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110 and done?
Giuseppe Filotto

My personal opinion is that the (((usual suspects))), in their usual, supremely arrogant stupidity, assumed that by false flagging Hamas/Hezbollah/Iran, they would take out the last remnants of Palestinians, knock out Iran, and dominate the middle East, all while ushering in their Messiah (the antichrist to you and me).

As is always typical for these global gypsies (with apologies to actual gypsies) they miscalculated, and now, they will need to limit their response to blasting Palestinian civilians lest they get obliterated by the surrounding Arab world, which has about had enough of the proxy wars that Israel has attacked them with by using the USA as its war-dog.

Even if the currently deployed US Navy were to intervene, Israel would still become a greasy spot in the middle east if the countries mentioned attack in unison.

Which would likely mean the Israelis would indeed use the long theorised Samson option. Which is the setting of nukes that Israel supposedly has hidden in various of its embassies around the world. I certainly put nothing past the psychopathic pedovores that come up with the idiotic current scenarios. 

So there is that, the potential for actual nuclear war has also ticked upwards.

But frankly, my reaction is: “Meh. Who cares.” It’s not apathy. It’s a conscious decision to simply refuse to be in any way intimidated into some sort of low-level anxious panic. The next pandemic, hot war in Europe, nuclear war. Your fake alien invasion. Whatever. Bring it on. 

I and mine ain’t bending and breaking us will cost whoever tries or does it dearly. That’s it and that’s all. And you can stick your fear porn and related nonsense right where it belongs in your degenerate ass. 

And I hope all sensible people are on the same page on this one. I have been telling everyone and anyone for a good couple or three or four years to prepare and get ready for bad times. If you still haven’t done so, you better hurry up. Plenty of signs that it’s coming and it may not be too far away, as well as possibly really bad.

Get away from cities, or at least have a decent strategy to get out fast. Try to have at least some alternative to providing water, food and shelter.

And create as best you can, a community of people that are willing and able to band together.

And above all: stay calm. No good comes from fretting.





Giuseppe Filotto was born in Italy but has lived for many years in both Africa and Europe. He has been involved in martial arts from childhood, achieving a 2nd Dan black belt in Shotokan Karate-Do (WSKF), and worked as an armed close protection services operative for several years in South Africa. He has been training in Systema, the Russian Martial System, exclusively since 2003 and established Way of Systema in 2009, which remained the largest Systema organisation in London, where he taught and trained until 2014 when other commitments meant he handed the organisation and the teaching to others. He is a qualified clinical hypnotist and author and has worked for over 30 years in the financial and legal aspects of construction services. He has lived in Italy, Nigeria, Botswana, South Africa, and England and travelled to many other countries. After being briefly an atheist, then an almost life-long Zen-Agnostic, he had a very unexpected Road to Damascus moment in 2013 and after a few years of intense study was baptised as a Sedevacantist (aka Catholic). He has written non-fiction books on diverse topics in which he invested years of study as personal curiosities, these include The Face on Mars (1995 - non Fiction about the planet Mars, updated and re-issued in 2014); Systema - The Russian Martial System (2011); Believe! (2019 0n Christianity/Catholicism/Sedevacantism); Reclaiming the Catholic Church (2020 on the history of the infiltration and near destruction of Catholicism). He also has written several SF books and RPG Gamebooks. You can find out more about him at his online blog:


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