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America has a bad case of the Dumbass!
Justin O Smith

…or is that we are just tired of all of the Bullsh*t?

There’s so much to say right now, but much of it is beating a dead horse and repeating a lot of what I’ve already discussed in ad nauseam through the years.

I’ve had a few grains formulating here and there, but nothing the greater population will want to hear. So many are eat up with a bad case of the dumbass, and it’s enough to make a man want to vomit up his Cheerios. 

I was recently asked if I could “write a sad story using only three words. I replied, “Joe Biden lives.”

Forgive me for not being thrilled, America, over the prospect of voting for either a man who oversaw the largest suspension of liberty in U.S. history and the man who followed and is still trying to suppress freedom and liberty at every opportunity.

These are America’s choices?

Good luck to you, my countrymen. Y’All are going to need it. This election cycle is fouled up beyond all recognition.

And as tho it isn’t bad enough that America has her people being harassed and arrested overseas, by enemies and frenemies, such as Russia and Turkey, now Christian missionaries are being murdered in Haiti.

Maybe Americans will wake up to the fact that we just can’t help the entire world and some places are better off left alone.

The missionaries were an extremely young couple in their early twenties, and the woman was the daughter of Ben Baker, a Republican representative for Missouri. They were murdered by three truckloads of Haitian animals.

Christian love and charity is all well and good, but some cultures simply reject it outright with an animosity and violence that shakes many to their core.

Perhaps we Folks here in America should simply step back for a few years and stop sending our wealth and blood and treasure of our youths to foreign countries where Americans, especially Christians, are hated. Let the ignorant savages kill each other for forever and a day or until they finally realize and acknowledge they need civilization and the tools to function within it properly.

Let the savages rend, tear and hack one another to death, eat one another and finally die themselves when food and clean water run out, and let their bleached bones rest where they lay as a monument forever to their vile, evil, ignorant, repugnant pagan stupidity and their superstitious death cults.

Some people – some cultures – just aren’t worth saving. Haiti serves as a perfect example of such a case.

It was close to noon today that Fox News reported Ol’ Traitor Joe has pledged $300 million for a U.N. “peace-keeping force” to “restore order in Haiti”.

Well now, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t give one damned U.S. taxpayer cent to the U.N. for anything. Get our citizens out of Haiti using the U.S. military and then leave Haiti to fix this among themselves, even if that means they all die on the beaches trying to make their escape.

Some lessons in life have to be learned the hard way.

I just imagine Haitians will start fixing their country once they realize no one is coming to save them and other nations stop allowing them to enter as “refugees” where they will bring their current internecine battles with them.

Harsh? Okay. And Oh fuggin’ well … so?

As You so often say, “No apologies”.

But speaking of learning lessons in life the hard way, I’m afraid that’s precisely what it’s going to take to ever see any significant changes made in America that are of the kind to turn back tyranny in our country.

Americans better start wrapping their minds around what comes after Trump, should he win in November. He may bring a temporary economic respite, especially through his energy policies, but he’s still a proponent of Big Spending and Big Government, as evidenced by his first term. Trump will do little to end today’s current economic fascism and the inordinate amount of power U.S. corporations wield within the U.S. Congress, and that alone is a danger to our freedoms and individual liberty.

Until people educate themselves and return to the virtues of individual independence and responsibility and the principles that support limited government, our economic situation will give the majority just enough to get by on, with some receiving much less, and a very few making any significant financial gains. People fail to understand that deregulation of businesses and a greater level of righteous individual freedom and liberty — out from under the thumb of overreaching government “laws” and control — always results in an extremely high level of economic prosperity for all.

But I still hear people speaking of “We need to vote red” or “vote a straight Republican ticket“. Well, that would be all well and fine if anyone could trust that supposed “Republicans” were who they say they are. People definitely need to give extra scrutiny to anyone claiming to be a conservative or a Republican these days.

NO … voting party line is part of the problem. Too many people vote “red”, believing they are voting for freedom and liberty minded individuals, only to find out later they are statist, globalist Republicans-In-Name-Only who are no more interested in defending and protecting the Bill of Rights and our Inalienable God-Given Rights.


      Monkey’s – It is what they ALL have become!

Some of our current problems exist, not just due to Democrat Commies, but because of “Republicans” such as Mike Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, Susan Collins, Liz Cheney and a litany of others who have also circumvented the Constitution when it served their political ends.

I don’t know what people think they’re getting by supporting Trump, other than a president who will be somewhat better than Biden, as far as energy and defending the borders. He certainly isn’t a “conservative” or a big defender of the Bill of Rights, despite his assurances to the contrary – having violated both the 2nd & 4th amendments and saddling us with the sovereignty-killing USMCA; it’s also worth noting he presided over the largest suspension of individual liberty in American history with the lockdowns, killing much of the economy and supply chain in the process.

Again, I’m not thrilled over the prospect of having to choose between Trump who oversaw the suspension of our Bill of Rights and Biden who tried to continue the process and is still working to suppress liberty at every opportunity.

Maybe Trump learned his lesson, but I doubt it. Even before COVID he was spending like there was no tomorrow and expanding government with bills like the Child Care and Family Leave Act, leaving the U.S. with nearly $8 trillion more in national debt, something Biden will surpass by the end of his term – all of which has led to the current astoundingly high inflation we see right now, 20% to 50% dependent on what area of the economy you review.

NO … people better search hard for true conservative candidates who have the knowledge and proven background to set a course correction in both our economy, the border and matters of our inalienable God-given rights – men and women who have a record of defending and acting to preserve freedom and individual liberty for all. Otherwise, the current trend towards tyranny will continue, even if Trump is the next president; remember, Trump is the fool who was willing to entertain the notion of “suspend due process” in matters of “red flag laws” and mass shootings, banned bumpstocks via an executive order and enabled warrantless searches via HR76, as well as signing the 2017 FISA Reauthorization Act that allowed the NSA to spy on all Americans rather than just foreigners living stateside as originally written and intended.

Americans can go along if they wish, trusting in the “two party system” that too often colludes to betray them and the country won’t get more freedom and liberty, or economic prosperity.

So sure, America. By all means, keep demanding a “law” for this-that thing-and-another and more Big Government to meet some “need” [most usually just the object of their desire] that you can do just as easily if not better and more inexpensively for yourself. Keep growing the national debt for instant gratification and more government welfare or “social justice” programs and when I revisit this old world as a ghost some fifty years or so from now, I will find nothing but a people who have embraced the cold chains of tyranny, slaves to the Leviathan and an authoritarian Socialist Super-State, dragging those chains through an everyday life that has them all reduced to “equality” in the common denominator of poverty.

I hope I haven’t made you grow weary with my rant, Jeff, but this gives you some indication of the things that have been running across my mind of late and just how sick to death I am of a people who are so desirous of having a master that they are willing to take everybody else down with them into the hell of a rapidly approaching day when tyranny will be the rule rather than the exception in America.

Now go have fun and drink a beer or two for me.

Take care, Brother!

Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

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