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Threading Narratives Together
Nicholas Creed

Having written about various intersecting agendas at play on the world stage, I wanted to gather my thoughts in weaving it all together as I currently see the state of play. I may well be wrong about this – I often am – but I do keep an open mind and try not to write off any new information; even when it can be painful to acknowledge new depths of depravity and evil.

mRNA injections

I have recently discovered Sasha Latypova’s Substack, who writes brilliantly about the biopharmaceutical industrial complex and the connections to the military industrial complex. Latypova’s writing, her composure throughout an interview with Steve Kirsch and also with Robert F. Kennedy Jr opened my eyes to pharma companies being thrown under the bus as sacrificial lambs. They are still wholly complicit and evil criminal enterprises nonetheless.

However, more evidence points to the U.S Department of Defense ordering the specifications for the mRNA covid-19 injections, with military terminology such as ‘countermeasures’ referred to in the contracts themselves, all indicative of war being waged against their own citizens.

Here you can view and download all the Covid-19 contracts (injections & test kits):

Try downloading the Pfizer and Moderna contracts and using ctrl+F to search for words like ‘countermeasures’ and ‘manufacture’…

Latypova warns that all vaccines are transitioning to mRNA technology, and recommends not to vaccinate for anything unless absolutely necessary. I see this evidenced in local Thai media and elsewhere, as the flu ‘vaccine’ is being combined with the covid ‘vaccine’.

New mRNA injections for cancer, heart problems, and a host of other diseases are being touted as miracles by the fake stream media. This overwhelmingly suggests the pharma industries – and the government health bodies behind them / embedded within them acting as enablers instead of regulators – are cashing in on the side effects of the “safe and effective” covid injections.

There are more sinister developments brewing that we have yet to see actualise. I am referring to the reports of nanotech and unidentifiable foreign objects found in the bloodstreams of the vaxxed and unvaxxed and also by embalmers at funeral homes. I have read about the dangers of 5G – not just in general with radiation risks – but the speculation on how it could be weaponised, perhaps targeting the vaxxed as conductors / signal receivers. This is pure speculation. The concept may become more apparent once people start getting implantable tech.

A relevant side note here – a frightening piece from Mark Crispin Miller on horses dropping dead after being fitted with wireless transmitters / receivers.

The first round of mRNA injections is a global extermination event. A major culling. A mass infertility inducement. Future mRNA injections may continue this trend and also serve the purpose of testing tolerance levels of such new ‘technologies’ and limits of genetic modification.

Transgenderism, a genderless society, and normalising pedophilia

It was sickening to read about Zuckerberg’s Meta having an instagram algorithm that recommends pedophilia groups to pedophile users. Meta knew.

Link to tweet.

We’ll see if the legal proceedings are a whitewash. As reports show that many transgendered individuals have a history of abuse, I don’t think is too much of a stretch to imagine that this in itself could be weaponised to expose more children to online predators. This in turn leading to more traumatised teens experiencing gender dysphoria, and ultimately transitioning with surgery, hormones, and puberty blockers.

Zerohedge article link.<

I would recommend watching Plandemic 3 for a historical look at previous periods of totalitarianism, tyranny, and communism, whereby gender identity was subverted to create a genderless society. Such as Mao’s China, whereby women had their heads shaved and were made to wear asexual clothes – the same was done to men. An attempt to remove sexual desire from the population, no more bipolarity of male and female. Rather than turning towards each other, the people then turn towards the state.

In our current totalitarian hellscape, the youth are willingly doing this to themselves.

This is being driven by western government’s obsession with the ‘T’ in the LGB[…]acronym. Drag queen story hour, pride month, and wokeism are inescapable. Companies are doubling down on the ‘S’ in the environmental, social, governance (ESG) movement.

The transgenderism movement is being weaponised to create a genderless society loyal to the state, to further the depopulation agenda by creating multiple generations of infertile individuals, and has darker undertones in its attempts to decriminalise sex with minors – as I recently covered linking to shocking reports written by the UN, the WHO, and their think tanks.

Transgenderism also provides a malleable foundation on which to make transhumanism more palatable to future generations – specifically in terms of augmentation, promises of enhancement, and to be whatever one wants to be in a metaverse, ultimately prioritising a person’s own customisable digital reality over the physical human lived experience.

Digital ID and CBDC

One app to rule them all? More like one concept. A digital ID that creates a permission-based society, allowing ‘freedom’ of movement only if the individual possesses the requisite social credit score. The digital ID looks set to include medical records (vaxxeeens), carbon footprints, and of course the central bank digital currency tokens. The tokens could be frozen due to bad behaviour deemed anti-government. The tokens could be allocated for certain foods (insects) and disallow other indulgences (meat & alcohol).

For now, downloading an app in order to enter this UK supermarket piloting a QR code system is a choice. In the future it may not be. All your purchasing habits tracked and monitored in real time. No app = no food. Welcome to the beginnings of the digital gulag.

Climate delusion

I have written about the plan for “absolute zero” to close all airports by 2050.

We could draw a link between the vax mandates seeing scores of pilots incapacitated and having “medical emergencies” with the net zero plan to abolish air travel. If there is no supply of qualified pilots because they are all mRNA injection injured, then even with a high demand for air travel, how can this be solved? Pilotless planes?

The climate delusion manipulates people’s legitimate concerns about the environment to gain public support for diminished standards of living through stealth. Carbon footprints and worthless carbon credit scams to simultaneously rule the serfs, whilst allowing corporations to circumvent curtailment to their operations, manufacturing production, and waste disposal.

The linkage to the CBDC is that these carbon metrics will be tracked in the digital ID app.

We are now seeing strong evidence of forest fires exacerbated in various parts of the world by a mixture of paid arsonists, drones, and potentially using directed energy weapons (DEWs).

Link to tweet.

Mark Crispin Miller’s recent post is recommended reading on this phenomena in Canada.

I have yet to release part 3 of my series on the climate scam in Thailand, for which I have reason to believe that fires, and by extension the air pollution have been intentionally worsened to gain support for climate based policies on the political party front.

The ultimate goal of the climate delusion is not just for the parasite class to rule over serfs through neo-feudalism. It is to make up and coming generations see themselves as a cancer on the earth. Make them want their own demise, in order to ‘save’ the planet.


For access to all I have written on this subject, you can visit this section of the stack.

Transhumanism has its roots in eugenics. Eugenics is the practice of state sponsored sterilisation of the disabled, mentally handicapped, or those otherwise deemed “unfit to breed.” In the film from 1934 called Tomorrow’s Children in which eugenics is advocated for, and a woman is told of plans to sterilise her and her family to avoid future generations of “feeble-minded” children being brought into the world. *Not my words – the words of eugenicists.

[link to full movie]

Whitney Webb wrote a brilliant piece – A “Leap” toward Humanity’s Destruction – in which she weaves the surveillance state agenda together with genomic surveillance, biodigital convergence and the overarching transhumanist agenda.

I draw the link between mRNA injections and transhumanism as the literal experimentation of genetically altering humanity. Testing limits of tolerance for lipid nanoparticles in order to perfect secrets to longevity for those at the top capstone of the pyramidal new world order hierarchy. Obviously there are batches of the mRNA injections designed to maim, sterilise, and kill too.

Aside from mRNA injections, other transhumanist ideals are slowly going mainstream with the promise of youthfulness attainment, regeneration of cells, and enhancement.

I found this particularly disturbing to read:

Waybackmachine (non pay-walled link).

The transgenderism movement is being introduced to children in schools, pushed and incentivised by governments, rewarding corporations with corporate equity index (CEI) and environmental social governence (ESG) point scoring systems.

I see a connection between subverting, inverting, or destroying biological gender with intersectionality and “gender fluidity”, climate delusions, and transhumanism.

If individuals experience gender dysphoria at a young age, they are likely to act on this through surgical procedures. Having altered their physicality through surgical and chemical means, they could be receptive to further augmentation via implantable technology (RFID chip / brain-chip). If they are particularly confused with their dysphoria, they may opt to go one step further and get rid of their physical bodies entirely.

If they also buy into the climate delusion, this could be an additional catalyst to reduce their carbon footprint, by exiting their emission-causing meatsuit and becoming entirely digital.

Predictive programming case in point; a 3 minute clip from an old BBC series “years and years” in which a teenage girl tells her parents exactly that:

There are more narratives and rabbit holes we could go down to weave this tapestry together, but I think that will suffice for this post. If you’re disappointed that I didn’t touch on AI, then you may find this post illuminating.

screenshot from Endgame (2007) documentary.

Don’t take the chip.

Reject CBDC.

Resist transhumanist augmentation, enhancement, and promises of unnatural longevity.

Stay human.

Be pro-humanity.

Nicholas Creed is a Bangkok-based journalistic dissident. Follow Creed Speech on Substack.

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Bangkok based journalistic dissident. Writing about multiple agendas across our totalitarian dystopia, from the new normal to climate alarmism, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, and the importance of our lost spirituality.

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