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Our Political System Is a Joke INDEED!
Jeffrey Bennett

The following is from an email which I received from a listener in November of 2023

Elections are simply an illusion, a choice of “erection” and perhaps which orifice we would like violated for the next four years. Forgive my vulgarity please but I’m out of patience with the so-called citizens who have allowed this to happen to us, and even less patience with the demonic powers whom deliberately sold us this joke we call a country, at least in modern form.

We find ourselves living in a combination horror, comedy, and freak show. Decades of poor decisions predated decades or treason which created a “civilization” who embraced demonism and jungle law. How in Hell does a Nation recover from that? How can any country anywhere operating under the “Democratic” umbrella of governance function if the morons casting the votes are uneducated, uninvolved, and at best make their political decisions based solely on a few minutes of casual research, IF THAT? 

Voting is a waste of time. I haven’t voted in the last two elections and until I see a political movement develop which accurately represents my core beliefs, I will continue to abstain from participating in their con-job.

Given that I’m closely watching the American Justice Party. I may even donate to them.

Banking? We The People SHOULD have rightfully taken arms with the creation of the Federal Reserve. We should have done it again when Nixon took our currency off the Gold standard. Americans are Cowards and the Remnant have only crumbs to gather before the coming Darkness.

Nations are built from PEOPLE. We must embrace our local people, family, friends, and acquaintances. Pray to the Father and accept the reality we may go down fighting.


David Hogan
November 10, 2023


Changes continue to take place at The Federal Observer and each of the family of Kettle Moraine Publications, and to those of you who have been with us on this remarkable journey for these past two and a half decades – I thank you for your continued support and words of encouragement. I have not in the past – nor will in the future – attempt to be a carbon copy or clone of anyone else’s broadcasting or writing style. It has been said that those who live by the sword – shall die by the sword! I have chosen as my weapons – for the time being – a pen – for the pen IS mightier than the sword – but time IS running out!

See you at Sundown,

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