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Michael Yon

You are at War.

Dateline Belize

Mind dump

Paradigms — if your working paradigm — your holistic view — of a situation is accurate, you should never be surprised and your working paradigm should be far more predictive than flipping a coin. Your predictive abilities should be far ahead of those of “expert analysts,” including most career intelligence and military people. If you are surprised by something, your paradigm must be tweaked or even discarded. If your paradigm is not predictive, it’s useless. Your paradigm must deliver mostly accurate results and be far ahead of most experts. 

In my current working paradigm — proving very predictive — the US government is a mostly captured evil-circus. USG has been rebooted to commit demicide, among other things.
Take the death jabs as example.

Death jabs clearly were a weapon. 

USA and most of the world is under severe attack by, in part, employment of industrial-scale information war designed to cause mass casualties and to create conditions to seize total control of the remnant. If my working paradigm is accurate, the US government will put the US military in such harm’s way that our military and civilians will suffer massive casualties. 

The Beasts in charge may go straight to nukes. If not nukes, war will create cause for military draft. Millions of Americans will just say NO to draft. When Americans oppose draft, USG will have created excuse to draft massive numbers of illegal aliens. Americans will at first be happy to see Haitians and others carrying M-16s to “earn their citizenship defending America”. Until those aliens become death squads going door-to-door. 

A war can create the casus belli needed to slaughter Iranians and others, and the draft to replace our military with uneducated people who never used a flush toilet and who will shoot Americans wholesale. 

If my working paradigm is accurate, some version of this is likely. 

You Are at War.






America's Most Experienced Combat Correspondent. Author. Former Green Beret. Experienced cannibal hunter. (Mostly in India.)

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