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(Editor's Note: One of the perks of editing "the Bear" allows me to repost my own rants. I originally published "Hippies" in October, 2011.

Warning: the following rant contains dialog prompted by the emotional application of Truth, Justice and the American Way, and is intended for mature audiences that have managed to retain, at least, a portion of their capacity for critical thought. It also deals heavily in subjects considered to be "taboo". If you suffer from an over delicate comfort zone, you may want to skip what's coming (not only in this essay, but also in the next six months). In order to skip the immediate future, you might have to leave... - JSB)

Talking 'bout my g-g-g-generation...

Today is Saturday, October 22th, 2011. We are quickly approaching the tenth anniversary of the Silver Bear Cafe which will come in January, 2012. Over the last ten years your editor has scoured, sourced, verified, formatted, re-formatted, adorned, posted and archived over twenty thousand essays and articles from the minds of gracious free thinking pundits around the globe. Most of these patriots are ignored by the mainstream media (an industry that, coincidentally, happens to be owned by the "Darkside"). We have researched subjects normally considered as conspiracy theories by those who would rather remain "clueless sheeple", than to actually react to the tyrannical actions of the criminal minions. The nature of many pieces were exposés, that should have led to the indictments, prosecutions, and executions (or at the very least imprisonment) of the perpetrators of the felonious orgy that has been going on for decades. Contained within "the Bear's" immense, archived body of work lies information which will, in part, corroborate many contentions made in this article. If you doubt any of the contentions of the following diatribe, please take the time to follow the linked references.

Back in the "Olden Days"

With the advent of the "Occupy Wall Street" event, which was initiated September 21st, almost exactly one month ago, I couldn't help being reminded of a series of very similar protest events that I took part in, back in the sixties (1966, 1967, 1968, and 1969 to be precise). Your editor will turn sixty-four in a couple of months (will you still need me, will you still feed me...) and I can proudly say, whoa, I'm an old hippy! I can also say, in a bitter-sweet yet regretful tone, 97% of my generation are not. Too bad. My generation, it has turned out, isn't much of anything. We have ended up, for the most part, (at least the ones of us that didn't turn out to be greed head criminal banksters, or even worse; prevaricating politicians) a mindless group of sheeple baby boomers who are currently concerned (obsessed) with our social security payments (to which we have a right, paid in, the funds of which have been squandered by criminal politicians) with our medicare (to which our right is questionable) with gay marriage (which has absolutely nothing game changing to do with anything) with the left-right paradigm (a contrived distraction... after all, they are all criminal politicians, stealing from everybody) with who is "Dancing with the Stars" (now that's important) and above all, with maintaining our individual status quos. Please do not take offense. If you are reading this, chances are, you are not part of the 97%.

We, as a group, also make up the bulk of the American tax payers The upper and lower classes pay very little and seem to be content just to suckle the teats of the government, whether it's bailouts or subsidized housing. As a result, we (middle class Americans) have become "deer in the headlights" of the criminals banksters and politicians that have been, and continue to be, stealing us blind.

The Wonder Years

When I was was experiencing my wonder years (seventeen through twenty) I, like the Occupy Wall Street Protesters (the OWSers) was also protesting the inequities and misdirection of our government's economic and foreign policies. At that time the main issue was the Vietnam War. My personal motivation was to, primarily, meet some groovy hippy chicks, but secondly, to bitch about an unjust war, into which I might have gotten drafted. I also had to be concerned about not getting shot, by some 97 percenter classmate who had joined National Guard. Little did I know, at the time, that, behind the scenes, there were criminals (banksters and politicians) that were waging the Vietnam war in order to garner illicit profits, much like today, only currently not in Vietnam but in four or five other places. It turned out that it would take me decades of the application of an unbridled curiosity and a veracious appetite for research to sort it all out. In time that research allowed me to verify my suspicions.

The OWSers are, as we were, naïve yutes (ala my cousin Vinny) They do not completely understand what is going on, as we didn't completely understand what was going on in the sixties. We did realize that something was very wrong, that is to say, those of us that were involved in the protests thought there was something very wrong. But those of us involved in the protests made up less than 3% of the total population of the country. We were mocked and ridiculed by our peers and our elders, assaulted by the establishment gestapo (the pigs) and dismissed as commies and wackos by the mainstream media.

Today, the OWSers are being mocked and ridiculed by their peers and their elders, assaulted by the establishment gestapo (the pigs) and dismissed as commies and wackos by the mainstream media. As Yogi Berra once put it: "It's like Déjà Vu all over again! "


Slime Ball Politicians

This time, however, these kids have, somehow, become much more aware of the source of the problem. Certainly, the internet has played a considerable role. They haven't completely figured it out yet, but they are getting close. For instance, back in 1967, we had no idea, or even suspected that, four years earlier, Lyndon Johnson had been complicit in the murder of JFK. Most of the sheeple have never even considered that possibility, and certainly don't want to consider it today. Lyndon Johnson was one of the slimiest politicians in the history of the United States (or the world for that matter). Aside from Abraham Lincoln, (who was right on up there with the slimiest) Johnson was responsible for more American deaths than any other single individual. Johnson's Mentor, Senator Alvin Jacob Wirtz (a super slimeball lawyer who taught him everything he knew) held a considerable amount of stock in a company that just happened to be one of his clients; Brown & Root. Alvin Wirtz and Lyndon Johnson helped Brown & Root acquire huge defense contracts (non-competitive) from another slimeball politician; President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the late 1930s. When Johnson got America into the Vietnam War, Brown & Root continued to increase their fortune constructing military bases in Southeast Asia (good work, if you can get it). Throughout Lyndon Johnson's career, Brown & Root was always his single biggest financial supporter. His rivals couldn't begin to match his political warchest, which goes a long way towards explaining his political sucesses. Today that company is Kellogg, Brown & Root, and is wholly owned by Halliburton. LBJ and a group of Texas millionaires (crony capitalism) had also, understandably, become large stock holders of Brown & Root. Kennedy's desire to pull American Troops out of Vietnam (and killing the "cash cow") was totally unacceptable to these stock holders. Killing JFK (which would, in turn, make LBJ the President) was, what they considered, a very workable solution. So, with the additional criminal complicity of the Directors of several alphabet soup agencies as well as the Mafia, the Federal Reserve and the Catholic Church (???) the Dallas Book Depository became Dallas' most popular tourist attraction (beating out the bars on Greenville Avenue by a hair).

False Flag Operations

Johnson got us in to the Vietnam War with a "False Flag Operation". It was / is known as the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident". Our protests of the Vietnam War, although participated in by, perhaps, less than 3% of the population at the time, would finally help lead to the admission, by Robert McNamara (the Secretary of Defense under both Kennedy and Johnson) that the Gulf of Tonkin incident (the justification for going to war with Vietnam) was a false flag event that didn't happen and was made up by Johnson and his aides. McNamara apparently became so ashamed of his involvement with the criminals in the White House, the Vatican, the FBI and the CIA, that he felt compelled to try and appease his conscience (LOL). In January of 2004, during a speech he was giving at Harvard University, McNamara admitted the lie, that the August 4, 1964 Gulf of Tonkin incident, where US warships were supposedly attacked by North Vietnamese PT Boats, was a staged event that never actually took place. This he stated to an audience of several thousand. The Gulf of Tonkin incident was the false flag operation that put us into the Vietnam War where 58,000 of my generation were killed. There were many who suspected the lies of Vietnam long before McNamara's admission. In a March 1968 closed session of the Foreign Relations Committee, Senator Albert Gore Sr. of Tennessee (the father of former vice president Al Gore) noted:

"I believe this country has been misled, if this committee, this Congress, has been misled by pretext into a war in which thousands of young men have died, and many more thousands have been crippled for life, and out of which their country has lost prestige, moral position in the world, the consequences are very great."

Too bad such honor and responsibility were not passed on to the Senator's son, Al Gore, Jr. Al, Jr. hasn't contributed much to the human race since he invented the internet...

It is appalling, yet "par for the course", that 37 years after the Gulf of Tonkin/Vietnam debacle, copy cat criminals of the same ilk, occupying the same White House, who were also major stockholders in the same corporation, (Cheney was Halliburton's former CEO) would successfully pull off the same scam by staging a couple of false flag operations (911, and weapons of mass destruction) to justify the invasion if Iraq, where over 100,000 American soldiers, of the OWSer generation, have been killed or wounded, for the exact same reasons. Halliburton received countless government contracts (again non-competitive) for construction and services in Iraq, to the tune of over sixty billion dollars. We are still in Afghanistan after ten years, protecting the poppy crop and trying to figure out how to steal their other natural resources.

For Those who Would be Kings...

It would appear that criminals have been ascending to positions of power in banking and government since the country was founded. As of late, they have gotten much better at it (we learn by doing). As a result of the recent actions of the criminal collusion between the Government and the Banksters, the whole world has been forced to face a cataclysmic shift. It will not be a positive event, but rather one of a contrived and heinous nature. It will be the intended result of a conspiracy for world domination which has been set to metastasize in to a full blown traumatic threat to the freedom, liberty and well being of humanity world wide. The criminal trusts which own the banks reflect the flaws in the regulation of the system and the disintegrating nature of the American Dream. We must, as a nation, know who our enemies are. The Fabians, Pilgrims, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations and the Illuminati are all working to assume the status of royalty and rule the world. David Rockefeller, Sr., for instance, is a member of all the groups just mentioned and has chaired most of them. He is probably the most powerful person in America. His lust for wealth and power is second to none. But even he bends a knee to the City of London and the Rothschilds. As far as the sheeple (talking 'bout my g-g-g-generation...) are concerned it doesn't seem to matter. They don't seem to know, or even more disturbing, want to know...

Over the Edge

I believe that America may be heading for a, long overdue, confrontation with itself. The problem is not simply the Darkside Marauders, but, just as culpable, the pandemically apathetic sheeple that have allowed this to happen. I have been predicting for years that the day would arrive when Joe Sixpack wouldn't be able to afford a sixpack and would, as a result, lose it. That day has arrived. The problem is that Joe has no idea as to the cause of his dilemma. He doesn't know that the criminal politicians, both republican and democratic, in league with the criminal Wall Street banksters, who are all working for the criminal Pilgrims and the Fabian Socialists, and who are made up, in part, of the elitist owners of J.P. Morgan Chase (the ring leaders) Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Wells Fargo and the Bank of England, who have intentionally orchestrated this whole debacle (not the protests, but the economic meltdown) for their personal benefit, and are, almost wholly responsible. They are intent on reducing the world population to five-hundred-million, and reducing those that remain into debt slaves and serfs. All Joe Sixpack knows is that someone has rendered the fruits of his labors inadequate to secure some relief at the end of the week, and he is pissed. Who rendered the fruits of his labors inadequate? Who diluted the value of a dollar so that it only has 5% of its purchasing power compared to 97 years ago? The Tea Party, whose movement has been so co-opted and diluted by the NeoCons that it, long ago reached the point of impotence, have not yet picked up on the culprits. The governmental teat suckling socialists, which include not only the welfare recipients, but also the "evil 1%ers and their bailouts", remain, pretty much, clueless. It is "We the People" confronting the presence of Totalitarian Martial Law, enacted to protect the perps, described above, from the American population (the OWSers, and, thank goodness, others) that will provide a solution. I'm afraid that, at this point, the solution will not be pretty.

It turns out that the OWSers are a combination of hippy war protesters and a collective Joe Sixpack. They are the true patriots of present day America, They, like those of us so many years ago, know that something is very, very wrong. The unfortunate thing is that they too are being co-opted by the very sources and scoundrels that are responsible for the problems. They were first confronted with the massive "dumbing down campaign" that was initiated by the Carnegie Foundation in 1923.

Rewriting History


Back in 1923, the Carnegie Foundation conducted a contest. The prize was a scholarship to Oxford, in England for a PhD. The Foundation placed advertisements in magazines and on the radio seeking history teachers with Advanced Degrees to compete for the prize. The contest amounted to writing an essay about the current state of America. The judges of the contest declared that twenty young history teachers had won and then swept them off to London. There, they were lined up and each bestowed with PhDs from Oxford as well a Fellowship with the Guggenheim Foundation. They received no further education (just the honorifics) but, instead, were brought back the the USA and became the core of the American Historical Association.

In 1928, the American Historical Association was granted $400,000 by the Carnegie Endowment to write a seven volume study on the direction the nation was to take. The thrust of these books was that "the future of this country belongs to collectivism and humanism.", The AHA has since then, determined what history books will be used in all public schools. If your school district receives any Federal funds, then they are mandated, by Congress, to teach history from these revisionist volumes. The Carnegie Foundation (in collusion with the Ford Foundation and the Rockefeller Foundation) has been rewriting history for the last eighty-five years. Their goal was to create a passive, dumbed down society that would not oppose their vision for the future. Pretty much everything you think you know is made up.

It's not what you don't know that will screw you up, it's what you are absolutely sure of that is absolutely wrong." - Mark Twain

We have been misled by revisionist crap. Our parents and teachers were misled by revisionist crap. Their parents and teachers were misled by revisionist crap. We have now been collectively dumbed down on purpose for over eighty-five years. It's astounding, to me, that these kids (the OWSers) possess cerebral grey matter that has not been intentionally rendered jello, still have the sense to react at all. Of course, they make up less than 3% of the population. We've come forty years since Vietnam and my generation hasn't even had the sense to legalize marijuana yet (although I have reason to believe that it is finally "in the works"). We have been lied to about marijuana. The only drug I personally partake in is Kentucky Burbon although I am very much aware that pot would be, physiologically, a lot better for me than alcohol. I'm not aware of any medicinal value connected with imbibing. This simple act of sanity (legalizing pot) would put a stop the carnage below the border, curtail the criminality of the "fast and furious" BATF, as well as letting tens of thousands of victimless criminals (mostly young minorities) out of prison and, as a result, alleviate our responsibility, as tax payers, of paying for their room and board. Lobbyists for Big Tobacco and Alcohol might take exception to such a plan.

They Say We Want a Revolution...

The OWSers are being maligned by banksters, politicians, and by pudding-headed bozos, commonly known as newscasters and anchormen. We've got confused bozos like Michael Moore (an obvious product of the America educational system) blaming capitalism. He, apparently doesn't have a clue as to what capitalism is. He is not alone.

Something we all should consider when recognizing what a minority we were in when protesting Vietnam and what a minority the OWSers represent today, who should be protesting not only the corrupt criminals that run the banks, but also, and more importantly, the Federal Reserve (follow the money) and a totally corrupt government, is that the American Revolution (that was financed (both sides) by the Rothschilds and the Bank of England) was fought with the participation of no more than 3% of the colonists. Most of the folks back then were wont to cling to the status quo of that era. It would appear that sheeple are a well established social condition in history.

My generation (a mindless group of sheeple baby boomers mentioned above) have, after all, along with Diebold voting machines, been responsible for electing the miscreants that have been calling the shots from on high for the last 40 years. I truly wish that the notion that the left/right contrived distraction warrants any serious consideration be dismissed, and the up/down collectivists vs. lovers of liberty be acknowledged as the gist of the dichotomy. Until we come together and agree on the cause of the problem, we have little hope of forwarding a solution. A criminal government, bought and paid for by criminal banksters is the problem. Where else to occupy but Wall Street? Maybe the Federal Reserve... and Washington D.C.?

The following is an excerpt from one of your editor's rants, penned in October, 2004, entitled The Patriotic and Moral Imperative for Owning Gold and Silver:

The name of the game is collectivism, the basic precepts of which promote an ideology which dismisses nation, sovereignty, and individual liberties. It also suppresses notions of an omnipotent presence which stand in the way of our subservient indoctrination.The world is crumbling down around us. And not only economically. We have allowed the orchestrated demise of the world as we know it by a group of misguided, irresponsible power mongers.Why are these guys bad? Why do I often refer to these banksters as "the Dark Side?" Is it simply due to the fact that they are driven solely by a lust for power? While lust, avarice and greed are indeed Basic Biblical Sins, many people lacking moral stamina fall prey to the various turpitudes of modern society. While failure to resist the temptations of the Basic Sins is a mark of diminished character, it is, in itself, not all-damning. No, it is because of their lack of cohesive vision. They have attempted to install themselves as the sole shot callers, attempting to rule the world, with no other qualifications other than their membership in the various "lucky sperm clubs." The passed down institutional wealth that they have amassed, through generations of corruption and successful financial manipulation, has skewed their sensibilities. The ideals that may have seemed noble to their grandfathers have been set aside. Their sole motive for world domination has digressed to one of the lowest common denominator. Absolute greed, like absolute power, corrupts absolutely. With no benevolent vision for the future, they have systematically decimated the planet's resources. The resulting imbalance is one that can now only be righted by the severe suffering of all of humanity, including themselves. They are maniacs who have painted humanity in to a corner that is, for all intents and purposes, inescapable.

Central banking is the vehicle through which the most heinous rip off ever conceived in the history of the world has been perpetrated. The U.S. Federal Reserve is the most successful of all central banks in history. Since 1971 it's unfettered issuance of money has continued to debase our currency and as a result adulterated our living standard at an ever increasing rate.

"The Dark Side" has successfully placed their agents in positions as politicians ranging from school board members to U. S. presidents, newspaper publishers, columnists, church ministers, university presidents, professors, textbook writers, labor union leaders, filmmakers, radio and television commentators and many others.

These agents control the information available to our people. They manipulate public opinion, elect whomever they want locally and nationally, and never expose the crooked money system. They promote school bonds, expensive and detrimental farm programs, "urban renewal," foreign aid, and many other schemes which place the people more deeply in debt to the bankers. Thoughtful citizens wonder why billions are spent on one program and billions on another which may duplicate it or even nullify it, such as paying some farmers not to raise crops, while at the same time building dams or canals to irrigate more farm land. Crazy or stupid?

Neither. The goal is more debt. Thousands of government-sponsored methods of wasting money go on continually. Most make no sense, but they are never exposed for what they really are: siphons sucking our Nation's economic lifeblood.

Is it still possible that as Americans we will find our virtue, reinvent our Republic, and restart our essential activity of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property"? Yes, but first the issuance of money must be returned to "We the People" and taken out of the hands of "the Dark Side". We must open the Mint to gold, as ordained by the Constitution. Only then will we be able to insure the preservation of our Liberties and our Freedom. It is, IMO, the only solution.

Know thine enemy.

Sins of the Fathers...

I will continue to dwell on the sins of our fathers because that is, after all, how we got to where we are today. What is happening now is the result of a conspiracy that was put in motion long ago. It is the pandemic apathy exhibited by those that cling to the status quo that has allowed it to happen, along with the unbridled greed that comes when the regulatory functions of government become superceded by felonious bribes and kickbacks provided to morally bankrupt politicians.

The Punch Line

Here is the punch line: the vast majority of the members of the Federal Government have "rolled over" and are absolutely culpable for the state of the American economy as a result of their unwillingness to regulate the Federal Reserve and Wall Street. After all, the Federal Reserve invents the currency (only gold and silver are money) to pay for the salaries and the pork of the less than worthless criminal deadbeats that occupy the White House, the criminal deadbeats that occupy both houses of Congress, the criminal deadbeats that occupy the Supreme Court and the criminal minions employed by the criminal alphabet soup agencies.The leadership (CEOs, CFOs) of the big banks are absolutely culpable for the state of the global economy. After raping the American taxpayer, they moved on to the Sovereign States of Europe (Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, Ireland and, almost Iceland). This contagion will soon destroy the economy of a country near you. So many assholes, so few lamp posts.

So then, wake up, I say, and toast the OWSers. They may not know exactly what they are doing, but at least the're doing something, They are bringing more attention to the fact that there is a problem, they are exploring the nature of that problem, and who might be responsible. The perps will not go quietly in the night. They will have to be "run off". And, until they are "run off", it will only get worse. Perhaps it is once again, torch and pitchfork time...

ostritchIts not what you don't know that will screw you up, it's what you know that is wrong. The spin you hear from the mainstream media is intended to mislead you. Open your eyes and face the future. If you leave your head in the sand and ignore it, you are only leaving your butt exposed for the world to kick. This all may sound like gloom and doom, but when you get a handle on what is going to happen, you will have a future filled with opportunity. Fortune favors the Informed.

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Kenneth Parsons, aka Johnny Silver Bear, is an IT professional in Texas and the President of Silver Bear Communications, Inc. Mr. Parsons has been involved in the advertising and promotion industry for over thirty years. He is the editor and publisher of the Silver Bear Cafe and, as such, is responsible for shaping the content of "The Bear". Mr. Parsons has served as CEO for Fiberscape Communications, Inc., a web site development / hosting and streaming multi-media company in Richardson, Texas since 1997. He is a Jeffersonian and a passionate supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He is also an outspoken advocate of gold money and equal tax rates. You can contact Mr. Parsons with questions or comments via email at [email protected]

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