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They Are That Evil
T.L. Davis

We have plenty of treason. It isn’t hidden. It isn’t even debated. The fact of it is recognized, but what is lacking is a will to engage that treason with consequences. Who would do it? The average person on the street sees it, recognizes it as such, but they are and have been indoctrinated in the rule of law, so they expect that out of the hundreds of thousands employed in law enforcement that the law would be enforced. Why does that seem so irrational? 

No one with a brain and the ability to do math believes that Joe Biden won the 2020 election. Everything logical speaks against it. The rock-star-like reception Trump gets everywhere he goes and the sparse crowds that accompany Joe Biden make that narrative an obvious lie. No one has been willing to examine the votes taken or the illegality of the law changes at the last moment before the election (most of which required an alteration of the state constitution to change the law). They just don’t want to see it. 

But the people know. 

The border is not secure, despite the fact that the constitution promises us a republican form of government and protection against invasion. We have neither. The constitution provides for the president to faithfully execute the laws passed by congress. None of that is happening; he’s making laws with Executive Orders, preventing laws from being enforced and even when the Supreme Court orders him to enforce the laws, he refuses. Biden presides over a rogue government as few of his secretaries are following their charters and in most cases are acting in opposition to their charters.

The people know this, too. 

For what purpose is there a congress and a judicial branch if they can and are systematically thwarted by a president who refuses to accept any limitations on his power? Who flaunts the law and the legal means of holding him and his administration accountable? The only way this is possible is with a wealth of media outlets and former officials who provide the political cover for it, who treat these actions as normal and acceptable. Most Americans don’t investigate the issues with enough effort to discover the truth by themselves. 

The people know this, too, but it’s clouded behind false testimony and arrogant lies on the news channels.

Lives are being lost, industries destroyed and enemies given aid and comfort. Yet, no one will stand up against it and what few do find the courage are arrested, cancelled or killed. Everything that is unapproved of by the criminals acting with the power of government is punished severely. 

Is this the America we will leave to all subsequent generations?

For three years the people of America have been subject to outlandish violations of law and the constitution. The system has had time to correct the malfeasance. It has had time to restore the order and replace those who have committed crimes while serving the people. There is no excuse for leaving the people in the lurch with no logical, reasonable or effective resort. This is a violation of trust, one that has the power to end the United States of America. 

Around the world, the other nations, the ones who looked to America for inspiration and many who codified its principles of freedom into their laws stand in total revulsion as to how the American people have allowed this destruction to come to their nation. 

Many in America feel the same way. 

Elections used to be the means of turning the ship of state around, to go into a different and more beneficial direction. The people used to have some say, if not a great deal, often enough to let the natural inclination of the masses guide it away from the more disastrous of futures. It was this means that taught politicians how far they could go in any given direction, but the unwillingness to let the people speak through these elections means that there is no civilized way to change course. 

That leaves only the uncivilized. 

When the captain of a ship is clearly insane, or reckless, endangering the lives of the crew and indeed the ship they all need for survival, there are means of removing him from his position. There’s logic and reason, but when all else fails and the lives of the crew are at stake, only mutiny will suffice. It’s ugly and is fraught with danger, because, if unwarranted, it can lead to a death sentence, but someone has to utter the word, someone has to suggest the unthinkable to resolve a condition that is likewise unthinkable. 

The trouble with America, right now, is that there is no more sane person to put in the captain’s chair. There is no way to effect a mutiny when the officers are as insane and reckless as the captain. It’s as if everyone in charge of anything significant is infected with the same suicidal, destructive disease.

And, it’s the people who will pay, not only in the immediate, but in the future as well. 

We are facing the end of the United States of America no matter what we do, or don’t do. The financial situation just got worse with the passage of the Continuing Resolution (CR) and only more inflation can come of it. There is no political will to stop the disastrous spending put into every congressional bill. The BRICs nations will benefit from this act, more aid and comfort to those trying to destroy the US, but the competing nations are doing so because they recognize the insanity that has gripped the officers of our ship of state. Those nations see as well as most citizens that the United States is acting in increasingly irrational and self-harmful ways, taking their investments down with it, so they’ve stopped buying our debt and started liquidating our bonds as a defensive measure against our recklessness.

Americans can not just continue to use the means and methods that have always worked before, they no longer work. Elections, legal action, petitions, protests and revolts have been hijacked, turned into criminal activities instead of political expressions of disapproval. That ensures the United States can do nothing other than collapse, taking all of us down into the dark, cold sea. 

Unless the common sailors stand up and challenge not only the officers, but any in authority, they will go down with the ship. In this scenario, they will try to kill us all before we can do that, but they’re doing that just to get to some enormously stupid Net-Zero. They are that evil. 

And when the historians are asked why a prosperous and largely peaceful nation like the United States failed and drifted into chaos and irrelevance, they can reply: They stopped being Americans. 

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