harper Collins US.

War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength. A political shift similar to the Glorious Revolution is underway and I am here for it.

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