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The Democrat Party is a criminal enterprise!
Ted Noel MD

Ordinarily, there is no honor among thieves, but in the Democrat Party, the practice is omerta. Anything other than absolute silence is cause for extreme measures. Take, for example, the charges leveled against Alexander Smirnov. He is the whistleblower and confidential FBI informant who testified that Hunter and Joe got bribes from Burisma. We have the receipts about Hunter’s no-show “job” on the Board, where he got paid $80k a month for not doing anything. Smirnov said there were $5 million payouts to Joe and Hunter, so Joe would lean on the Ukrainian government to fire a prosecutor looking into Burisma. So the FBI arrested him when he got back from a foreign trip.

The law says that there aren’t supposed to be any negative actions taken against whistleblowers. Eric Ciaramella, the “whistleblower” who triggered Trump’s first impeachment, hasn’t suffered at all. But the IRS whistleblowers who testified against Hunter and Joe have been fired and left without income. It’s only the kindness of strangers that is keeping a roof over their heads. Or perhaps we should look at Ray Epps, a likely agent provocateur in the J6 riot. The Feds refused to pick him up while simple tourists languished in solitary confinement. Ordinary citizens were charged with terrorism for walking on the grass, while Epps lived peacefully out west. If your cellphone was geo-fenced near the capitol, you got a pre-dawn raid, but he got nothing. When public pressure got too high, he was charged with a misdemeanor, praised for (non-existent) contrition, and was let off with probation.

We could continue, but the list is too long even for the Federal Register. If you are a loyal Democrat, you can get away with murder (Does anyone remember “Arkancide?”). If you are a Conservative or Republican, they will find a questionable violation and turn it into a pending jail sentence. One only has to look at the Trump cases (Alvin Bragg/Stormy Daniels, Tish James/NY Fraud, E Jean Carroll, Jack Smith/J6, Jack Smith/Mar-a-Lago, Fani Willis/GA Rico) to see what’s happening. Any threat must not be beaten; it must be utterly destroyed. Fortunately for America, this unstoppable force has run into an immovable object in Donald Trump. He is willing to place his life, his considerable fortune, and his sacred honor on the line for us.

Lacking the ability to destroy MAGA America’s champion through the courts, the Democrat Crime Syndicate is actively trying to make it impossible to ever elect another MAGA President. The House and Senate are also definitely in view. As Joseph Stalin said, “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.”

The first step is to rig the machines. Professor J. Alex Halderman of the University of Michigan demonstrated in court how it’s possible to hack the voting machines used in the 2020 election to change votes to any desired result using a Bic pen and a smart card. It’s almost certain that some of this went on. But omerta has reigned supreme as Democrat and RINO election officials everywhere have stonewalled efforts to release any information. They’re still blocking the release of critical data related to the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arizona. But that’s the small stuff, just like dead people voting. We must follow Sutton’s Law and go where the money is.

The ultimate purpose of the Democrat Crime Syndicate is POWER. Raw, unadulterated POWER. With power, you can get money to do whatever you want. Democrats simply do not care about anything else. They will say anything and do anything in the quest for POWER. This is pure evil. In theological terms, it’s demonic, and I do not say that lightly. When Democrats lie in the face of incontrovertible contrary evidence and then show no remorse, you can see a human with no soul. And those psychopaths will do anything to preserve the illusion of elections while guaranteeing that there is no possibility of an outcome favorable to America. Republicans care about winning your vote. Democrats know that votes don’t matter. Instead, they are interested in ballots.

In the 2020 election, five states suddenly stopped counting votes at the same time. Around four hours later, at the same time, they all started up again. Why? Democrat officials had figured out how to count enough ballots to give Biden the victory. When Sleepy Joe said that the Democrats had the greatest vote fraud machine in history, he told the truth. It was running overtime.

In Detroit, Democrat vote counters made certain that there was nothing to see by putting cardboard over the windows and kicking out observers. New ballots were discovered. A full truckload was driven to one facility. Others were pulled out from under tables where they were hidden to be used as needed. And some were run through the counting machine multiple times. But the gold was hidden until “2,000 Mules” showed the video, which, by the way, was taken by the State of Georgia, not undercover operatives. Using public data, True the Vote was able to prove that vast numbers of ballots were picked up at Democrat offices and then delivered in bulk to drop boxes. The key is how those ballots got to the Democrat offices in the first place.

Art Zark of the Zark Files has shown that in New York, one and a half million “clone” voters are registered. These aren’t real people. Instead, a registration is “cloned” by duplicating every bit of information from an existing one. The address may or may not be changed, but a new state ID number is created. Every unique voter ID number gets a mail-in ballot. Since over ten percent of all New York “voters” are clones, there are a million and a half ballots that can’t be legally voted. Most of them have bad addresses, so they end up in a Post Office “undeliverable mail” bin. They’re supposed to be returned to the elections office to be taken off the voter rolls, but a (Democrat) postal worker picks them up and delivers them to a Democrat office where they can be “voted” as needed.

Jay Valentine has created the “Undeliverable Ballot Database.” In short, he has cross-referenced every public database to identify every “voter” registration in the country that clearly does not represent a lawful voter.

Twenty people at a convenience store address aren’t real because that’s a business, not a residence. A hundred people at an apartment complex without apartment numbers aren’t real, either. The list is long, but multi-millions of “voters” are simply names that can create paper that can be marked. Local Post Office workers everywhere are on the Democrat payroll to make sure that Democrats win.

An election is the counting of preferences registered by eligible, properly registered voters, cast in the time, place, and manner specified by the legislature. The Democrat Crime Syndicate can’t allow us to have elections. They have lost the culture war with the excesses of the LGBTQ-alphabet soup mayhem. Child mutilation in the name of “gender-affirming care” is offensive to most. Democrat law enforcement overreaches against parents who wish to protect their kids is hitting home. And declaring orthodox Catholics to be domestic extremists is just too much.

The only way Democrats can win is the break the law. They will do that as often and egregiously as they can until we stop them. Unfortunately, if we don’t stop them this year, we are unlikely to recognize our America. It’s time for a citizen’s arrest. It means that every local party office needs to organize groups to go out and verify the illegality of the registrations Zark and Valentine have identified. Then they need to march down to the local Supervisor of Elections with cameras rolling. Demand that those names be removed from the lists. If we do this, we will deprive the Democrat Criminals of the tools to ply their trade, and we will have a chance to restore America. If we do not, no amount of ballot harvesting or other good-sounding whatever will make any difference.




Ted Noel MD is a retired physician who podcasts and posts on social media as DoctorTed and @vidzette. He is a great-grandfather, pilot, golfer, and “Papa fix” who is conversant in many scientific, legal, and political disciplines. His greatest skill is critical thinking. DoctorTed is a host on "Unleashed! The Political News Hour" on America Out Loud Talk Radio, which airs weekdays at 7 pm ET. Education: Academics Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA Degree: Bachelor of Science, 1976. Loma Linda University School of Medicine, Loma Linda, CA, Degree: Doctor of Medicine, 1976.

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