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2024: Do We Hit the Iceberg or Finally Change Course?
J.B. Shurk

It is difficult for any American who loves this country to watch its political, economic, and military “leaders” destroy it.  Part of the political theater propping up the illusion of electoral choice in this Kabuki dance that the State-controlled press calls “democracy” is the lie that officeholders from different parties are at each other’s throats.  More Americans than ever finally see through this convenient fiction and understand that a single Uniparty acts as a guild of political thespians who are the face of a permanently entrenched national security Deep State that runs the show.

Furthermore, more Americans than ever finally recognize that the United States is not a country that supports free markets but rather a central bank-directed financial cartel that regulates labor, commodities, and transactions so stringently that there is nothing outside of the government’s (or Wall Street’s) economic control.  Taxing Americans’ labor, forcing them to use an inflation-driven paper currency, and encumbering their ownership of real property are not policies for encouraging middle class prosperity; they are chains meant to create debt-anchored, government-dependent slaves.

For many decades, it seemed as if a vanguard of American communists were pushing these destructive policies and operating as a kind of fifth column from within an otherwise pro-America governing class.  Whether that fifth column was always much larger than it appeared or whether it simply succeeded, through strategic patience, in conquering America’s political and economic institutions and converting them to its advantage, there is no question that America’s internal demolition is now an all-of-government operation.

You do not hand a private central bank the power to print dollar bills, unless you expect those dollars to become untethered from any gold standard.  You do not print and spend money without budgetary constraints, unless you never intend to pay down those debts.  You do not engage in such a monetary Ponzi scheme that artificially raises the prices of stocks and real properties while depreciating the common person’s meager savings, unless you plan on precipitating the mother of all economic crashes in the future.  You do not start seeding the idea of a new central bank digital currency, unless you intend to take advantage of that economic crash and transition the whole population onto a mandatory system of government welfare.

When our political and economic leaders have complete control over what is in your digital wallet, they will have complete control over what you say, what you do, where you go, and what you own.  After having sabotaged our economic system for decades, they will nonetheless shamelessly blame its engineered collapse on the “systemic unfairness” of free market capitalism and insist that they are saving the world with a digital currency capable of promoting “sustainable equity.”  It will be nothing less than full-blown communism.

Certainly the military and wider national security apparatus have thrown their lots in with the communists.  When your nation is bankrupt, you do not cavalierly jump from one war to the next — especially when the strategic value of kinetic operations is questionable, the risk of escalation is high, and the only sure winners are defense companies with office supply budgets larger than the GDP of small countries and the transnational investment houses that make a fortune from organized slaughter.  If you are actually concerned with protecting national security, you do not aid and abet illegal immigration, transport tens of millions of unknown foreigners (each carrying unknown diseases and unknown motivations for their illegal intrusion) into unsuspecting small towns throughout the U.S., and then force those communities to feed and house the interlopers by dipping into their already-insolvent municipal budgets.  If you are actually interested in winning wars, you do not designate patriotic, flag-waving Americans as potential “domestic extremists,” while running commercials seeking to enlist psychologically unstable “they/thems” who are more interested in cutting off their own genitalia than putting the pointy end of a blade into an enemy combatant.  If you are actually committed to preserving the U.S. Constitution, you do not put the whole American population under warrantless surveillance and excuse that grotesque affront to the Bill of Rights as necessary for “national security.”  You do not conspire with social media companies, search engine monopolists, financial institutions, and Internet service providers (none dare call it fascism!) to censor Americans’ free speech, punish them for their unapproved thoughts, and intimidate them into silence.  You do not squash dissent and label political opponents, “terrorists.”  These are the actions of totalitarian police States — not the policies of any nation that could honestly claim to be “free.”

D.C.’s permanent ruling class and its Marxist globalist allies throughout the globe are dedicated to one goal: eliminating national cohesion and erecting an authoritarian and technocratic super-State in its place.

Not one institution exists to help ordinary Americans.  The Pentagon is “woke” and ineffective.  The FBI-Gestapo is singularly invested in preserving the Deep State’s power.  The Federal Reserve is using “green energy”-induced inflation to transfer as much wealth as possible from poor and middle class Americans to the uber-elite before intentionally crashing the global economy.  The Department of Homeland (in)Security is using our open and undefended borders to flood the country with foreign terrorists and soldiers.  Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates, and the rest of the World Economic Forum’s faculty of “Dr. Evils” continue to promise more viral pandemics, Internet outages, and electric grid failures.  The criminal “justice” system excuses violent crime as necessary to fight “white supremacy” (for Democrats, two wrongs always make a right).  An entirely partisan Department of (in)Justice continues to punish J6 protesters for accurately identifying the 2020 election as tainted by mail-in-ballot fraud (lie, cheat, steal — the Uniparty way).  And with the whole world watching, the U.S. government seeks to lock up Donald Trump before he can return to the presidency. 

As we enter 2024, there is widespread public agreement about two things: (1) something big is about to happen, and (2) whatever that something is, it sure as hell won’t be pretty!  While it may get pretty ugly pretty fast, though, there is an upside to what’s coming: as a country, we can finally pull this disgusting Band-Aid off, face reality for what it is, and stop pretending.  However bad this year might prove to be, it might also be tremendously liberating.  

Why?  Because, one way or another, things will soon change.  For too long, those who “run” America have had two things in common: (1) a hatred for individual freedoms, and (2) an even deeper hatred for the one country on the planet explicitly founded on their protection.  As a national security surveillance State superseded the U.S. Constitution, leftists have controlled academia, journalism, the legal system, and entertainment.  They have shoved anyone with a working brain out the door while assuring themselves that they deserve their privileged social positions and unearned accolades.  They tell themselves that they are smart and enlightened, but anybody capable of self-examination knows this not to be true.  Leftists are not happy people.  They have not figured out any special meaning to life because, to them, life is meaningless.  In other words, for too many years, a collection of the most depressed, least curious, morally relativistic, and intellectually homogenous people on the planet have been given pampered positions in exchange for acting as nihilistic and narcotic-dependent sea vessel captains willing to steer America into an iceberg of decline and failure.  




J.B. Shurk is a proud American from Daniel Boone country.

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