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Address to the Congress of the united States of America
Jeffrey Bennett

I am a constitutional citizen of this sovereign nation, a voter, and a taxpayer. I served honorably in the armed forces of this nation for 4 1/2 years – in part including 21 months in Viet Nam. I retired an enlisted man on January 7, 1970 and have continued to work in the private sector, running my own business. I generate a good amount of money for the various governments I have empowered through my continued support, those being Federal, State & Local. I am neither an idiot nor a coward. I believe in our blessed savior, Jesus Christ. I have raised two children and three grandchildren during all of this. My point is that I have comported my life as was expected of me by the society we have forged together. There are many who have not, most notably, your selves. 

You have consistently shrugged your duties to the owners of this country. You have withheld information and enacted laws and rules and bureaucracies of unknowable number. You have overreached and overstepped your authority to further your perceived political power and greed. There was no clearer indication of your pathetic state than the occurrences of September 11, 2001. Foreign Illegal immigrants commandeered multi-million dollar pieces of machinery occupied by legal citizens and killed thousands accompanied by billions of dollars of collateral damage. Clearly someone was asleep at the switch. Not only was this a direct result of misguided application of weird and inconsistent foreign policies put in place over the last several decades, but, most importantly, was a result of misuse, misapplication and hamstringing of the very federal agencies designed to cope with this sort of thing. Fie and woe to you all. You are responsible for it. You might as well have been sitting in the pilot seat. You should all be impeached and replaced with people to whom the republic is not an instrument of power, but an enabler of freedom and liberty.

And now you have allowed the invasion of our Nation from millions of questionable individuals from all over the world – with little or no security for WE – the American people. In addition – the Nation continues to once again stick our noses – and OUR money into the problems of the rest of the world – which could once again – take us to War!

As for me I will not abide any further erosion of my God given rights in the name of “SECURITY”, I have worked and fought too long and too hard to tolerate that. In fact, if you want to do something positive maybe you should look at the Constitution of this great republic, really look at it, read it, learn it, live it, get some help if you don’t understand it, after all you took an oath to it, and by doing that, you took an oath to me. I also took that oath, and as much as it sickens me to admit it, as a fellow citizen, I took it to you as well and most importantly, I have kept my side of the bargain and more. I admit that I am losing faith and trust in our present government, as it currently exists. I long for that constitutional ideal created out of the blood and God inspired love of our forefathers. I will die if necessary to accomplish it.


It has been said that those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it! My first broadcast on World Wide Christian Radio was on June 28, 1995. Since that time, I have attempted to address the problems and the future of this nation in a manner that was unique from others who were, and are still, broadcasting on the ‘alternative media.’ My broadcasts have utilized historical, biblical and the financial knowledge which I have attained over six-decades on this earth – to get the message regarding the plans of the now and future “rulers” of the world – across to both knowledgeable and uninformed Americans alike.

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