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Inexplicable Times
Robert M. Hamburger

Relief from the pandemic was seemingly just a tease. Case numbers are rising again. So too are deaths. Masks are returning. Corporate media hyperbole makes it harder and harder to know what to believe.

CNN has become the leader of the worst. An online headline from earlier this month: “We’re fighting two diseases - the virus and stupidity.” There is news and there is opinion, judgmental headlines like these are neither. I used to consider CNN to be a reliable source to get an overview of the headlines being dispensed to the masses. Now I don’t go there.

I was done with MSNBC after catching a clip of Rachel shortly after getting her second jab. She was telling her viewers that it was their duty to humanity to get the spike-protein-inducing injections and that those who were not doing so were despicable human beings. My mother taught me that if I was at friend’s house and somebody spoke in such a manner that I was to run home as fast as I could.

FoxNews is one of the greatest brainwashing operations in the history of humankind. I have clicked on their site a handful of times for the sole purpose of seeing how they were misinforming their viewers as major news stories were unfolding. The last time was about a year ago when I witnessed Tucker making Rachel and Anderson look like serious newscasters.

The tale of two cities also begs more questions. Last week I visited Boulder, Colorado, a liberal and pretentious enclave, and Saratoga, Wyoming, a conservative and salt-of-the-earth kind of place. Fifty-percent of those I saw in Boulder had masks on while there was not a mask anywhere to be seen in Saratoga. Do the people in one town know more than those in the other? Which town has a higher vaxxie rate? Which town’s populace is making the wiser decisions? Will Covid numbers spike in one town and not the other? 

My questions of the past many months persist, with no conclusive answers. Are the spike-protein-injections the most effective way to get to herd immunity? Will we all catch Covid at some point - vaxxed or unvaxxed? If we will all get Covid why isn’t the immune system I came with my best option rather than endless booster jabs? Are the jabs worsening the spread of Delta variant? Is the mass injection of experimental technology the right answer when 98+% of those who contract Covid recover and the average American lifespan has only been shorted by 1.5 years since this started? How is FDA Approval superior to Emergency Use Authorization when there is still no long term data yet available? Why do people who have chosen to get the spike-protein-injections consider me to be a heretic for asking such things?

We have gone from a pro-Donald/anti-Donald divided nation to a pro-vaxx/anti-vaxx divided nation In just one year.

Is this policy-by-design? 

As we continue to fight with each other the greatest ever transfer of wealth is taking place right before our eyes. History teaches that when transfers of wealth of this magnitude occur revolts are not far behind.

The government is aware of this and they prepare for us. Maybe such uprisings are weeks away, maybe a decade or more. Still, they get ready. Local cops now look like para-military units (they are). Surveillance cameras are commonplace. Everything any of us has viewed on the internet is in a database and our movements can be tracked with the chips in our cell phones. Edward Snowden told us this. Eight years later he remains in exile. James Clapper, former Director of the NSA, who lied to our representatives (members of Congress) when he said there was no mass surveillance is not only not in prison for perjuring himself, he is a commentator on the aforementioned CNN. The same network that hires a criminal tells me I am stupid for not getting the vaccine.

Want to have some real fireworks in the United States of America? Put Clapper on trial and hope that he lives to squeal.

The script has completely flipped. It is near miraculous - the blues are the party of the establishment and the reds are now proclaiming “my body, my choice.” 

If this is policy it is ingenious; if it coincidence it is no less sad.

We are bereft of real leaders. Our most recent presidents showboat - there was no Barack’s change I could believe in - just as there was no Donald’s draining the swamp or making America great again - just as there will be no Joe’s building back better. These three guys have collectively saddled us with more debt than all of the presidents who came before them combined.

The politicians know that bringing things back into economic balance would crash the whole system. We are insolvent and there is no way around it. Those unfortunate enough to be elected to the highest office in the land only hope to kick the can down the road for the next person. Back in the days of Donald I was convinced that he had been “installed” by the powers (whomever they may be) and that the whole house of cards would come crashing down on the gambling parlor bankruptcy aficionado. 

Donald was fortunate to escape such indignity.

Or has he? 

There is more to the story of Donald and it only just now might it be moving towards a climax.

Inflation rages. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says it running at 5% per year. Many non-mainstream business news sites say it is around 12%. A small bag of groceries now costs $30 - a modest vehicle runs $40,000 - gas is back above $4 in many parts of the country. The same government that tells me that inflation is only 5%, echoed by the network that hires a criminal, tells me that the Covid vaxxie is the best and only way forward.

America is going the way of empires past. We slide into decay from every direction - inside, outside, left, right - and to believe that we will be the greatest nation on earth until the end of time is collectively narcissistic. Our time is drawing to a close. That is not good or bad, it is just how the world works. The sun sets on every empire … and the more we deny it the more painful it will likely be.

History teaches that every society that has become overstretched and/or indebted (and often entangled in the Middle East) and that resorted to money creation for the sake of staying afloat soon brings failure upon itself. Every bubble, regardless of believing it’s-different-this-time, pops. Someone in Joe’s administration has to know this. So must people at the Federal Reserve Bank. 

We hope.

New terms enter into discourse - Modern Monetary Theory, reset, digital currency. We are told what is coming … then when it comes we will all know what it is because we have already been told.

News from the Afghanistan fiasco now rivals Covid for headlines. I was seventeen when we pulled out of Saigon. Then, I was a teenager and just beginning to understand how corrupt Washington was. Now, I believe we should try our elected representatives for treason. Then and now, I ask what were we doing in both of these places to begin with?

President Dwight D. Eisenhower warned us: “In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military/industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”

The complex has won, and expanded to include /banking/pharmaceutical/security/media. It owns nearly all of the people who should be representing us. American corporations thrive with our purchasing dollars yet pay only minimal taxes. Nancy, Chuck, Mitch, Lindsay, their predecessors and cohorts did this to us. 

Change I believe in - making America great again - and building back better would have corporations footing the government’s bill for the privilege of doing business with the People.

The divide worsens, the politicians and media tell us the other side is wrong, hospitals are filling up, the West is on fire again, reservoirs are going dry, a hurricane comes to New England, the Taliban are back in power and now fully armed, small businesses have been decimated by Covid, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer, pharmaceutical boosters could soon be the new erroneous badges of honor, infighting is everywhere, mass shootings are normal, life on planet earth is becoming more precarious. 

And the stock market makes a new all-time high most every week???

“Don't give in to your fears. If you do, you won't be able to talk to your heart.” 

― Paulo Coelho




My name is Robert Hamburger, and this is my stand. A place where I share food for thought and humanitarian ideas from my perch, high up in the Rocky Mountains. I have lived off beaten path and away from much of the stimuli of Western civilization for the past 22 years. Every day I walk, hike, ride or ski my dog several miles into the wilderness from my door. Being on the outskirts of mainstream life has been one of the most rewarding choices I have ever made. Politically I am an outspoken, free-thinking, label-defying, green, libertarian-esque, natural law, resister. Professionally I advise people in their lives, businesses and for the need to own gold and/or silver ... in addition to running the cash register at my local food co-op a couple of afternoons each week.

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