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America’s Political Earthquake Looms Over the Horizon
 Justin Smith

…and Patriotic Americans Must Answer a Call to Duty

The HELL with this damned U.S. government – this pure spectacle of a near totalitarian Leviathan – and God save America, this amazing and beautiful land so many of us love so well.

I love America more than anything in the world, next to my family and my liberty, but only in the sense of Her physical and geographical beauty and what She has been in the past, what I know She can be again. There’s much to love about America of old and the virtues and principles that guided good and decent men and women to declare their independence and bring Her into being, shaping a national character based on freedom and liberty for all, that was in fact exceptional and heads above anything ever before seen across the globe, in the entire history of all mankind.

But those good people’s legacy has been soiled and disgraced over the past century by men and women who have embraced evil, death and tyranny over the Inalienable God-given Rights early Americans understood belonged to everyone, no matter the times. 

Whether one looks at the country from Maine to Texas or South Carolina to California and all points across the nation, as one tries to decipher the double-speak in our politics and negotiate the double standard of law in our Court, the forecast is foreboding and seems to continue to suggest that short of a civil war or a miracle from God, America will experience many tumultuous years ahead, as She is hit over and over again by violence from within, such as we all witnessed between 2014 and 2020, planned and executed by America’s fascists, nihilists and communists within the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter, LaRaza and Antifa. The real thing is coming, looming just over the horizon, and waiting to burst like a force released in the wake of a political earthquake and a dark lightning storm delivering civil upheaval greater than that which was seen on January 6th 2020.

There won’t be any miraculous cure for America’s ills, now that Her people have, by and large, rejected God. There won’t be a stirring of the political pool of Siloam to provide a miracle for all America’s people, in any similar manner as in the days when Jesus cured a blind man by having him wash in the pools of Siloam in Jerusalem. The way things appear right now, rather than bringing our people back together under America’s founding principles, the country is about to be scalded to death.

It’s damned hard to respect the U.S. government today, much less love it or the people controlling it, when they are doing everything within their power to destroy every last vestige of freedom and liberty we hold.

The mainstream media and its Leftist media hyenas in New York City and D.C., along with ignorant and phony people who call Robert E. Lee a “traitor” or claim discrimination and victim-hood where none exists, have turned America’s government into a ravenous beast and a monster intent on eradicating all of our freedoms and liberties in the name of “equity”. And at each step of the way, one will find a Woke cultist and his ilk who have turned the Woke philosophy into a new career path for people living here without any worthwhile, marketable skills — amerikkan Idiots who have taken up the cause and fights to defund the police, make sex-change surgery available to America’s children on demand, censor conservative and factual speech, and ending “racism” through reverse racism against white America and all those “white supremacists” who supposedly lurk in the dark alley ways of every major city by the millions today, to hear Joe Biden and Merrick Garland tell the tale.

In the meantime, people who loot, steal, and wreck small businesses get a slap on the wrist and little or no punishment, especially if they are “people of color”, while police who attempt to stop them are portrayed by the nation’s leftist media as the real villains, further exemplifying the fact that the leaders of America’s institutions are none too bright and that promotions based on color and diversity quotas are doing the country a real disservice, since policy suffers through a lack of intelligence, honesty and competency.

These takers and looters are scum of the earth in comparison to many of the self-made men I have known over the years, such as Frank Urbas, a coal miner from Craigsville, West Virginia and a legal immigrant from Yugoslavia, who built an incredible mini-mansion on the side of a hill with nothing but his own skill and will and the salary he brought home each week; he even managed to put all four of his daughters through college, although they were also such great students that they received scholarships to offset the cost to him.

And, John Waldron, a hard working auto-mechanic and junkyard dealer, from Smyrna, TN, who grew up dirt-poor; he eventually managed to buy up 500 acres of land in Smyrna at $500 per acre, when land was dirt cheap and development of the area in a slump. John made $20 million selling it to the Nissan Corporation to build its automobile plant.

By the way, growing up around the Urbas girls was great. Each of them were beautiful and kind in their own way, having been taught well at home and holding the same special zest for life that I held in my own heart. One became a fine teacher and another became a speech pathologist for children.

Too many of our petted, coddled and entitled “workers” today want to live like kings from the first day they enter the workforce, demanding $25, $30 to $40 dollars and hour for do-nothing entry level jobs that a trained chimp – or a robot – could do. They demand an hour for lunch and two twenty-minute breaks, with counselors on site in case their boss hurts their wittle feewlings, and they demand safety equipment so they don’t lose a pinky or two, which is exactly why so many American companies and jobs have moved to Mexico and China over the past four decades. These millennial milksops just want to sit on their ass playing Solitaire on their phones, punch out at ten minutes to five and go home to watch reruns of ‘Friends‘ with a bag of Chips Ahoy cookies and enough beer to drown his three fat kids. And then they wonder why America doesn’t make anything anymore.

As noted by world renown Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, a Russian dissident during the Soviet era:

“Human beings are born with different capacities. If they are free, they are not equal. And if they are equal, they are not free.”

To be free is to reject the equality of outcomes and to always seek to be more. To be free means being able to stand on one’s own merits and capabilities and to reject any and all interference intended to stifle one’s creative ability.

I have no love for, nor common ground with, communists and those who look at the workers and the wealth of America as theirs for the taking and for nothing in return, by virtue of their membership in The Party. I love not any idea of compromise with the Democratic Party Communists who steal my wealth and property to give to those unworthy, shiftless, conniving, do-nothing ne’er-do-wells of the country. No sympathy or love have I for anyone who is physically and mentally capable of working, but would rather ride the Leviathan’s welfare system and do drugs all day at the expense of me and every other tax-paying America, and to the detriment and expense of our individual liberty.

And not too unlike the Italian Dominican friar, Girolamo Savonarlo, who wanted to destroy secular art and culture during the 15th century in the name of Christianity, the apostles of Marx and Mao have led and still pursue a path that intends to destroy everything tied to American exceptionalism, America’s heritage and the Western principles that have shaped Her, which is the reason we saw them destroy statue after statue in recent years, no matter who it honored, as they even targeted America’s Founding Father’s as slave-owners and racists, whether they owned slaves or not — even targeting statues of Christopher Columbus. And just last month, the statue of Robert E. Lee, an honorable Confederate general who never owned slaves, was melted down in Charlottsville, Virginia to be repurposed for a statue sympathetic to the far left and glorifying black “culture” in America, such as black “culture” exists.

An entire segment of America’s far left, such as heads of corporations, journalists, lawyers and the muckety-muck so-called “elites” have basically appointed themselves the final arbiters of truth and what is socially acceptable in America, Free Speech be damned, and for over a decade now, they have taken the roles of inquisitors, excluding conservative and Christian viewpoints in galleries, movies, museums, social media and the mainstream media too. Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor himself, couldn’t have done better than these worms.

And all of this has been done with the tacit approval of the Democratic Party Communists, and, at in recent times, backed by Biden executive orders and Biden regime policy.

George Washington and Thomas Jefferson are surely thrashing about in their graves as they witness the destruction of America and their great project for freedom for all, especially as they see what has happened to the once great state of Virginia. Virginia was once the most encouraging, fruitful of all America’s commonwealths in an unselfish and spiritual sense, that gave life to the genius which clothed in noble phrases the reasons for the War for Independence, guiding our legions of war to victory, and afterwards, shaped our constitution in a manner that brought political maturity to the colonists, that fixed their faith in average humanity by way of Thomas Jefferson’s philosophy, as the philosophy of a new civilization. But today, Virginia is still largely led by a contingent small-minded men and women in the State Senate who are base, crude tyrants, baby-murderers and gun-grabbers; and even tho’ Republicans control the House of Delegates, many of the illiberal unconstitutional “laws” passed under then-Governor Northam.

The U.S. Government and state associates have become illiberal monsters that destroy individual liberty and suppress our free will, as it demands we buy things we don’t want, and often don’t really need, and perform other functions that violate our conscience. Under Obama, we were forced to buy healthcare insurance, and that law is still on the books; most states require us to purchase auto insurance, or, use seatbelts as adults [if violated, it’s a victimless “crime”]; and under Biden, his regime attempted to mandate masks and covid vaccines for everyone. Biden has also promised to ban all semiautomatic firearms, as he also continues to press his administration’s “law” that allows biological males to compete in female sports and his USDA attempts to coerce Americans to reject whole milk and facilitates its ban in public schools. And just as troubling, the Biden regime is moving the U.S. Treasury to implement a cyber-currency, which is simply one more means for the government to exert illegal controls over the American people.

Worst of all, those Americans, who have bought into the Woke, Marxist-Maoist bullshit, are teaching their children to be ashamed of their ancestors and America’s Founding Fathers. It is a dismal and abysmal spectacle of self-destruction and degeneracy that could only be formulated by a reprobate mind, afflicted with the mental disease that comes hand-in-hand with liberalism and the Marxist ideology.

Every bad thing the federalists said wouldn’t or couldn’t happen, as they explained in The Federalist Papers, has come to pass just as the anti-federalists feared and foretold. Men like Thomas Jefferson knew that their would be dark-minded men willing to break the bonds and the law of the constitution to make way for their self-serving designs and agendas, and the warnings were many in the Anti-Federalist Papers.

Today’s America is the news, as our far left’s vanity is proving us shallow and weakened under the Biden regime, as our enemies from abroad make war against us and our people stumble through city streets full of mind-numbing drugs that give them the appearance of zombies from ‘Day of the Walking Dead‘. For now, the country lives on, its veins pumped full of inflationary stimulus greenbacks, defying its own decadence and rot and owing more U.S. dollars than the entire world is worth. Biden’s America wraps Herself in a death shroud, as laughter peals from the open grave Her enemies have prepared for Her and they invade Her lands from across the Southern Border screaming “give me a fucking green card [please?]”.

Heaven forbid that these Marxist-Maoists ever actually completely succeed in their mission to totally transform America into an authoritarian communist state and consolidate a permanent hold on power through support from millions of Illegal Aliens they’ve ushered into the country. Regardless of where the Far Left takes hold, it always ultimately sets forth on a campaign of violence and genocide against its opponents and the dissidents, just as the world witnessed under Stalin, Mao, Minh, Pol Pot and many others. They believe they must annihilate their enemies, in order to stay true to their delusional sense of “justice”, and in their account of the world the enemy is the racist, capitalist colonizer who is always seen to be oppressing the downtrodden proletarian people of color.

Where are America’s young warriors, those young lions, their chests puffed out with pride for the America and a people who fought for freedom at home and to help make others around the world free more times than one might easily recall, from Cuba to Europe and on to the Middle East, men and women alike, regardless of what other considerations existed at the time. Where are those Americans who remember the stories of Washington, Jefferson and Lee, in the same way that cultures of old recalled Pericles and Leonidas, and aspire to those same lofty heights of accomplishment, not for fame but for the purification of their own hearts and minds following a righteous path that ends without shame as they take their final gasp in their final battle, whatever that battle may be.

America needs Her hard men, Her great men. It will take men with the same genius of integrity, wonderous common sense, and well-balanced righteousness as Washington to save America. This will also require those men and women of the same caliber as Jefferson, who have always stood for life and liberty and the happiness that follows, and it will call upon America’s true patriots, who, like Lee, answer the call to duty and stand for unselfish love and the stainlessness of life.

I hope and pray that many millions of Americans understand, or will mature to understand, the spiritual significance of patriotism and love America as I do, although I currently doubt they exist in so large a number. Patriotism is a hard thing to define, but so too is a mother’s love for her children, or the glory of each new rising sun and each sunset. However, they are very real things, understood well by our ancestors and by many still to this day. And if America is to be saved in my lifetime, this love for America must explode in the hearts of all Her patriots across the nation and unite them to do whatever must be done to stop the communists, fascists and nihilists from destroying Her, even at the cost of their own lives, a price I believe many would gladly pay if it ensured a future of freedom for their children and their children’s children and beyond.

The forces of the anti-Western barbarians are making a return in this battle between civilizations, and they seek a return to a form of tyranny that reduces everyone to the level of a serf with only those privileges granted by the tyrants and living as equals in poverty. We cannot ignore this reality, since the time is rapidly approaching that America’s patriots will have to take up their rifles and swords and fight to remain free once more.



Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

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