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All Is Not Fine
Kevin McCullough

America is broken ~ Badly!

Our enemies are starting wars in multiple regions of the world. Our friends can’t trust us. We are crippling our own capacity to to help ourselves. And our current government doesn’t acknowledge it.

But there is a much bigger indication that we are far from even being merely fine much less flourishing.

It is being exposed now but it has been brewing for a long while…

It showed its ugliest face last night in Brooklyn, NY, one of America’s oldest cities. It has shown itself on hundreds of college campuses for the last fourteen days.

America has entered a new dark period. 

It is a period of acceptance of great evil. It is akin to the hundreds of years slavery was legal. It is as morally repulsive as the killing of an innocent child via abortion. And it rages with far greater intensity than both.

America has become tolerant of Antisemitism. America is countenancing genocide and far too many Americans are looking the other way.

This past week Sen. Josh Hawley put forward a resolution to openly and publicly condemn specific statements that are being chanted, expressed, spoken and turned into signage at these hate filled gatherings.

But instead of joining the senator’s condemnation of narrowly focused, precise, and limited expressions of specific hate infused sayings being uttered at these events, Sen. Chris Van Holland objected and blocked Senator Hawley’s efforts.

To be clear, Senator Hawley was attempting to condemn open, obvious, specific, documented, hate-filled language that is being spoken in public targeting a specific race and religion of a group of people.

And a Democrat blocked it.

We don’t know who is funding the protests on college campuses. We don’t have the identity of the person funding the enormous rallies like the one in Brooklyn where the language was so vile, the crowd so unruly, that the NYPD ended up having to strategically maneuver their people into place to maintain control.

Said another way the hate filled, terrorist loving goons were openly fighting the law enforcement in an American city. That’s war. Is it not?

That’s the war that radical jihadists have been waging against us for years. It’s the same war that was the basis of the first world trade bombing. That same basis for flying planes into our towers. The same basis they used to justify skinning a pregnant mother’s belly from her body so that she and the baby were exposed to pain and torture before they killed them both on October 7th.

An American founding father expressed that America’s divine blessings would only occur for as long as she sought to be good and do His good to those around them.

Part of doing good, is showing abject reprehension towards explicit evil.

But we’re not showing that.

We are tolerating the reprehensible.

We are allowing the cancer to grow in our own streets.

It is sick.

It needs to be objected too—and those who practice it need to be turned into pariahs.

There is a reason why the Ku Klux Klan never shows its face these days. This movement of Jewish hatred is worse.

And we will never be right again as a nation until we demonstrate proof that we condemn and do not tolerate open hatred for a people, their faith, & their right to exist.

No equivocation, no excuses, and no more pretending that all is fine.

It is not!


Kevin McCullough (@KMCRadio) breaks news as it happens in New York on Salem Media’s AM 570/970 weekday afternoons. He’s nationally syndicated. He operates a boutique media firm which produces broadcast/podcast content airing on 1600+ outlets, seven days per week. He’s a 3 time best-selling author. He’s committed to God, his family, and his fellow man. He is burdened by injustice. He pursues clarity above everything… and wishes more people would to!

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