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The Takedown of America
Leo Hohmann

10 predictions for 2024: Get ready for tough times with war and economic collapse on the horizon

Expect civil unrest to break out in 2024 as globalist elites go for the final takedown of America as we know it in preparation for their satanic digital reset of the world order

The year 2023 will go down in history as the point at which the globalists completed the assembly of a massive secret army inside the U.S. in preparation for the final takedown of America, transforming it into Amerika.

By my calculations, there are anywhere from 1.5 million to 5 million foreign soldiers already inside the U.S. awaiting orders. My math is based on the government’s own statistics for illegals entering the U.S. over the last three years and then I estimated how many were military-age males using very conservative numbers on the low end and moderately conservative numbers on the top end. The most conservative number, 1.5 million, assumes that no foreign agents of military age were already here prior to January 2021, which of course we know cannot be the case but I wanted to demonstrate just how conservative these numbers are.

So, we have 1.5 million, at the very least, super-fit males of military age we’ve seen entering the U.S. as “asylum seekers,” which has become the new Orwellian term for illegal aliens. It’s no longer a secret. You can go on X, formerly Twitter, and watch countless videos of waves of men entering the U.S. with no papers to identify who they are. Even if we go with the ultra-conservative figure of a 1.5 million-man army now assembled inside the United States, that is formidable by anyone’s standards.

Now, what if all those weapons purchased by U.S. federal government agencies were accumulated for the purpose of arming this assembled army? Think about that. Everyone wondered why federal agencies with no law enforcement role, like the Small Business Administration, Department of Agriculture and Health and Human Services, were buying up guns and ammo under Obama’s administration and now again under Biden’s regime. This unprecedented militarization of the federal government did not even stop under Trump, it just slowed down. I am not here to tell you why those agencies have felt the need to arm up, but I can tell you that the reason cannot be good. One plausible explanation would be that they will use these stockpiles to supply one side in a coming civil war that has probably been planned for a long time.

2023 was also the year they told us their plans in the wide open (“they” being the billionaires and multi-millionaires associated with the globalist World Economic Forum and its United Nations-allied, Vatican-allied agenda which they hope to have completely implemented by 2030).

They want a completely digital economy with digital IDs for everyone and no more cash, only digital tokens, meaning no more privacy or freedom for anyone. They will know everywhere you go, everything you buy, everyone you associate with, and they will use that information to either reward or punish you based on your carbon footprint. Combining the dual tracking tools of digital ID with digital currency, the powers that be will finally have a fool-proof method of tracking, monitoring and assigning social credit scores to every human being who walks the earth. The digital money and digital IDs will link up with the embedded (and internet-connected) Smart-City technology being installed in nearly every city throughout the world. This technology is being installed by government contractors right under the noses of fully ignorant residents in cities of all sizes – it’s for our safety, they tell us. In reality, they are hoping to build a population of cyborgs.

The globalists also told us repeatedly in 2023 that we, as human beings, are no longer needed. They have AI now and that is fully capable of handling most of the tasks that corporations and governments have in the past paid human beings to perform. I presume that means they will start doing away with the most unneeded among us in 2024. There are too many useless people, says Yuval Harari, one of Klaus Schwab’s chief lieutenants at the WEF.

Also in 2023, they opened the gates of World War III by provoking Russia and trying to back that country’s leader into a dangerous corner. In the process of trying to achieve a regime change in Russia, they practically emptied out the munitions arsenals of the entire West, sending endless supplies of 155mm shells, Patriot missiles, ATACMS and Storm Shadow missiles, drones and other key weapons to Ukraine and Israel. These stockpiles will take years to replenish and nobody’s really talking about it.

With that background, here are a few of my predictions for 2024 (some are more like trends than predictions):

  • The continued war on free speech and First Amendment. The United Nations Education Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) announced on November 6, 2023, that a global plan to silence free speech on the Internet was in play.  Correct me if I’m wrong but I didn’t hear anyone in the U.S. administration of Joe Biden reject the UNESCO statement or that the U.S., that bastion of “democracy,” would choose not to participate.

  • The continued war on the Second Amendment. This is so obviously already underway that it requires no explanation. The latest scheme by the Biden regime is to use federal tax dollars to pay the states to implement the gun-control laws that it has been unable to pass. The only question is, will Americans succumb like the folks in Australia and New Zealand did and give up their guns?

  • Continued global war on food and fiat currencies. The death of the U.S. dollar will lead to a death of brick-and-mortar retail, and shortages of many common items as the supply chain continues to erode and the economy slowly melts down. As all of those U.S. dollars once used by foreign nations to purchase products in international trade come flooding back home to the U.S., we are looking at the prospect of rampant inflation, especially for anything fuel or food related. Before they can fully implement the central bank digital currencies, they must utterly make worthless the paper fiat currencies, and 2024 will be the year they do that.

  • MAJOR cyberattacks will target banking and financial sectors, communications and possibly even shut down large portions of the electric power grid, causing widespread panic and unrest. This will be done either by the U.S. government or by a foreign power with the knowledge of the U.S. government. The idea is to blame the misery on a foreign boogey man like Russia or China, most likely Russia, which is always the boogey man of choice for the U.S. government. This will allow the U.S. government to fuel anti-Russian hatred, appeal to Americans’ sense of patriotism, and implement a military draft as it prepares for all-out war with Russia-China in 2025.

  • Lawlessness and civil unrest will continue to increase heading up to the November 5, 2024 election and beyond. The prospect of civil war (followed by World War III in 2025?) is now highly likely. I would estimate the threat of civil war breaking out in 2024 at greater than 50-50 for reasons I have explained in previous articles.

  • Construction of a wall at the U.S.-Mexico border finally commences in 2024, but not for the reason most Americans think. The wall will be built not to keep foreigners out but to keep Americans in. The globalists have already assembled a foreign army of sleeper cells inside the U.S. How many more troops will they need? Not too many more, in my opinion. Near the end of 2024 don’t be surprised if you see construction started on a wall. Every effective dictatorship needs a wall to keep its citizens in check and, as I’ve explained previously, the U.S. is no longer a constitutional republic. Why would we expect it to suddenly start acting like one again?

  • There are two potential scenarios surrounding Donald J. Trump. Under Scenario A, Trump gets elected in a landslide but is never allowed to see the inside of the White House. The regime in Washington calls out BLM and antifa to set fire to the streets in “mostly peaceful” protests, then declares martial law and accuses Trump of being an enemy of the state who was elected under false pretenses. MAGA people are rounded up and placed in camps. They put out a warrant for Trump’s arrest or maybe have him assassinated by one of their patsies. Under Scenario B, Trump loses to Biden or whoever runs on the Democrat ticket because Colorado, Maine and several other states are trying to remove him from the ballot or maybe they keep him on the ballot but stuff ballot boxes with fake votes. EITHER SCENARIO, A or B, will serve to jumpstart the Second American Civil War so coveted by the billionaire globalist elites.

  • Continued apostasy of the church in fulfillment of 2 Thessalonians 2:3 and increasing persecution of the true Church. The pope and his equivalents in the Protestant world will continue to usher in false doctrines and statements meant to confuse, divide, demoralize and destroy the church. If possible, even the elect will be deceived. “Forbidden blessings,” aka demonic blessings for forbidden relationships, will bring great reproach to the name of Jesus Christ, which is what Bergoglio and others have been doing already for several years. They are sowing division and confusion among the flock in the Catholic Church, and likewise in the Protestant Church. Like in China, most of the true believers will break away into home churches.

  • Continued ramping up of the government-corporate propaganda campaign to push fear of viruses and sickness. This is all geared toward the purposeful effort to inject human beings with more mRNA “vaccines.” All vaccines will become mRNA. Once man discovered he can hack into and change human genetics, it opened up a whole new playing field for Satan to continue his thousands of years’ effort to destroy the seed of Adam. Satan knows his ultimate destination is the Lake of Fire and he’s hoping to take as many humans there with him. If he can change the genetic makeup to the extent that it destroys the human ability to connect with his/her Creator and exercise free will, that would be counted among his greatest achievements. I don’t think it will happen. Already, vast numbers of people have awakened to the fact that this new generation of vaccines are causing more death and physical harm than they are preventing. The latest government data shows only 7 percent of U.S. adults have taken the government-biopharma-security state’s latest Covid “booster.” This infuriates the globalist elites at the head of the government-biopharma-security complex. When these elites get angry, they get even more dangerous. The last thing they expected was for the sheep to wake up to the fact that they are being led to the slaughter.

  • Israel and its Muslim enemies will ramp up their war in the Middle East. I don’t pretend to know how this will play out. I do know that the U.S. will at some point abandon Israel and maybe that will be the best thing that ever happened to Israel, as it will finally be freed up to fight without one hand tied behind its back. If that happens, Israel will also be forced to cry out to God for its help, rather than dial up a fickle U.S. president who’s trying to play both sides of the conflict. On paper, Israel will have no chance of winning this war without U.S. and Western help. Victory will only come if Israel experiences divine intervention on its behalf. Unlike so many in the evangelical world, I do not presume to know how this grand confrontation will play out. In the meantime, it will always be my position that Israel has a right to defend itself without intervention from the U.N., the U.S., the E.U., Russia, China or anyone else. Period. I will add one caveat: If the recent reports are true that the IDF deliberately targeted a Christian church in Gaza with a sniper attack that killed a woman and her daughter, then Christians must not remain silent about that simply because they support Israel’s right to defend itself. War is hell, and civilians will always suffer the most in any war, but there is no defense strategy that is furthered by shooting Christians inside churches. Unlike the Muslim mosques, Christian churches do not multi-task as weapons storehouses. That being said, there’s a good chance that the ladies were killed accidentally by the Israelis or intentionally by Hamas, who then blamed it on the Israelis as part or their propaganda campaign. Hopefully the truth will prevail.

We must pray for peace and against the globalist warmongers, while at the same time preparing ourselves for war physically, mentally and spiritually. I believe God will preserve a remnant even within a collapsed empire that has made a point of casting Him out of its society, culture and even most of its churches. is 100 percent reader supported and independent, meaning I am not beholden to any corporate ads or sponsorships, nor am I the recipient of any grants from government or NGO entities. If you would like to support my work you may send a donation c/o Leo Hohmann, P.O. Box 291, Newnan, GA 30264. Or, you may donate via credit card below.




Leo Hohmann is a veteran investigative reporter and author whose recent book, “Stealth Invasion” spent the majority of 2017 among’s top 10 books on immigration. He has spent decades researching and writing about education, immigration, crime, politics and religion. His articles have appeared at FrontPage MagazineLifeSite NewsZero HedgeCitizens Free PressTechnocracy.NewsCanada Free PressGlobal ResearchThe Gateway PunditWorld Net Daily and many other websites and publications. Hohmann has been interviewed by dozens of local and national radio hosts including Laura Ingraham of Fox News, Daniel Horowitz of Conservative Review, Alison Steinberg of OAN, Larry Elder, Brannon Howse, Dr. Peter Breggin, George Noory of Coast to Coast, John B. Wells of Caravan to Midnight and Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries. His mission has always been to fearlessly report truths about the great issues of our time and connect the dots, wherever they may lead. He also seeks to report issues in historical context so his readers can grasp the greater meaning of the day’s news.

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