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An Answer Long-Overdue
Al Benson Jr.

Most of you didn’t notice that the United Nations has plans for how your children are educated, did you? Well, you are not supposed to realize this and if your kids are still in public school you will probably never discover this. Even if your kids are in a private school or being homeschooled, the United Nations, the world’s foremost busybody organization, has a consuming interest in how you educate your children. The fact that it’s none of their darn business is beside the point. They plan on making it their business. 

Alex Newman has noted in “The Newman Report” for July 28, 2022 that: “The little-noticed report, released late last year and commissioned by UNESCO’s ‘Global Education Monitoring Report’ argues that there is a ‘need to establish appropriate governance and regulatory frameworks’ over private schools funded by government. This is supposedly to ensure that UN-backed goals such as ‘equity” are achieved.” Does this give you some idea of where the Biden regimes plan of “Diversity, equity, and inclusion” originated? It should if you are still capable of rational thought!

Newman continues: “The alleged ‘need’ to regulate private education providers is taken for granted. ‘Regulatory reforms must clearly define what public interest in education is and fix the rules under which private providers may participate,’ states the report, dubbed ‘Regulating Public-Private Partnerships, governing non-state schools: An Equity perspective.’ Even more alarming, the report starts with the outrageous premise that the government – not the parents – is primarily responsible for the education of children… the report claims that ‘the State remains the duty bearer of education as a public good.”

I submit that this political finding comes under the category of refined bovine fertilizer, for want of a more graphic term commonly used for such twaddle! How you educate your children is none, and I mean none, of the government’s business and most definitely none of the United Nations business!

Newman noted an article by Lisa Logan about the report commissioned by UNESCO which should be worth checking out. Logan observed that “It will allow for the collection of all children’s social and emotional data to measure compliance for their future social credit system driven by ESGs, Don’t fall for it.” And Newman told us that, “Incredibly, parents are described variously in the report commissioned by UNESCO as ‘stakeholders’ and even ‘vested interests’ to be overcome by the government. Enter ‘Public-Private Partnerships, often known as PPPs. These PPPs represent a model in which profits can flow to private interests as long as those interests do what the government wants. Critics have regularly derided the approach – widely supported among global elites at the World Economic Forum–as state socialism, corporatism, and fascism. Think Nazi Germany: Companies could remain in private hands, as long as they served the state'”

And that’s what this is all about – you will be able to privately educate your kids, provided you are willing to teach them what the Feds and the UN want them to learn. If you refuse to do that you will be denied any federal “help.” At this point, if you want your kids to have any real shot at a truly Christian education and worldview you need to tell the Feds to take their alleged “help” and stuff it! When you reach out to take their supposed “help” the educational handcuffs go on and you become responsible to the state for what your kids are taught – the same exact reason you left the public school indoctrination center to begin with. If the Feds can’t brainwash your kids in public school classrooms they will throw parents a few shekels to make sure they can do it in your living room or study. You need to be aware and stoutly refuse all government “help” when it comes to educating your kids. Federal or state “help” is the educational kiss of death for Christian and patriotic parents, so avoid it as you would the plague! You might also want to check out The Newman Report




Al Benson Jr. is the editor and publisher of “The Copperhead Chronicle“, a quarterly newsletter that presents history from a pro-Southern and Christian perspective. He has written for several publications over the years. His articles have appeared in “The National Educator,” “The Free Magnolia,” and the “Southern Patriot.” I addition he was the editor of, and wrote for, “The Christian Educator” for several years. In addition to The Copperhead Chronicles, Al also maintains Revised History.

He is currently a member of the Confederate Society of America and the Sons of Confederate Veterans, and has, in the past, been a member of the John Birch Society. He is the co-author, along with Walter D. Kennedy, of the book “Lincoln’s Marxists” and he has written for several Internet sites as well as authoring a series of booklets, with tests, dealing with the War of Northern Aggression, for home school students.

Mr. Benson is a highly respected scholar and writer and has graciously allowed the family of Kettle Moraine Publications to publish his works. We are proud to have his involvement with this project.

He and his wife now live in northern Louisiana.

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