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A Rigged System From Top to Bottom
Donald Jeffries

George Orwell Meets Lewis Carroll

Just the other day, New York Attorney General Letitia James issued a remarkable statement. “Before this trial even began, the judge ruled in our favor and found that Donald Trump did engage in years of significant financial fraud,” James boasted publicly. This is associated with just one of Donald Trump’s absurd legal cases. 

Let what this laughable, biased prosecutor said sink in for a moment. She admitted that the honorable judge had “ruled in our favor” before the case had gone to trial. Even for this collapsing Banana Republic, it’s a shocking precedent to openly brag about such a serious breach of basic legal protocol. James, whom Trump has called “racist,” recently stated, “The Donald Trump show is over.” James has referred to Trump as an “illegitimate president,” and said “his days are numbered.” She lashed out at Trump at many rallies, even declaring, “We’ll bring him down!” Upon being elected in December 2018, James vowed, "We will use every area of the law to investigate President Trump and his business transactions and that of his family as well." In this case, Trump is accused of exaggerating the value of his assets. 

Now, I’ve known a lot of people in my lifetime that exaggerated the value of whatever they had. Bullshitters, I believe they’re called. Or to be more polite, blowhards. Until now, being a bullshit artist wasn’t a criminal offense. The good judge in this case, Arthur Engoron, is about as biased as can be, a perfect example of the new judges who rule over the Orwellian courtrooms of America 2.0. Engoron slapped a gag order on the former president after he insulted his law clerk in a post on Truth Social. Some insults are more equal than others. Trump also received a gag order in his equally ridiculous trial for “conspiring to overthrow” the 2020 election, by complaining about the many obvious irregularities that smacked of fraud. 

It’s hard to keep track of the players without a scorecard, but Jack Smith, the prosecutor in the case where Trump is being tried for alleging electoral fraud, something which Stacy Abrams continues to do in the same state, is in a category by himself. Smith has regularly taunted Trump on social media, at Trump’s own grade school level. It makes you proud to be an American to witness it. Judge Tanya Chutkan is almost identical to Engoron in her transparent bias against Trump. Trump has no chance in either case. Although a bit less classless than the TikTok judges Alex Jones has been tried by, they are similar in their disregard for traditional appearances of impartiality and the presumption of innocence, and their distaste for free speech. 

Just as the lethargic American public permitted tyranny to be constructed all around them, without protesting or even noticing, they have allowed the implementation of a politicized justice system. The prosecutions of Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Mike Flynn, Sydney Powell and other Trump associates were all politically motivated. Peter Navarro was convicted for contempt of Congress, because he ignored a subpoena. You know, the same thing presidential offspring Hunter Biden just did this week. Former Attorney General Eric Holder did this as well. Some subpoenas are more equal than others. I’m just a community college dropout, but I do know that either congressional subpoenas are legally required to be responded to, or they aren’t any big deal. 

The January 6 defendants, those who aren’t still languishing in prison nearly two years later, denied all due process, have been given draconian sentences. Some will spend more years in prison than many murderers do. There hasn’t been a single concerned civil libertarian who has complained publicly about the political prisoners in Washington, D.C. Well, actually there really aren’t any civil libertarians left in America. Well, there is me. But who’s going to listen to me? The ACLU has dropped that whole civil liberties thing. It was so America 1.0. Maybe they can change their name to the American Criminal Leftists Union or something. 

Doug Mackey recently was sent to prison for a short stay, for making fun of Hillary Clinton in a 2016 political meme. He could have received seven years. So, the judge was “lenient.” I don’t know, I think it’s pretty tyrannical to prosecute anyone for a political meme, let alone put them behind bars. Even for a single day. I’d ask what the statue of limitations was for a political meme, except that heretofore, political memes have not been considered potentially criminal in nature. Keeping with the “new norm” in jurisprudence, Owen Shroyer of Infowars served over a month in prison recently, most of it in solitary confinement. For being videotaped warning people to not go into the Capitol on January 6. He’s kind of the anti-Ray Epps, who of course was filmed urging people to go inside the Capitol, and remains free at large. 

Now, I don’t know if any of this bothers you, but it certainly should. They are setting precedents to prosecute others, like you and me, for the same “crimes.” I’ve heard from enough ex-cons to know what prison is like, and I don’t want to go there. Even if it was a country club, and inmates actually had a blast there, I would still long to “climb the golden walls,” to quote the old poet. We already have way too many people imprisoned. More than any country has ever had. We should be letting those out who don’t belong there, as well as figuring out just how many were victims of this same horrific legal system, and are actually innocent. 

Because of the Trumpenstein Project, which used the former reality TV star to hopelessly divide the country, and destroy any independent political movement, our “justice” system has dropped all pretenses. We’ve all seen the video of cops planting evidence, or threatening to do so to uncooperative motorists. In Pennsylvania a few years back, some judges were convicted of having knowingly sent a bunch of underage kids into the world of sex trafficking. For money. The elite do love their mammon. Ambitious prosecutors going back to the sham trial of Bruno Richard Hauptman, framed and executed for the Lindbergh baby kidnapping, were later found to have doctored evidence in order to get a conviction. A win. Everybody loves a winner. They have never cared about justice. 

It bears repeating that this tyranny was constructed on the backs of all those apathetic Americans. Who didn’t care that others were being railroaded, or given outrageously long prison sentences, as long as it wasn’t happening to them, or to someone they love. Human beings generally don’t care about the injustices inflicted upon strangers. “Hey, I’m doing fine,” they’ll rationalize. It’s a shocking inability to stand inside another’s shoes. Empathy should be an essential part of human nature. But it’s never been as lacking as it is today. You have to have a population that totally lacks empathy, for instance, in states like California. To mindlessly walk by the pathetic people living in tents, stepping around the human excrement on the sidewalks. 

As the Libertarians used to note, every time a new law is passed, we create new “criminals.” There are already far too many laws, and yet the public clamors for more. Millions want those they disagree with politically to be “locked up,” you know, like career Deep State villain Hillary Clinton. Who is, of course, definitely not locked up. The swamp has never been fuller. It’s ironic that, with all the politicized prosecutions going on, the criminal elite continue to evade the long arm of the law they control. I wrote about all the modern Deep State criminals in Hidden History. None were ever prosecuted. Even if they were prosecuted, they would be acquitted by the same brain- dead juries that convict hapless riff raff on zero credible evidence. 

I’m no fan of Rudy Giuliani. He was a part of the ridiculous 9/11 mainstream narrative. He was a quintessential RINO. Then he started talking about what was on the Hunter Biden laptop. Is he really shown raping a ten year old Chinese girl? Is his then fourteen year old niece filmed nude there? I don’t know, but Giuliani alluded to a lot of things regarding this laptop. I do know that our legal system seems unconcerned with it. Or Hunter’s well documented profits in Ukraine, which seemingly involved his famous father. Now Giuliani has been convicted of defaming two Black Georgia precinct workers. The two were awarded nearly $150 million in damages. Please, somebody defame me! Now that may be a drop in the bucket to the near billion Alex Jones was ordered to pay to selected Sandy Hook parents, but it’s nothing to sneeze at. 

So, this is our new Orwellian legal system in a nutshell. Dominion sues a bunch of people who were suggesting that their electronic voting machines aren’t as pure as one of Joe Biden’s ice cream cones. Fox News, which naturally has a financial interest in Dominion, loses a high profile defamation case against them, without even attempting a defense. They could have cited the excellent book Votescam, by the late Collier brothers, which documented the suspicious nature of electronic voting machines. Or at least the section on vote fraud in my own book Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies, and Cover-ups in American Politics. But instead, Fox fired Tucker Carlson. So they did do something. 

I was watching another of those Investigation Discovery network shows the other night. I don’t know why I do that, other than to reinforce my own impression of just how incredibly unfair and inconsistent our justice system is, and how monstrous average people can be. In this episode, an attractive blonde admitted to killing her husband. He was supposedly abusing her or something. She wasn’t the first attractive blonde to use that defense. So she had to stab him nearly 200 times. At any rate, she’s already been released from prison after serving sixteen years. Or one year less than Joe Biggs was sentenced to for being an unarmed “insurrectionist” on January 6. That’s six years less than the Hispanic leader of the “White Supremacist” Proud Boys got. And he wasn’t even in Washington, D.C. Feel the wheels of injustice grinding. 

I may write a book on our injustice system, focusing to a large extent on these maddening disparities in sentencing. And also the number of poor souls who have been sentenced to life without parole, on the basis of the sole recanted testimony of a fellow inmate. Has there been a juror, outside of I guess Aunt Bea on The Andy Griffith Show, over the past century or so who understood what “reasonable doubt” means? Sure, most of those convicted weren’t hot blondes, but with the “fat acceptance” movement taking the culture by storm now, that particular entitlement doesn’t carry the weight it once did. I can cite other cases, like the father who killed his son in front of his family, and got something like fifteen years. Or one year less than Joe Biggs. I don’t know how the average prosecutor, or the average juror, can sleep at night. 

Alex Jones was not allowed to use the First Amendment in his defense during his endless series of Sandy Hook trials. All for the same “crime.” Isn’t there some twist on double jeopardy there, to prevent someone from being prosecuted multiple times for the same thing? One of Jones’s TikTok judges literally told the jury that he was lying. I don’t think judges are supposed to do that. Something about presiding in an impartial manner comes to mind. But tell that to Amy Berman Jackson, the Democratic Party activist judge who allowed the lead juror in Roger Stone’s show trial to stay in her position, after she posted anti-Trump and anti-Stone messages online. During the trial. Even in the old corrupt days, that would have been enough to get her tossed, even if the defendant was an accused serial killer. Jackson wouldn’t replace her.

Thanks to the “Woke” carnival on campuses for the past several years, the new judges taking the bench will all resemble Alex Jones’s TikTok persecutors. They could literally have an LBGTQ+ (I don’t care if I got all the ridiculous initials correct) flag flying behind them in court. The goal appears to be to strip away whatever vestiges of traditionalism remain in America 2.0. Thus, the court battles thus far, between deranged mothers and befuddled fathers, over the “gender” of their abused child, have resulted in victories for the side of insanity. The side of body mutilation. That’s the way these courts roll. They aren’t about to even accidentally make a just decision. 

Thanks to the universal acceptance of Judicial Review, the courts have become the final arbiter for everything. So when a much saner California overwhelmingly passed proposition 187 in 1994, which would have denied illegal immigrants government benefits, a federal judge simply ruled it was unconstitutional. That’s the “democracy” that we’re supporting in Ukraine, where all opposition political parties and media are banned. One unelected individual in a robe overruling the will of the people. Democracy. Thomas Jefferson saw Judicial Review for what it was, and seemed to be about the last American to complain about it, until I came along, with my humble but growing following on the internet. If the Republicans were really an opposition party, they’d be making an issue of this. They aren’t. They just hope for the “right” judge. 

This system isn’t just rigged. It’s irreparably broken. And as Donald Trump pointed out in his most astute campaign comment, you can’t trust those who rigged it to fix it. Every time someone who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, gets convicted after seeing his public defender for all of five minutes, we all lose. An unfair conviction, or an unjust acquittal based on legal irrelevancies like wealth, race, or politics, taints the system we all are supposed to respect. No one with any critical thinking ability whatsoever, and even a cursory knowledge of modern history, can possibly have the least bit of faith in our system. I cannot argue any longer with the anarchists. There is no reason to have even the most limited trust in any authority. 

It’s entirely appropriate that the most corrupt society in the history of the world, our own glorious America 2.0, should have a system of kangaroo courts that would make Lewis Carroll, author of Alice in Wonderland, blush. We are really almost at the point of “sentence first, verdict afterwards,” which for over a century represented just a titillating example of the author’s renowned “nonsense.” When a judge openly rules that a defendant is guilty, before the trial has begun, as happened in one of Trump’s show trials, then we have literally reached that stage. And the vast majority of Americans couldn’t care less. Or “could care less,” as many of them would ungrammatically put it. After all, they aren’t on trial. If you got nothing to hide, why do you care? They simply cite one of their countless ghetto references: “I’m good.” 

We have school administrations loyally backing crazed TikTok teachers who want to interrogate preschoolers about which gender they “identify” as. And courts that will undoubtedly rule against any sane parents who want to stop the madness. We have the entire business world- the vaunted private industry dear to the hears of conservatives everywhere- supporting the lunacy of “announcing pronouns.” And there isn’t a business out there, in this rigged marketplace of ours- that won’t fire someone for “misidentifying” one of these troubled souls. They’ll also fire you for “hate speech,” if the “right” people complain loudly enough. We have seen countless people “cancelled” from their jobs for their social media posts. On their own free time. 

The millions of Americans who cling to some semblance of sanity, and believe in some semblance of liberty, are powerless. They have no “representatives,” in Congress, in the courts, in the business world, or in Hollywood. Every organ of the establishment is aligned against them. You might even call that a conspiracy. They don’t care if you don’t buy their products, or go to their movies. It’s not about profits, in this allegedly profit-driven land. There are far more important agendas here. The Great Replacement. The eugenicist’s wet dream of culling the herd. Of not only having all the wealth, but as Huey Long pointed out, of gleefully knowing that you don’t have it. It’s a wealth disparity thing, you wouldn’t understand. 

The White Hats aren’t going to save us any more than the White race is going to suddenly start madly procreating. We have to save ourselves, and that will only be possible by using our massive advantage in numbers. But everyone, including me I freely admit, hesitates because they know that not enough others will join with them. It’s a real Catch-22. If you take a chance, and the expected happens- you wind up as one of only a handful of rabble rousers, easy to make an example of- then you’re far worse off than now, when you can rage against the machine from a safe distance. JFK quoted the old Chinese proverb that a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. Our single step can be to make our presence known at the local level- things like school board and local supervisors’ meetings. 

I was at the post office the other day, and as usual the great heroes had left only half the cashier windows open, despite there being a holiday line extending out the door. Naturally, I spoke up loudly, asking them how long the line had to get before they would open all their windows. Just as naturally, no one answered. The cowed crowd, typical citizens of America 2.0, remained oblivious. A few glared at me. Now, this is about the lowest level protest imaginable. If just a handful of people in that line had said, “Yeah, why don’t you open up all the windows?” then they probably would have done so. I’m willing to speak up, but there has to be people that simply second my motion. But even in something as relatively insignificant as this, the people are silent. 

Just as I was writing this, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled that Trump’s name can’t appear on the presidential ballot in the state. After all, he was responsible for leading an “insurrection” to topple the duly elected, humble and lovable, noncreepy Joe Biden. The fairest and freest election in history. So those supporting the candidate leading in all the dubious polls are essentially being disenfranchised in that state. There may well be other states. But there’s always the U.S. Supreme Court, the one they call the Trump court, which never supports him. This is the way “our democracy” works. Trump and his voters are a “threat” to it. Just nominate Nikki Haley, Republicucks. She’s the perfect candidate for your “opposition” party. 

I won’t give up hope, and I certainly won’t give up my faith. Maybe someday, in some part of this once shining land, a group of naysayers will finally have had enough. When one of them speaks up, to the post office, the school board, the board of supervisors, whatever, a bunch of others will rally behind them. When confronted with the least bit of unexpected solidarity, authority figures from cops to educators to post office “heroes,” will almost assuredly back down quickly. Finally do the right thing. Finally listen to the people, when more than a lone wolf speaks out. If there is hope, it is at these lower levels. And if results are achieved there, then we move on up to the next level of corrupted power. As RFK said, tiny ripples of hope. 

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