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The Timing of Biden’s WWIII & Moderna Confession ls Incredibly Alarming!
Tom Renz, Esq.

The Daily Mail published the story of the day, “Kremlin threatens use of nuclear weapons in retaliation for drone strike on Moscow skyscrapers: Putin ally warns there is ‘no other way out’ after attack on business district that closed Russian airspace and left one injured.”

Understand something, Ukraine is meaningless to the United States; there’s no strategic value whatsoever; they are nothing but a money laundering hub for the globalists and a piggy bank for Soros and his crew. There’s absolutely no reason for you to care about Ukraine. There’s nothing in Ukraine other than Burisma and Biden payoffs. Zelenskyy has Nazis in his military, and even The New York Times has said it’s “problematic.” They are not a good country, they are not good people, and they decided to pick a fight with Russia, and it’s not going well. Ukraine is a distraction, and the problem is this distraction puts us at risk of a global war. Do you think that all this money we are sending to Ukraine is ever being seen by the Ukrainian people? It’s not going to the people; they are miserable and starving.

The reality is that what’s going on with the war in Ukraine is a great cover for Biden’s corruption. This is how the military-industrial complex operates. They’ve been starting wars and getting us involved in useless wars while the elite gets richer and more powerful. Most Americans don’t like war, but the military-industrial complex works to keep us divided. There’s a reality that anti-war people haven’t been wrong; those who’ve realized that it was the industrial war complex were right, and those who protest the soldiers are wrong. With Ukraine, we have the people on the left who usually oppose all war confused.

This proxy war that we are fighting in Ukraine is being done to distract us from what’s going on domestically. We have Jack Smith completely violating the law, and it’s my opinion that he’s committed some of the most egregious legal violations in history. Everything he does is a lie; he’s one of the biggest pieces of garbage on the planet. All of these attacks on Trump are backfiring, so what are they going to do? Suddenly, Ukraine decides to launch a drone strike on Moscow, of all places. This is just stupid, Ukraine can’t win this war, and all they are doing is making everyone mad and running the risk of escalating this to nuclear retaliation. Isn’t the timing amazing?

What would you say if I told you that we have proof that they knew the pandemic was coming?

We have an omission on video ( from a WEF discussion panel in January of 2023. In this video, they discuss developing and manufacturing vaccines for the COVID pandemic in 2019. Remember while you watch this video that we were told to believe that there was no COVID vaccine until three days after Trump said we need a vaccine.

The CEO of Moderna, Stephane Bancel, admits that Moderna had 100,000 doses of the vaccine in 2019; why were they making vaccines for COVID in 2019 if the pandemic didn’t hit until 2020? This is the most unbelievable cover-up ever; if we had any real press, this would be the headline everywhere. Every conservative outlet should be talking about this, instead, they are avoiding this topic.

I want to know why we are hiding from this topic. We need to get this out to everybody, and we all need to be asking why our conservative leaders aren’t taking steps on this. Not indicting Fauci, just put Fauci in jail and move on; it’s time to go after the guys who were behind this. We need to go after the DOD, CIA, and DIA, who are all still funding and working on this. We have to fight this because there’s no doubt they have another pandemic coming.




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