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HOT SCOOP: Top Netanyahu Advisor May Moonlight as Non-Binary Social Justice™ Professor
Ben Bartee

Top Netanyahu advisor Mark Regev’s vocal cadence, the accent, the nerdy demeanor, the mannerisms, the facial structure — since he emerged as a staple in corporate state media as a war propagandist in the aftermath of October 7, it all reminded me something fierce of someone… but I couldn’t quite put my finger on who.

It drove me bananas.

I knew I had seen the likes of this individual in alternative form before, but in just what context I couldn’t recall…

And then, like a freight train, a few weeks back, it hit me: Regev might very well be the below-depicted non-binary, Maoist professor, most famous for a 2016 interview it did with Jordan Peterson and a CBC News eunuch in which it advocated totalitarian Social Justice™ hegemony for now and forever and got figuratively obliterated by Peterson.

“[Jordan Peterson] has made it harder to be transgender or non-binary,” it explained, going on to promote the compulsory use, backed by the force of the state, of absurd lingual constructions like zhe/zher and ey/em to replace conventional, reality-based pronouns that have been used throughout history across cultures since the dawn of civilization.

It also suggests at one point adding the “preferred” personal pronouns into your smartphone on an ad hoc basis to remember them for individual transes — much in the same way one would with an actual personal name, thereby defeating the entire linguistic purpose of pronouns.

You can almost see the red in Dark Peterson’s eyes as he slaps the non-binary speech police officer around — rhetorically of course. (We would never advocate offensive violence at Armageddon Prose, least of all against our treasured LGBTQ4GF150+++™ community members.)

It’s a total classic, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s worth watching in its own right, comparisons of the participants to Israeli propagandists notwithstanding.

Anyway, look at these two side-by-side — Regev the Israeli propagandist and the non-binary despot —and tell me it isn’t the same person.




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