Putting words in your mouth…

Seduce me, she said
but just remember tomorrow
I'm a hard act to follow
And you'll never be the same

Just inhale my sweetness
And then I will take you higher
And set your soul on fire
But I'll never take the blame

Come take a bite of my apple
'Cause when you've tasted pure temptation
You’ll gain the affirmation
That what I say is true

You won’t stop thinking of me
as my eyes and playful smilling
keep unmercifully beguiling you
No matter what you do

And then remember darling man, you'll never be the same
I will have shattered your defenses, I will have taught you a new game
My magic will have drawn you in like a moth around a flame
Your addiction will be absolute but I'll never take the blame

Seduce me, she said…

October, 2016