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The Great Replacement Theory?
Fed Up Texas Chick

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy drew attention in the recent debate when he called out the Democratic Party for its Great Replacement Theory. It was one of a litany of “conspiracy theories” mentioned by Vivek, including the “inside job” of January 6 and the stolen 2020 election by Big Tech. Specifically, Vivek said this: “The great replacement theory is not some grand right-wing conspiracy theory but a basic statement of the Democratic Party’s platform.”

Immediately, anyone who Googles the phrase receives an onslaught of fact checkers telling us the theory was baseless and that it originated with white supremacists. But that’s not exactly true.

What exactly is it?

The Great Replacement Theory involves the replacement of the US population, orchestrated by elite power holders. Naturally, it is dubbed a conspiracy theory, and it involves bringing immigrants into the country and promoting interracial marriage to reduce the white population. Whether it is a conspiracy theory or not, the truth is that in the 10 years between 2010 and 2020, the percentage of Americans who identify as “white only” has dropped from 72% to 62%.

No one can deny that immigrants are pouring into the US, and much of the rest of the world as well. Both Germany, the UK and other European nations have seen a record influx of migrants from Muslim nations in the past decade. The term “great replacement” actually originated in France, where elite politicians are also blamed for the influx of migrants. The phrase was first coined by writer Renaud Camus in his 2011 book “Le Grand Replacement” in which he noted the changes of his native France with the influx of Muslim migration. Camus has stood his ground, stating that his original book did not incite hatred or violence. He has been deplatformed by social media and has gone on trial for inciting racial hatred. Actually, Camus’ theory is nothing new. In 1900, French nationalist Maurice Barres spoke about a new population that would ruin the homeland: “the special character of our country would, however, be destroyed, and the people settled in our name and on our territory would be heading towards destinies contradictory to the destinies and needs of our land and our dead.” In the US, the theory was quickly tied to the Buffalo and El Paso shootings in an effort to discredit and silence people who might think that something resonates.

This replacement plan is in keeping with the Kalergi Plan, devised by Richard Nikolaus Graf von Coudenhove-Kalergi in the 1923. Kalergi was an Austrian philosopher and politician, and he himself had a mixed European and Japanese heritage. He dreamed of creating a “coffee-coloured” race of humans that would have a herd mentality and therefore be easy to control. He even used the term Eurasian-Negroid in his books. Kalergi is said to have been inspired by human mastery of farm animals, and sought the same in the human race. He wanted a passive, tame and predictable race that could be easily manipulated. Kalergi believed that an inferior-minded race would never rebel or even realize they were being dominated – you know, similar to farm animals just happy being fed and having a place to sleep.

Kalergi followed the work of Joseph Arthur de Gobineau and agreed with him that the white race, especially Nordic countries, were high performers. Both wanted to destroy rather than preserve that performance. Both men agreed that the decline of civilizations occurred by contaminating their blood.

Kalergi’s plan was simple: mass migration, then miscegenation, the interbreeding of people of different races. Nearly 100 years later, many say the Kalergi plan is alive and well and that sending Africans, Asians and Muslims into Europe for decades is being done to carry out this plan. Kalergi considered traditional Europeans too smart and independent to control. Americans of course also fit that bill.

No one understands this plan better than Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban who is the lone anti-immigration leader in the European Union (EU). He has long had this stance and has had to constantly fight remarks and accusations that he is a racist. Orban has stated that Hungarians do not want to become “peoples of mixed race”; his “ethnic homogeneity” stance has drawn fire from many angles, but he has taken a hard line on immigration since at least 2015. Orban has said that this is not a racial issue, but a cultural issue. Orban’s critics, including the US embassy in Budapest, condemn all doctrines of hate and division and that claim that Europe draws its strength from diversity. Sound familiar?

What does your gut tell you?

Reading the MSM articles, they state: “Kalergi believed that racial integration was a critical part of Europe’s future.” That’s one way of putting it. Groups like the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) have deemed the Kalergi Plan as “an antisemitic conspiracy theory about ostensible white genocide”.

Was it all a big misunderstanding, or did Kalergi and his followers want the extinction of all cultures and races, particularly European? The ultimate achievement – then and likely now — is an inferior, easily governed human class with no national or cultural identity. Based on current world events, you be the judge about the “great replacement”. Is it all bunk, or is it actually happening?

Was Vivek right or wrong in the debate? As you make your decision, be reminded of the pillars of Marxism, designed to destroy everything, including race, religion, national pride, culture, private property, and art. Basically, you will own nothing and be happy – because they have made you into a dumb farm animal too stupid to know the difference.

“The man of the future will be race-mixed.” —Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi








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