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Have You Ever Wondered Why There Is An Endless River Of Sewage
Coming Out Of Washington D.C.?
Michael Snyder

If you don’t understand how broken the system has become, you will never understand what is necessary to fix it.  Every election cycle the American people just keep sending the same faces back to Congress, and then they are shocked that those politicians just keep doing things that are against the interests of the American people.  The reason why we see key votes go a certain way time after time is because most members of Congress have been compromised in one way or another.  If members of Congress that have been compromised get out of line, their dirty little secrets will be publicly exposed.  During a recent interview with Benny Johnson, U.S. Representative Tim Burchett explained how this works

Well, let’s be honest in powerful people in this country, they write the big checks and they you know, they’re the ones out on the tarmac when the president comes and visits and whichever party they’re in, they always either out on the tarmac or in the private room. They’re the ones that write the big checks. They don’t care who’s in. They hate this country. They hate what we’re about. But they love their portfolios and they love their money more than they do anything else.

And they protect it and they protect the people that that do that. And by doing so, you know, the old honey pot — the Russians do that — and I’m sure members of Congress have been caught up. Why in the world would good conservatives vote for crazy stuff like what we’ve been seeing out of Congress? Here’s how it works. You’re visiting, you’re out of the country or out of town or you’re in a motel or at a bar in DC and, whatever you’re into – women, men, whatever — comes up and they’re very attractive and they’re laughing at your jokes. And you’re buying them a drink. Next thing you know, you’re in the motel room with them naked.

This stuff really happens.

I have been told some pretty wild stories that I can’t reveal here.

When a seat in Congress opens up, the elite will make sure that big money is poured into the campaign of someone that they feel that they can compromise or that they have already compromised.

And when a key vote is getting ready to occur, those that have been compromised will often be reminded to vote the way that the elite want them to vote.  Here is more from Representative Burchett

And next thing you know, you know you’re about to make a key vote. And what happens? Some well-dressed person comes out and whispers in your ear, “Hey, man, there’s tapes out on you.” Or, “Were you in a motel room or whatever with whoever?” And then you’re like, “Oh,” and [they] said, “you really ought not be voting for this thing.”

You know? And what do they do? It’s human nature. And, you know, no man or no woman actually is an island. And they know what to get at. You know, if it’s women, drugs, booze, it’ll find you. And they say, and in most elected offices, and that’s what people of power and influence do. And it’s just, you know, I’ve been in this game my whole life. I spent 16 years in the state legislature in Tennessee and eight years as county mayor. And now I’m in my fifth year Congress. But it’s just — the stakes are higher. But the game is still the same.

Do you remember when Madison Cawthorn started talking about stuff like this?

Within days, his dirty little secrets started being publicly revealed and now he is out of Congress.

If I was Tim Burchett, I wouldn’t expect to last too much longer in Washington D.C. either.

In the old days, most members of Congress were into members of the opposite sex, but now many of them are into members of the same sex.

This is one of the reasons why so many of them have good looking gay staffers.

In this sort of an environment, literally anything goes, and we got quite a reminder of this fact earlier this month

Several high-profile hearings have taken place in the Senate hearing room where an alleged congressional staffer reportedly filmed a sex tape.

The U.S. Capitol Police told Fox News they were aware of an amateur pornographic video published by the Daily Caller on Friday, which shows someone identified as a congressional staffer, engaging in sex with another man in Hart Senate Office Building room 216.

The Daily Caller report states the video was leaked after being “shared in a private group for gay men in politics.”

Now it is being reported that there is a “second set” of Capitol sex videos involving other men.  In this second case, the sexual activity took place “inside a House office building”

One thing that is clear, however: There is, in fact, a second set of Capitol sex videos, which circulated on Snapchat last year. They featured in the Snapchat story of a user going by “Adam J” with the handle “Anjackson2019,” according to the recordings viewed by Semafor, which were provided by a source.

One of the videos, watched by Semafor, featured a man masturbating inside a House office building, which was identifiable by standard Capitol House furniture and carpeting. The desk at which the videographer performed also held a branded congressional mouse pad. A screenshot of a second video obtained by Semafor shows two men engaged in a sex act in an office setting. The participants’ faces are not visible in any of the material viewed by Semafor.

This is our country now.

Many high ranking military officers have been compromised too.  In fact, a military contractor that was involved in “organizing and filming orgies involving senior U.S. Navy admirals” is now being sent back to the United States from Venezuela…

As part of a prisoner exchange in which Joe Biden granted clemency to a prominent moneyman for President Nicolás Maduro, Venezuela released 10 detained Americans as well as the man at the center of historic Navy bribery scandal: Fat Leonard, a military contractor known for organizing and filming orgies involving senior U.S. Navy admirals, is on his way back to San Diego to face sentencing for corruption over a year after he fled to Venezuela. It’s one of the U.S.’s worst ever national security breaches.

What would the founders of this country think if they could see us today?

Before I end this article, there is one more related news item that I wanted to share with you

CoComelon, which started as a YouTube channel, is currently under fire for its Netflix spin-off CoComelon Lane promoting cross-dressing and gayness to children. As Breitbart News reported, a recent episode features a little boy dressed as a girl dancing for his two dads.

The series, which ranks among Netflix’s most popular shows for kids, is aimed at preschool children.

Our culture is deteriorating at lightning speed, and our kids are under attack like never before.

As I keep reminding my readers, if we stay on this road there is no way that America will survive.

So let us hope for a national awakening soon, because time is running out.

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