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The Will
TL Davis

It occurs to me that there is a lot easier way to deal with illegal immigration than we have tried so far. Trump implemented something like this with his “Remain in Mexico” policy. Granted, the reason the US has been unsuccessful in stopping illegal immigration comes not from a lack of ability or understanding of how to build a wall, but from the lack of desire. The regime in power wants to dilute the strident patriotism of the average American. After several generations of working away at the elementary school level to erode love of country with propaganda, the communists have thrown in the towel and went for straight importation of foreign nationals to accelerate the timeline to 2024. 

For those few who still seek to end illegal immigration, one way of achieving that is to bill the nation of origin for the accommodation of their illegals in the United States. One proposal is to charge a hosting fee. For every 10,000 citizens of another nation that has slithered their way into the US, $5 billion per year would be billed to the home country. 

I understand the temptation to jump on this proposal immediately for all of the obvious flaws, but taking those into account one has to understand the dynamics of the proposal. 

Of course, they would refuse to pay it. That goes without saying, but that’s part of it. What happens when they don’t pay? The bill keeps doubling every year. As the famous quip goes: “A billion here, a billion there, pretty soon you’re talking about real money.” 

The liable nations would claim that it’s the job of the United States to prevent people from getting into their nation illegally and that’s true, but the organized caravans in those other nations were intended to, and did, overwhelm the US efforts to patrol their border. These are not ones and twos, perhaps a family here and there. 

The NGOs operating the bases and organizing the caravans do so with the blessing of those nations, in conjunction with cartels. They, too, should shoulder some of the burden and pay part of that $5 billion. It’s up to the host nation to extract it from them.

Personally, I’d start fining the NGOs $1 million per week until they ceased. 

Another place they might be able to come up with the money is from the nations who pumped thousands and thousands of their undesirables through the host nations to take part in the caravans. Also, the US could accept resources in lieu of cash, oil, gas, minerals, gold, silver, etc.

But what accounting is done? How would someone know where the people came from in order to bill the appropriate nation? Simple, whatever passport they have, that’s who gets billed. What if they have no passport, it got lost, or damaged? We’ll take their word for it. If they say they are Mexican, for example, we’ll accept that. That’s the border they crossed, wasn’t it? That would be the natural assumption and we wouldn’t want to be racist. Just because they look Somalian, that doesn’t mean we should leap to the conclusion that they aren’t Mexican.

When it comes to asylum-seekers it’s even easier. The nation of origin is documented, it has to be to do the paperwork. Also, the nation of origin made conditions such that these people felt the need to leave. Now, if we were Obfuscatistan, we might not be able to impose such a hosting fee on these nations, but we’re not, we’re the United States. We have diplomatic pressure, economic pressure, trade pressure, foreign aid to be withheld to pay the debts. We have all sorts of ways to enforce it. 

What we do not have, is the will. The whole idea of freedom of speech is to force the government to have the will. Ultimately, that’s what the United States Constitution is all about. Through several different means, especially the Bill of Rights, we were given the ability to force government to do the people’s will. All of the machinations of government over the past several decades has been designed to eliminate that from the system. That’s no reason to give up. You have to fight to keep your voice. You shouldn’t have to, but you do. 

There’s only a few ways to fight back against a government as evil and twisted as our current government: 1) economically; 2) politically: 3) kinetically. I prefer the first two before the third. 

The people can refuse to pay taxes, they are voluntary after all (if you can figure out how to opt out). A person can drop out of the system, live off-grid, pay no taxes, own nothing that can be taxed or taken by the state for payment. When you try any of those, you get to see how persistent the US Government is in demanding payment. That’s the collection methods the US Government ought to only unleash on foreign nations, not Americans. It makes one wonder who their real enemy is.

The people can call offices of representatives and senators, they can organize groups and put up billboards to get their voices heard. They can take to social media with a campaign to bring the issue to light. They can go to townhall meetings and ask their representatives to pursue some goal, or take on some issue more forcefully. All of those are options with varying degrees of effectiveness. That doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be used, everything, if focused on illegal immigration, should be.

I once organized a means of bringing people into Virginia, near Washington DC, with the idea of providing for them a sort of safehouse, eventually several, where they could stay free of charge with maps to show them how to get to the capitol, what subway, where to get on, where to get off, where their representative’s and senator’s offices were and to take a few days to lobby them directly for each immediate problem they had. It was to be an organized flood of personal visits from constituents back home. I started it to put ups a resistance to Obamacare, but it could have been used for anything else of national importance. I had hoped to attract enough people on my own dime to make it something people would donate to and eventually take advantage of themselves. 

After this idea had gained some popularity in what can only be described as a sort of rudimentary social media (2009-2010) I went to Virginia and did it. I took my own savings and put a lot of it into renting the house, setting things up, walking the routes, making sure it was as easy and comfortable as possible for people to visit their representatives and senators with all of the needed information on hand and ready. Even though it had gotten wide exposure by some pretty heavy-hitters politically and I was answering emails right and left, guess how many people showed up on the big day? Two! That’s it and they were there largely to commiserate with me, because they could see the whole effort, everything I put into it, being undermined by those on “our” side. 

Now, you can say that was a failure and I recognize it as such, but there is nothing that gets the attention of those who sit in congress like a personal visit from someone at home. They feel insulated from their constituents in their lavish offices in Washington, as if the average folks won’t ever put them on the spot politically like that, but that’s the only thing that rattles their cage. 

The next stop is some sort of kinetic event, not necessarily instigated by the citizens, but by the government when the people finally recognize everyone in Washington, bottom to top, is on the other side. 

Right now, though, we have exhausted every means of using the system and are quickly approaching when more people are going to have to recognize that it’s permanently broken beyond repair. It has to be scrapped and as tumultuous as that is likely to be, it has to be done. That’s not a threat, it’s an understanding of history. What governments actors never seem to understand is that when they finally get total control, they have completely erased the people’s interest in that sort of system. 

It’s like the story I heard as a kid. A guy had a horse and it was expensive to feed it, so he decided that he’d teach it not to eat and he started to cut back on feed. Not much, just a little bit every day. When he finally taught it not to eat, it died. That’s our republic. 

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