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T.L. Davis

Here are some questions I have that when I ask them of my representative or senator, I get BS answers, but this is only because not enough people are asking these questions. 

Part of resistance to treason is recognizing what resistance is. I think of it like a simple electronic circuit, current flows from point A to point B in a direct route and it’s considered “open.” If you add a resistor into the circuit, it slows the current down, add enough and the flow of the current stops all together. That’s the point of resistance, but it has to have enough resistors for it to work. Right now, there’s too few and the circuit, while hampered, continues to flow with objectives that are not beneficial to the people. 

I’ve listed some questions that can and should be asked of representatives and senators. They are, for the most part, bi-partisan in nature. This is not intended to achieve anything other than to slow the circuit down, bring those issues to the fore and make politicians answer questions they’re trying to ignore. If that creates doubt in their ability to force the agenda through, or makes them focus on uncomfortable issues, so be it. 

    1. With 60+% of the people, Republicans, Independents and Democrats, recognizing that some form of cheating or election interference took place in the 2020 and 2022 elections with 66% of the people anticipating election interference to play a part in the 2024 election, why isn’t election integrity being pursued by anyone? Why is this expectation of foul play not dangerous to “democracy?” 

    2. If the World Reserve Currency is an important part of why the US can run historically high debt to GDP ratios, why is the recent de-dollarization not being addressed at any level? Especially when nearly 75% of the people wanted debt reduction as part of the debt limit increase negotiations, 25% of which did not want an increase in the debt limit even with debt reduction, but the people got neither. Why are you not demanding accountability? 

    3. NPR reported that 73% of Americans, obviously bi-partisan, believe that the amount of illegal immigrants coming across the border is a problem. With over six million illegals entering the US since Joe Biden took office, why is this bi-partisan concern not being addressed by both sides of the House and/or Senate? Why is there no concern expressed about the amount of drugs and sex trafficking that occurs as a result of the border issues in either house of congress?

    4. With all of the recent admissions of the FDA and CDC considering the danger of the Covid 19 vaccine, why is it still being prescribed? Why does the House and Senate continue to turn a blind eye to the health concerns of citizens it has been shown are growing more and more skeptical of the medical profession and the efficacy of vaccines in general, some that might be causing SIDS, Autism and Myocarditis? 

    5. Are you aware that all solar and wind initiatives are still incapable of providing more than 30% of demand, even if running at full capacity? That they are still unavailable at all 68% of the time? Why does the government subsidize this massive expenditure without any accountability for increased power generation, the lack of which will soon cause great harm to the people?

    6. Ask your financial advisor in charge of your IRA or 401K whether Sequoia Capital is in your portfolio and ask them why any of your investments should fund the Chinese People’s Liberation Army. That’s what Sequoia Capital does with about half of it’s funds and why it’s currently under fire.
    7. Ask your bank whether they intend to participate in FedNow, recognizing that FedNow is the precursor to the implementation of Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) by which they fully intend to restrict your funds based on a highly subjective and politically charged social credit score. 

    8. Ask your butcher, I work with a local rancher and have already quizzed him on his process and the introduction of mRMNA into his meat production. Fortunately for me, he feels like I do. I don’t take that as a permanent answer and will continue to question him on the processes the USDA require to sell his meat, as I suspect they will get around this tactic sooner or later. 

Why all this matters is this: At about the same time, September, the US is going to suffer from a couple of important new developments. First, the blank check the Republican House wrote to Joe Biden is going to grow into trillions of increased debt our debt has already grown by $800 billion (since late May), forcing the debt service over 1 trillion dollars a year. What people have to understand about that, is the debt service is paid before one pencil, one gallon of jet fuel is purchased. It very literally is a national security threat that the whole of government not only ignored, but seemed to throw in the faces of the public that demanded responsibility. 

The second thing is the announcement of the BRICs currency, backed by gold, oil or other commodities. Right now, before they even have a currency to challenge the world reserve currency, i.e., the dollar, 80 nations have signed up to start using it rather than the dollar. That’s what this reckless spending bill bought us, doubt and skepticism that the dollar will hold value in the future. Part of that is the distancing of crucial nations, like OPEC, from using the dollar as the preferred means of purchasing oil. In both realms, the dollar is being ditched. Without any objective value to the dollar other than it’s promise of stability, something that has recently been exposed as an outright lie, it cannot hold value. 

Nothing will stave off this catastrophe, it can only be sped up, not slowed down. Into this chaos they want to implement CBDC, ensuring your economic slavery to the woke agenda. This is the reason to resist anything having to do with FedNow. It’s like revisiting the lockdown. If we would have all just continued on with our lives (most of my readers did), kept our doors open, fought and been willing to be jailed, the lockdown would have been abandoned in a few weeks and their whole agenda would have been thrown off schedule. 

This is a second chance to derail their midnight train to oblivion. We must reject the use of FedNow, start using money orders rather than checks, turn paychecks into cash immediately while cash is still available. The best way to stop all of this is to take all of your money out of banks, every dime. If the banks will only offer FedNow services, refuse to use banks. That’s where Crypto works into the equation, even though I’m still skeptical of Crypto myself. It’s better than economic slavery, allowing any government to have that sort of power of manipulation. Crypto is used without banks and funds can be transferred and used in most transactions right now, privately. We have to find out how to run our lives absence banks, at least as much as possible to deny them the power they seek. 

I do mean right now, today. 

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