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Shedding the Republic
T.L. Davis

What's Next?

We are a nation shedding its skin. It’s a painful process, because the old skin isn’t quite dead, yet. The new skin, that of a communist, globalist tyranny is anxious to come out, to breathe freely. All of the tyrannical images of the Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany seem so bright and encouraging to the new masters, so appealing that they just can’t wait to fly their banners. That pesky American flag is so pervasive, though. For now, they have to try to ease it out, debase it by accusations that the less-educated will believe.

It’s hard to know what side to be on right now. I’m a stalwart American patriot, where that is defined by someone who loves freedom, hates control, wishes to be left alone, but anxious to engage a threat. I fit right in with those who believe that all rights are God-given and no government has the right to take them, even when they have the ability. But is that the America we have been these past few years? 

I believe in getting the truth and making my decisions based on that. I even understand the responsibility to make sure that I am being given the truth, before making my decisions. No one owes me the truth, though it would be better, more efficient, if I didn’t have to track down every statement made by doctors, lawyers and politicians to see if it’s the truth before I make a decision, but ultimately the obligation to seek the truth is mine.

Does the government of the United States stand for these things? Does it stand for truth, for freedom, for privacy? If not, what am I a patriotic toward, a mirage, a memory?

The sheer weight of the bureaucracy of this government smothers every American instinct toward self-sufficiency, forcing us more and more into accepting control. The secret to American prosperity relies on the ability of the average citizen to not have to go out into the streets to be treated fairly. It relies on the ability of the average citizen to mind their own business and let bureaucrats worry about minute aspects of some law, but that only works when they can be trusted, like doctors, like judges. When they can’t be trusted, it derails everything and will not be rectified until the people themselves overthrow the bureaucracy and instill something different in its place, maybe that’s where the term limits need to be focused.

We are being forced to overthrow the bureaucracy, or we will cease to be Americans, perhaps even cease to exist. It is not the citizens that are out of control, but the bureaucracy, the school boards, the treasury, the doctors, the judges, the cops, the border patrol, the corporations. 

The things the bureaucracy is allowing the corporations to get away with are criminal, but there are no charges, no investigations, except by the people demanding FOIA requests. There is no informed consent to anything anymore, not for medicine, not for food, not for products. The truth of what they are doing is being withheld from us and there is no way to regain the productivity of the people when incumbered by the need to find out every single truth for themselves.

Is this what we’ve fought and died for all these years and decades, to be lied to, cheated, defamed, vilified and imprisoned? One can call it the deep state, or the administrative state or the communists, but it’s all a form of bureaucratic tyranny. Is that what made America a great nation, a world power? Since we have indulged the bureaucracy, we have fallen farther and farther behind, grown weaker and weaker as a nation.

The desire, the need to do something about pollution in the previous century has led us to an entrapment of environmentalism that has taken over the treasury, made everything inefficient, costly and scarce. It has led to the subordination of industry that has, over the years, led to command and control of industry right down to today where the auto industry is required to produce a certain amount of electric vehicles. To some degree the automakers are guilty of cooperation with this insane plan, but it would have been forced on them by the mighty bureaucracies of the EPA, the NHTSA, by DOT. They do it to doctors, oil and gas producers, farmers, steel mills, truck traffic, everything that affects your life and your ability to obtain goods can be held up by these bureaucracies; your gardens can and will be regulated, if you let them. You can’t let them.

Right now, in congress they’re debating a Continuing Resolution that is being held up by a few patriotic Americans. This debate holds a key to the means of fighting back against the bureaucracy. Money in Washington is power, power in Washington reduces the power of the individual. There have been some successes in forcing the government to reverse the trend to print more money and send it to Ukraine, to weaponize the federal police forces, so it’s important to fight back there, lend support to those taking a stand right now. They’re trying to take money out of the budget, money that cannot be spent without driving up inflation. It has to stop here and the only ones who can add anything new to the mix are the people and their opinions, but having those in the dark, in secret does no good, come out of the closet.

I understand the situation. Suggesting this course of action does not rule out everything else, it is not THE answer in itself, it might not even be an answer, but it is the stalling of the power of those who will use all the power you forfeit into their hands against you.

If you believe, as I do, that there is a diabolical event afoot; that evil is being planned and in the process of execution against us, this might seem like a weak attempt, a flailing about against evil to no discernable good, but it might also be the start of something bigger, probably not in congress, but within the hearts of the people.

I believe that you have to be ready to shed this skin, not to get to communist tyranny, but to evolve back into what has been destroyed. Do you remember what it was like to walk in privacy, without the drooling ogling of bureaucrats watching every move, tracing every act? Is this America? How do you start to regain that privacy? You start by destroying the bureaucracy. How can you do that? You start by taking its money (therefore power) away. How do you do that? You do like the Alinskyites, you take a crisis and exploit it, at this point that is the debt ceiling, the budget negotiations, the appropriations process and you stand behind those who are willing to cut those budgets, to defund those programs.

If the skeptical reader is right and we are going to face a cataclysmic event, another 9/11 for political purposes, that will usher in a whole new era of control and even more tyrannical and oppressive measures against us, then all bets are off, of course, but what if those rumors are only to get us to lay down now, to continue to allow the slow creep of further control because no one is standing up against them? Maybe, if we lay down close enough to the ground, they won’t even need that cataclysmic event, because we will have delivered it all into their hands without it.

Success breeds success. While it might seem like a small thing, the people calling their state senators in Texas, deriding them for the impeachment of Ken Paxton and demanding that they acquit him of those charges led to Paxton’s acquittal. Big deal, right? Except that it was only days after that, knowing that Paxton would resume his fight against the Biden Administration over the border issues plaguing Texas that Gregg Abbott, an unreliable ally on the border, except as window dressing for his campaign, suddenly declares an invasion and deploys troops to the border. Abbott cannot be left alone, cannot be trusted to remain faithful to that path, but there’s a gathering storm behind him and to stay dry he’ll need to heed the demands of his constituents at least for a little longer.

The Continuing Resolution is no different, it starts by standing behind those who are standing up. Throwing in the towel is not a strategy, it’s surrender.




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