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A Bidenomics Thanksgiving! Turkey Prices Decline Slightly … But Still UP 321% Under Bidenomics (Save The Neck For Me, Clark!)
Anthony B. Sanders

President Biden reminds me of Cousin Eddie, the dimwitted cousin of Clark Griswold’s wife in the Vacation movies. Except that Cousin Eddie is a nice dimwit while Biden is a nasty dimwit. And politcal stooge.

Given that turkey prices are up 321% under Biden, the famous Thanksgiving line “Save the neck for me, Clark” is most appropriate since we will be forced to eat every part of the turkey. 


Of course, year-over-year growh in turkey prices (CPI) are now negative along with M2 Money growth. Note the surge in M2 Money growth (green line) followed by the surge in turkey prices (blue line). Now both are declining.

A Bidenomics turkey!

Here is Biden giving a Thanksgiving turkey a pardon, hoping he gets a pardon for his massive corruption. But which one is the turkey??








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