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A Takeover Of America
General Michael Flynn

China’s ambitions include becoming the world’s superpower. They are the number one trading partner with almost 80% of the world, and China’s principal military partner is Russia. So, when we speak on the war in Europe and how we’re ready to spend hundreds of billions of dollars, and we debate the potential for nuclear warfare, we’re not just up against Putin, we’re up against China and Russia.  

We are looking at a war in Europe that could easily evolve into WWIII, and you must ask yourself why. Why is America fighting for a country that we don’t have a vital national security interest in? If anything, NATO is violating the Budapest Accords formed after the Cold War which, among other key issues, ended further expansion of NATO to the frontiers of Russia.  

We are also moving towards an economic war between global alliances. I believe there are another ten countries, one of whom is France, which may be joining the powerful BRICS alliance. The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) alone represent about 47% of the world’s population and by adding these additional ten, that’s approximately 75% of the world’s population uniting with China. These countries have large economic relationships and capacity, and in the future could work together in a military alliance—that could be devastating to the United States.  

The Chinese and Russians have had a long-standing economic and military relationship. We’ve recently seen Xi Jinping visit Russia and strengthen particularly, their military alliance. As things stand now, just as the United States provides tanks to the Ukraine, China is providing military hardware and other necessary resources to Russia. And escalation and prolongation of war is never good.

We’re now seeing the White House send slightly over 3,000 reservists to Europe to build up our U.S. forces. 3,000 may not seem like a large number but look at the types of people they are sending: logistics, intelligence, and human resource specialists. This tells me a lot because these are the types of people that are going to go and begin to prepare to potentially bring in larger forces. 

This incrementalism happened in Vietnam. The American people were generally behind the war in Vietnam initially until they saw what was really happening and how many American soldiers were being sent to die in Vietnam. The attitude of the country changed dramatically, and yet it took another 6-7 years to extract ourselves out of that war. A war that eventually cost 55,000 Killed in Action and many thousands more wounded.

Ukraine is not going to be Vietnam. If we start putting combat forces into Ukraine, we’re going to see numbers that we haven’t seen since WWII in terms of casualties, that’s the real potential.  

So why is Ukraine so important? Well, it’s a hub for human trafficking, narcotics trafficking, and weapons trafficking. Also, Victoria Nuland from the US State Department testified in front of Congress that there are many US BIO labs in Ukraine. And there is a lot of other money flowing into this country, all making you wonder, where is the money going?  

Republican conservative senators and many members of the house of representatives continue to support this war. While at home, we have a 30-40 trillion-dollar debt, we have an invasion of our southern border, skyrocketing crime rates and we have people dying in our streets from fentanyl, which is produced and shipped in from China. So, we have our own battlefield here in America due to a total lack of moral authority and leadership.

Our country right now, is not at the precipice looking over the edge of the cliff, we’re in the valley of the shadow of death. We have given in and given up the moral high ground to what I truly believe is a communist takeover, a Marxist left takeover of our country through the various institutions within our country including and up to the White House.   

One of the last bastions of culture that would have to be taken over is our military via the destruction of trust from the people of our country, and that is well on its way to happening. An erosion of the bond between the American people and its military began with our retreat from Afghanistan and it continues as drag queens perform on our Navy aircraft carriers.  

From a cultural perspective, an attack on our military would focus on new recruits, by tearing at the fabric of society to make it so people don’t want to sign up. The second phase would entail going after current retention. Attacking soldiers with a MAGA bumper sticker or removing those who decided against the Covid-19 shot.  

We used to say that you recruit the soldier, but you retain the family for a lifelong soldier. But now, Biden’s Army secretary is discouraging potential recruits who are coming from military families, explaining that she plans to draw in people who have no real connection to the military. This is crazy talk, but from a military perspective, it’s dangerous and an attempt to break trust in our military, which is known for its integrity, sacrifices, and simply being the one institution remaining that was apolitical left in the federal government.

I pray that as we go forward, the American people will fight to retake the moral high ground and stand up for our faith, families, and communities. We do this through local action, which will have a national impact. If people don’t repurpose their lives now, we might lose this country. 


 With more than 33 years of service in the United States military and current Chairman of America’s Future, General Michael Flynn’s military career culminated as the Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and as the nation’s highest serving military intelligence officer.

After retiring from the Army in 2014 and as a private citizen, General Flynn went on to serve in a variety of business, educational, and non-profit roles, to include supporting veterans’ organizations around the country, something he continues to do today.

His public service included selection and service as a foreign policy advisor to several Republican U.S. presidential candidates (2016) and subsequent appointment and service as the National Security Advisor to the 45th President of the United States of America.

General Flynn is a National Bestselling Author, holds three master’s degrees, and is recipient of numerous military, intelligence and law enforcement awards.

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