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And Then I Forget and Go Back To Sleep.
Darryl Cooper

Julian Assange is a political prisoner of the Western security establishment, a head they keep on a pike as a warning to anyone else who gets funny ideas about letting the public know what their governments are doing. Every so often this hits me full force, but then I forget again and go back to sleep.

We have overwhelming evidence that our intelligence agencies were working with Jeffrey Epstein, a convicted child rapist and known blackmailer close with the most powerful people in the Western world, and every so often that hits me too, but then I forget and go back to sleep.

We sent unregulated jihadist militias hopped up on Captagon to destroy Syria, and we kept sending them guns and money while they engaged in mass rape and genocide. We supported jihadist militias in Chechnya, and one of the groups we directly armed & trained took over a school in Beslan, Russia and killed almost 200 children. We worked with full-blown neo-Nazi militias to overthrow the elected government of Ukraine, and gave them our full support even as they kidnapped, tortured, killed, and burned alive Russian-speaking civilians in cities across Ukraine. We completely destroyed Libya for no reason at all, and Hillary Clinton laughed and celebrated upon hearing that Ghadaffi had been sodomized to death with a bayonet. There is more than enough evidence to convict Bill Clinton in a court of law for violently raping Juanita Broderick. We have allowed an industry built around physically and chemically castrating small children to flourish. These are just the well-documented things we know about, and only a few of them. The Bidens taking a few million dollars for selling his office seems like such small potatoes. Every so often these things hit me, and I wonder how we’re not all flooding the streets and summarily executing the people behind this evil… and then I forget and go back to sleep.




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