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Globalists Warned Of A 'Hunger Pandemic' Ahead Of The 'Engineered Famine' And 'Reset Of The US Food System' Now Pushing Us Towards The Brink Of Starvation
Alan Barton

In May of 2019, there were a few stories that erupted about a coming food shortage, a Catastrophic Food Shortage.  What we were working ourselves into was obvious even two plus years ago.  Off The Grid News had one that was typical of the breed when their headline stated “Is A Catastrophic Food Shortage Coming To America And The World?” where they blamed that idea on worldwide destructive weather patterns.

catastrophic weather is destroying vast amounts of food in America’s heartland. For example, farmers lost thousands of tons of grain when floods destroyed just five grain bins in Iowa, Strange Sounds reports.

Meanwhile, Missouri farmers lost 850,000 bushels of corn in the collapse of one bin in March. Moreover, floods are destroying $400 million worth of livestock and $440 million worth of crops in Nebraska” they gave as examples, and warned that “Under these circumstances, people who want to eat will need to grow and stockpile their own food.”

Last year was no different, with even ABC News flying that same theme “The head of the U.N. food agency warned Tuesday that, as the world is dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, it is also “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” that could lead to “multiple famines of biblical proportions” within a few months if immediate action isn’t taken.”   It should be obvious that the UN is just pushing the Climate Change farce although the weather is indeed changing as that is the very definition of “weather”.  What caught my eye was the phrase “on the brink of a hunger pandemic” which seems like some sort of warning to us all.

That drought condition has not changed as much as it has moved around a bit with this summer’s Discover Magazine saying that “By one measure, almost 100 percent of the West is now in drought. And that sets an all-time 122-year record, according to David Simeral, a climatologist at the Desert Research Institute and the Western Regional Climate Center” using the Palmer Drought Index.  Using another measure, the kind you may be accustomed to with the standard U.S. Drought Monitor, about 90 percent of the West is experiencing some level of drought, with 57 percent in extreme to exceptional drought, the two worst categories…..So however you want to look at it, what’s happening in the Western United States right now is truly historic, and the word “crisis” really is no exaggeration….Western farmers and ranchers are facing a brutal growing season as drought conditions drastically reduce water deliveries”   I witnessed that first hand living in the Great Basin where some reservoirs have gone dry with no water going to the towns they serve. The forecasts for this winter show likely colder than normal in the North and Northeast due to weaker El Nina, and continuing drought in the Southwest states.

Although that is bad enough and it is likely affected by weather control mechanisms, see ANP “The Great Unraveling Has Arrived: Nightmare That Never Ends For Agriculture Industry Leading To Devastating Food Shortages” by Stefan Stanford and “These Weather Headlines Are NOT Normal! We All Know Of HAARP, But Be Forewarned Of  S.A.T.A.N. And All Of The Other Sinister Weather Modification Systems Out There!” by yours truly for more info on ‘Weather Warfare” and how the government, or more correctly, the PTB, the world wide secret societies that are determined to end this system and instigate total world dictatorship per the Illuminati protocols espoused many times here and elsewhere.

The Ice Age Farmer a few months ago talked about Water Wars and said “the state is simply turning off the water to farms & ranches, depriving them of water needed to grow food and raise animals. This will create food shortages by design, in order to then point at the massive problem and declare, “It’s global warming! We NEED climate lockdowns! We MUST move to absolute zero carbon emissions! We HAVE to take away private ownership of cars! You HAVE to eat fake meat and move to post-animal economy!” The story is the same across the nation, and indeed the world. But who is behind these WATER WARS?”   Raising fears of the Globalists promise to destroy our water supplies and starve us to death – at least those that do not die of the Kill Shot first.  You can watch the explanation of this scenario in the first video at the bottom of this article titled “Water Wars – Manufactured Drought to cause Food Shortages


Need to Know News last year showed in “Engineered Food Shortages and Famine to Justify ‘Reset’ of US Food System” a clip on and mention that in the past five years venture capitalists and corporations invested almost $10 Billion to replace traditional food sources with synthetic lab produced “food”.  They also mention that covid is a method of reducing farm labor to artificially reduce food production.  This was covered in a Rockefeller Foundation paper available online that outlines in caged verbiage how they are accomplishing that task.  “In many ways, Covid-19 has boiled over long-simmering problems plaguing America’s food system. What began as a public health crisis fueled an economic crisis, leaving 33 percent of families unable to afford the amount or quality of food they want” is how they word it.  In other words, the fake covid bio-warfare attack is doing its designed job, killing the population off.  

Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.S. Food System” is how the Evil secret society called the Rockefeller Foundation says it in their downloadable paper on the NWO topic of Food Policy.  They should know, they are prime members of the Illuminati.  The World Food  Programme warned of a hunger pandemic as covid spread.  Their Executive Director David Beasley said in April of 2020 that “with COVID-19, I want to stress that we are not only facing a global health pandemic but also a global humanitarian catastrophe. Millions of civilians living in conflict-scarred nations, including many women and children, face being pushed to the brink of starvation, with the spectre of famine a very real and dangerous possibility … There is also a real danger that more people could potentially die from the economic impact of COVID-19 than from the virus itself.  This is why I am talking about a hunger pandemic.”   I suspect that he is correct on that thought, and world war can only accelerate and worsen that case. 

There are a number of reasons that this war on food is being waged, and in many different ways.  One of those reasons is that the Engineered Food Shortages and resulting Famine are to JUSTIFY a “Reset” of the food system.  A couple videos by Ice Age Farmer on this can be found linked in the article by Republic Broadcasting from a year ago that stated “food shortages are coming as California has ordered meat processing plants to shut down over an ‘outbreak’ of COVID-19 ‘cases’ of workers testing positive. In Michigan, when Governor Whitmer issued orders for mandatory COVID-19 testing for migrant workers, many of them walked off the job…. Without farm labor, food will rot in the fields, and with stored food being destroyed, food prices will skyrocket. People will face hunger. Many will starve.”  

As the collapse of global supply lines accelerates, the International Chamber of Shipping said “At the peak of the crew change crisis 400,000 seafarers were unable to leave their ships, with some seafarers working for as long as 18 months over their initial contracts. Flights have been restricted and aviation workers have faced the inconsistency of border, travel, restrictions, and vaccine restrictions/requirements. Additional and systemic stopping at road borders has meant truck drivers have been forced to wait, sometimes weeks, before being able to complete their journeys and return home.”    Mike Adams said in a story in Food Collapse com that “In other words, governments of the world are holding transportation workers hostage to the insane, anti-science covid plandemic, with all its vaccine mandates, lockdowns and testing requirements, all of which are rooted in quack science fraud.

We could have beaten covid on a global scale with nothing more than ivermectin, vitamin D and zinc. No lockdowns, no masks, no vaccines, no worker shortages. But that outcome isn’t what the globalists wanted. They planned from the very start to use covid to achieve a “global reset” which involves destroying the world’s economies, crashing the global financial system and achieving a mass die-off (which is already under way).

None of this is by accident. It was always planned from the start.”

“Because of this engineered collapse, the people of the world are about to experience extreme food shortages that will last through the 2021-2022 Winter and well into the Spring. These shortages are being engineered to create civil unrest and a global uprising that will be used for justifying government crackdowns on liberty and free movementThey want chaos, in other words, because governments of the world can use that chaos to justify even more restrictive police state lockdowns and tactics.

That’s why this collapse is accelerating so rapidly. It is entirely engineered.”

“This is not a drill. It’s an extermination.”

(Joseph Satalins famine – will Joey Bidens be worse?)

Sarah Westall opines that the engineered food shortage is being used as a weapon of war as she goes through Farmers being forced to destroy their crops because of the engineered drought – remember that California supplies over 1/3 of our veggies and 2/3 of our fruits and nuts – while the usurper Biden adds millions of more acres to the “Conservation Reserve Program” created in 1985 by paying one and a half times the value of the land to stop production on it.  The USA in the last 20 years has lost over 48,000,000 acres of productive farmland because of insane federal programs like this.  This is ENGINEERED FAMINE.

A gent named Mark Aldridge has a video “THE NEXT PLAY IS GOING TO BE FOOD SHORTAGES, THEN PASSPORTS TO ACCESS FOOD, GAME SET MATCH, :(“  on BitChute that is a good description of what the government is doing, it is the Second Video at the bottom.

See More Rocks put it this way a few months ago, “The same people that have brought you 100s of millions of dead last century using famine, are in power now in the US and most of the world.  They used food as a weapon in places like Ukraine and the former Soviet Union, and now they’re going to try to do the same thing here in the USA.”

Also well covered here on ANP are the supply chain disruptions that have been increasing drastically as of late, and will only accelerate as things get worse.  Official sources say it is because of the plandemic and because of the Chinese problems, but that is only a portion of the problem, and even at that they are manufactured problems.

CNN noted that one of the world’s largest shipping terminals — the Ningbo-Zhoushan Port south of Shanghai — has been closed since Aug. 11 after a single dock worker tested positive for the virus. That has caused major shipping companies like Maersk, Hapag-Lloyd, and CMA CGM to change their schedules to steer clear of the port even as they warn their customers of additional delays.

The port, the worlds’ third-busiest, is also disrupting operations at other Chinese ports, putting further stress on supply lines that were already under pressure from additional troubles at the Yantian port. There have also been container shortages, factory closures due to the virus in Vietnam, as well as lingering delays from a blockage of the Suez Canal in March.”  This as reported in Era of Light where they add that  “ the world’s supply chain is in dire straits and the problem isn’t going to go away anytime soon, which is also working to raise the cost of shipping — costs that will be passed along to customers up and down the line … we’re not talking small single or double-digit increases in shipping costs; we’re talking high three-digit increases.


(NY Post graphic)

Americans are now spending at least $175 a month more on food and fuel than earlier this year as the Illuminati using Little Joey Dunderhead and inflation to continue and accelerate the war on the Human Population.  “Spurred by supply shortages and massive government spending, inflation has become an added tax on middle-class Americans coming out of the COVID lockdowns. 

For households earning the US median annual income of about $70,000, the current inflation rate has forced them to spend another $175 a month on food, fuel and housing, according to Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics.“   The NY Post also added “Many consumer experts do not see any immediate relief in sight — with some bracing for a surge in credit card debt”

Add to all of this is the idea that Genetically Engineered foods are supposed to help in stopping the famine inducing food shortages.  GM (Genetically Modified) foods are “not proven to be unsafe, so stop the fearmongering” according to the South China Morning Post and they claim in a linked article that “GM food production is highly efficient, and GM crops produce better yields. Genetic features like pest resistance, increased nutrient content and productivity can be introduced into the DNA of GM crops, benefiting farmers as well as consumers” while at the same time claiming they won’t affect food shortages – but they will, but no they won’t.  Many other “experts” argue that GM foods will help combat world hunger and be the savior of humanity.  I must assume the same way that the kill Jab is saving so many lives from the dreaded yearly flu - eerrr,  I meant covid farce.  National Geographic has an interesting pro/con argument on GM food use that devolves into the old tired Marxist “inequity” play.  “hunger results from inequity, not food shortage. Unequal distribution of quality food among communities suffering from poverty is the primary culprit in today’s world hunger, not abundance or quantity of food stocks. For those suffering from malnutrition, access to quality food depends on a variety of political, environmental, and socioeconomic factors—most notably, armed conflict and natural disasters” they say, but neglect to mention that it is dictatorships and tyrannical regimes that are the cause of those problems.  It is countries like the Illuminati led USA and their wars to make money for the International bankers and industrialists that push those wars, and the Satanic evil of Marx influenced “Democracies” that push the agendas that force famine.    Just as they are doing now inside the USA and around the world to so-called “civilized” and “advanced” nations like us.  They are correct that Global Hunger is a major problem, but socialist solutions cannot work, the world needs LIBERTY to own you own land, farm it, raise your families on it and take Pride in accomplishing work like it did in this nation for over 200 years – or until the socialists (read as the Left, or Democrats, or Liberals or whatever) got into power here.

There is so much more we could go over in this topic, but let’s skip to another directly connected linked idea – that of where it is going.

War.  Food, and nukes, and land, and lust for power are among the major reasons for it.  When the EU Times said BIBLICAL droughts to cause unprecedented US food shortages, they were not kidding around.  COG Writer gave a good overview of Revelation 6 where it talks about the Third Seal.  “Revelation 6:5-6 reads, “When He opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come and see.” And I looked, and behold, a black horse, and he who sat on it had a pair of scales in his hand. And I heard a voice in the midst of the four living creatures saying, “A quart of wheat for a denarius, and three quarts of barley for a denarius; and do not harm the oil and the wine.” A denarius was worth about one day’s wages during Christ’s time. Converted to US 2008 dollars, a denarius would be worth approximately $100 to $150! So, we see Scripture warning us that food prices will increase significantly prior to the Great Tribulation.”   What we see now can only get much worse – much, much worse.  There are many varied explanations of this scripture, but I am going with the more common idea that it prophecies very severe famine in our near future. has an interesting line of thought to end this discussion with.  

“Because of this engineered collapse, the people of the world are about to experience extreme food shortages that will last through the 2021-2022 Winter and well into the Spring. These shortages are being engineered to create civil unrest and a global uprising that will be used for justifying government crackdowns on liberty and free movement. They want chaos, in other words, because governments of the world can use that chaos to justify even more restrictive police state lockdowns and tactics.

That’s why this collapse is accelerating so rapidly. It is entirely engineered.”

Regardless of the causes, we little people still need to ride this out, so that is another reason for prepping now. A home vegetable garden, if possible would be a good start, and of course, putting away extra supplies of non-perishable foods each shop.”    This last line is what ANP has been all about since its inception.

May God have mercy on us all.

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