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Deal With Logic and Common Sense - Time is Waning
Joe McCutchen

Today as I write — over 1 million illegal Central Americans are making their way from the gateway, Panama, entering Costa Rica and headed directly for the U.S. via Mexico. Not noted are the illegal Africans, Chinese, Europeans, Marshallese, Mexicans, Mideasterners, Phillipinos, and numerous others. What a disruptive mess, in all likelihood never to be overcome unless Americans get off their insouciant duffs. The illegal dissident throngs are waiting to coalesce and overthrow our military and Central Government when the time is right (observe their numbers – the illegals & malcontents) The stroke of 2 pens made much of this possible by a President and one U.S. Senator who provided the lone vote necessary for passage of the Panama Canal Treaty giving ownership to Panama. In my view the U.S.’s most valuable off shore asset. 

Does the now quasi-government of the United States of America still control our central government and the right to call ourselves a republic that claims sovereignty? Answer: NOT ANYMORE! (Remember borders?) The U.S. has become a slave state sustained by dangerous indoctrinations, mandates, increasing taxes, smothering laws and of course out of control mass illegal immigration provided by corrupt paid managers, (the President & the Congress). The U.S., no longer a sovereign nation, just an international illegal human dumping ground, i.e. see above, that is fanning the flames for DIVERSITY that is destroying the Founding American White culture and Western Civilization, ALL BY DESIGN. No nation can survive these heavy burdens placed on tax payers. The tool being used is the implementation and dissemination of Marxism, e.g. The Critical Race Theory, the Racial Equity Institute and White Supremacy Culture (observe Walmart) into all government institutions and has all but destroyed our once preeminent republic, e.g. public schools and universities have morphed into nothing but citadels for the perpetuation of “Diversity”, damn academics ( e.g. engaged in wiping out White America and our heritage by the means listed above).. Who then will create capital to sustain all of the out-of-control government spending and the invading illegal parasitic hordes who sop it up?

Never in the history of man has a multi-cultural society succeeded. Why then is every segment of American government fostering and cheerleading for massive and continuing invasions by illegal hooligans and comprised of hundreds of different cultures? Remember every culture is comprised of a different ethnic makeup and beliefs, and each exerts influence on the destruction of the United States’—the host, Constitution and culture. Observe the irreversible short term damage to our present culture and escalating! These illegal invasions produce poverty, roving nomads, crime, financial peril, uneducated vandals, chaotic societies, loss of identity in the host country. Also food shortages, suppression of new ideas, and loss of goods and services. Will our American leaders voluntarily act to terminate these invasions? Nay! Not until these so-called “leaders” are rooted out and sent home. As the multi-cultural invasions continue to flourish the U.S. host population will fragment on racial and ethnic lines. Illegal immigration, i.e. diversity is a nation killer. Keep listening to corrupt criminal Pols and you will rue the day.

The U.S. is NOT a nation of immigrants but a nation with immigrants. There was and still is a Founding Stock (51%) which is a must to be called a “nation”, certainly not a random gathering of people who have no one philosophy to rally around!

By the way, to The Statue of Liberty. Emma Lazarus…”Give me your tired”…..was a statement placed later on the Statue referring specifically to Russian Pogroms, not a blanket invitation to emigrate to the U.S.

The big question, why are American citizens allowing the present president, senate, and congress to boldly destroy every facet of our nation that is proper & good? Another question, why do citizens continue to elect political zeros, e.g. Arkansas’ Senators Boozman and Cotton? Boozman, in 24 years, has NO political record good or bad and Cotton, one of war. Forget the 4 Congressmen, they also have no redeemable records—none. Absent, republicans demanding publicly the U.S. military be posted on our U.S. Southern border and ordered to shoot illegal invaders. When is it not Constitutional, ethical and moral to defend one’s borders protecting home, family, quality of life, and a multitude of others. IT IS OUR SWORN CONSTITUTIONAL OBLIGATION TO PROTECT OUR BORDERS.

The right thing to do is to notify, using all means possible to alert globally our intentions to preserve our sovereignty and safety by sealing our borders, and if any individual or individuals is desirous of testing our mandate or resolve will certainly be shot. The DOJ has reams of laws that deal with a CALL TO ARMS, see 8 USC immigration laws. IT IS THE REPUBLIC!

The mendacity of the President and the Congress unfortunately embody the Patriot Acts, National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and other unconstitutional, freedom taking laws. We have become very quickly a nation of blanks and blackhearts filled with illegal criminal intruders, compliments of the paid mannequins. Translation: past and present Presidents (particularly the present President) and congress people have created a human international dumping ground made up of drug dealers, illegals, sex traffickers, and the millions of illegal invaders already here and more on their way. Couple the above genocidal stupidity with the introduction of Critical Race Theories and other heinous tools of Marxism and you have a nation that is breaking up, i.e. the U.S.

Why do we, the White people of the republic cringe at being called “racist” hurled from a cast of characters who have never created one significant accomplishment? To the contrary we should revel in White achievements and quit subsidizing criminal illegals while implementing mass deportations, if not prison. Wonder if these third worlders have ever wondered who is going to fund their nefarious activities.


After many years of negotiation a treaty was signed in 1977, took effect in 1978, allowing the U.S. access to the Panama Canal until midnight 12/31/99. The deciding vote gave Panama ownership to the Territorial Sovereign in the Canal Zone. What precipitated the Act of giving away the Panama Canal, which was perhaps our most valuable off shore asset? The deciding vote was cast by Arkansas Senator Dale Bumpers for President Jimmy Carter.

The Canal was begun in 1903 & completed in 1914 at an ultimate cost to the United States of $32 Billion and approximately 5,000 American deaths in the construction of the 40 mile long canal. Quite a gift the U.S. bestowed to the Panamanian Sovereign. Now we shall see why our ownership of the Panama Canal was such an invaluable U.S. holding. Control of the Canal was absolutely obligatory, e.g. now observe the result of losing the Canal. It is the portal of entry for millions of unchecked illegal aliens bound for the United States and a hostile naval fleet.

Additionally, controlling the shipping lane linking the Pacific and Atlantic oceans created a U.S. shipping economic giant to & from the rest of the world via the newly created Panama Canal, given to the Panama Sovereign compliments of President Carter & Senator Bumpers. WHY?

In current time of huge importance was the loss of the U.S. Military to control the shipping lane. The ownership of the Canal was passed to China while their naval fleet navigates at their will. You see, the Primary Sovereign bequeathed the canal to China along with its deep water ports. Additionally, in shipping we lost e.g. the Wal-Mart trades in the billions with China that is transported by the Chinese Overseas Shipping Company better known as COSCO which is emblazoned on US. Railroad cars & ships by the thousands. Hutchison-Whampoa owns COSCO and is a partner with the Chinese communists and owned by.

Why in heaven’s name would politicians and bureaucrats ever think about a dastardly act as giving away the Panama Canal in view of its economic & military importance to the safety and well-being of our nation?

Politicians appear to be the most dangerous enemies “We the People” have. Observe! Our president’s conduct is willfully destroying our beautiful experiment in individual freedom, Capitalism, self-reliance, religion, and entrepreneurship. This almost seems that the President and Congress are arrogantly offering citizen Americans a challenge to thwart their inept, unconstitutional behavior. WHAT SAY YOU?

Kindest regards,

Joe McCutchen

P.S. China is expanding the Panama Canal.

If the illegal invasions do not end quickly our future will be one of Machu Picchu, Peru.

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Joe has been an activist for the Constitution and against unwise policies on Immigration, legal & illegal, for decades.

Across the nation he has appeared on many, many talk shows, he has confronted local, state, & federal politicians & officials of all persuasions, he has been interviewed by countless reporters, written about in numerous publications and of course been the target of several Leftist/Socialist/Communist publications, authors, interviewers, etc. His thousands of letters to the editor have been published and alerted citizens to corruption & usurpations over many decades.

He has spearheaded efforts to get politicians defeated on the basis of their anti-American policies and to get various anti-immigration organizations to coalesce in their efforts…some successful, some not.

He is the epitome of the Scots Irish described in James Webb’s (former Senator & Secretary of Navy) book, “Born Fighting”…and proud of it.

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