03.22.13- The GOVT is AFTER YOUR MONEY -

Damon Geller

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03.14.13- Putting Gold into Your Self-Directed IRA
Miguel Perez-Santalla

How to add physical gold to your IRA retirement savings...

LIKE MOST people my age, I find a nice sum of money to be any amount that hasn't somehow gone to pay for college tuition, writes Miguel Perez-Santalla at BullionVault.

So when I recently left a company where I had accumulated some retirement funds in my 401K plan, I found myself for the first time in a longtime needing to consider what to do with these funds.

A 401K plan is an employee sponsored plan, where your employer often matches part of the monies you invest into your retirement savings. The money is commonly invested with a fund manager, which will offer you the ability to diversify through a choice of different types of funds they manage. This basically means you don't have to know much, and you trust the fund managers to know what they are doing. The plan of course is held in your former employer's name. Read More

01.18.13- Freedom IRAs
Johnny Silver Bear


The IRA was first introduced in 1974 as a way to reduce taxable income on funds allocated for retirement savings. The maximum allowed contribution in the early days was set at $1,500, and has risen steadily over the years to a current maximum annual allotment of $5,000. Beginning in 2002, those 50 yrs. of age or older were permitted to make additional contributions known as “catch-up contributions”. (Please note that contributions are also limited by the amount of taxable income amount and of course, as always, certain income limits apply).

Many of the Silver Bear Cafe's readers have contacted me concerning the possible conversion of their IRAs and 401ks into treasuries. We have posted numerous article concerning this topic. I have been predicting an occurrence of this nature since 2004. I believe it is truly something to be concerned about.

An IRA allows you to accumulate savings with the taxation of those funds deferred. This is very advantageous as your savings/earnings compound in a tax-free environment.

The problem, as I see it, is that the amount of money that is currently held in Individual Retirement Accounts by approximately 40 million Americans has grown so large, and the government has grown so broke, that the consideration that these funds could be converted into U.S Treasuries, and the funds then used to pay the salaries of the politicians and their government largess, has become a popular solution to many of our representatives in Congress. Read More

12.31.12- IRA Misconceptions Increase Risk
Rob Gray

(Editor's Note: Please understand that this article is not written to provide tax or legal advice and we are not attempting to provide any such advice. In fact, it disgusts me to think that you need to “figure out the system” to secure what is already yours. This article simply describes Mr. Gray's quest for information and knowledge about IRAs and how this information could help he and his father. - JSB)

A few weeks ago, my father mentioned to me his disgust with the performance of his IRA. My response: “You still have an IRA?? And it’s not in Silver? Are you crazy?!

So I set out to help him get out of his "paper investments" and into something real – like silver. What I found during the process was outright shocking and critical for every person who has any funds for investments to understand and learn.

But first, I decided to take a quick peek at the history of the Individual Retirement Account (IRA). Here is what I discovered: Read More