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The Regime Has Never Looked So Weak. What Will They Do Next?
William M. Briggs

This is a post written in haste, and I welcome, more than usual, your take on the events of the day, since I surely missed a lot.

So Tucker Carlson had his interview with Vladimir Putin, the latter, whatever else he is or may be, coming across as an intelligent man, a sober man, and man with some grasp of the world and his place, and his peoples’ place, in history. 

Putin repeatedly embarrassed the American Regime, quipping about our elections, our watery border security, the color revolution in Ukraine (our doing), the USA blowing up the Nordstream pipeline, and much more. 

Also yesterday was the special council’s report on Old Joe’s purloining classified material and passing it around. Crimes, they said. Bad ones. But which the council urged not to prosecute because Old Joe was, well, too old, his memory shot and his mental faculties withered, a man not quite sure where he is or what he is doing.

This came a short day after Biden remarked at how he had had meetings, very important meetings, he said, with two dead and long deceased European politicians. Which may even be true. Once you get that close to the end, maybe it’s like they say and you can see the Other Side with some clarity.

The Regime, whoever is in control, realized the quick sequence of events made them look foolish, weak, disorganized, guilty, and, frankly, pathetic. Something had to be done lest they also appear defeated.


The first was to have the clown—judging by the makeup and comedic demeanor—they hired for her demographic achievements to lie to the press to peddle to the stage on her mini bicycle and announce that Presidents frequently commune with the dead. They really did this!

The second was to trot out old Joe to a news conference. They would prove to the world that, despite rumors, Old Joe was indeed still on this side of the grave. That he was not losing his mind, and that his knowledge of geography was just as good as Putin’s. 

This spectacularly blew up in their faces, the Regime coming away looking like they had just been a pie fight with the Three Stooges, when Old Joe mixed up Mexico with Egypt. Hey, close enough, right?

Biden gasped and wheezed his way through the presser, even at one time blowing a good joke because he choked on the timing, his voice eeking out its last wind, every breath sounding like it could very well be his last. 

Now Putin hinted, as many, oh a great many, have, that nobody knows who is in charge of the American Regime. The dull truth is likely nobody is, not in toto. There are various factions controlling this and that fiefdom. But nobody, except journalists, who are lying, believes Old Joe is in supreme charge.

Point is that the Regime was so weakened by yesterday’s display, even before the day was over, that Greg Abbott, the embattled Governor of Texas, was bold enough to tweet “Who is in charge? America deserves to know!” That most stoke some level of fear inside DC.

Rumors, once old now new again, flared and said that Old Joe would be canned, likely at the Democrat Convention. Readers will recall that was our guess (blogSubstack). The only way they can rehabilitate Old Joe after yesterday’s disaster is to keep him far away from all outsiders, except sycophantic media. Which is, of course, nearly all media.

Trump has won the Republican nomination, in all but name. There is no chance Biden would survive a debate with Trump, who could never put on a performance as erudite as Putin’s, but who would still think circles around Biden.

So either Biden has to go, or Trump does, or both do. What will the Regime do?

The Ukraine debacle is entering a new phase of hilarious incompetence. Treasury Secretary Janet “Inflation is Transitory” Yellen had her mythical Marie Antoinette moment, boasting “We don’t have to get the prices down because wages are going up.”

And these are only two examples of a legion of similar Regime blunders. Please remind us of others in the comments.

The Regime is therefore weak and wounded, they know it, and they know we know it. Yet like any wounded beast, this can be the time that they are at the most dangerous. The rulers in power surely will not surrender that power easily. They may become desperate. We may get that war they’ve been pining for.

Or they may lash out in other ways. Or even collapse ignominiously, though that seems to me the longest of long shots.

What do you say?

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My PhD is in Mathematical Statistics: I am now an Uncertainty Philosopher, Epistemologist, Probability Puzzler, and Unmasker of Over-Certainty. My MS is in Atmospheric Physics, and Bachelors is in Meteorology & Math.

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