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World Oil Supply Set To Decline In Coming Decade
Art Berman

If you're watching this, whether you're a fan of fossil fuels or not, there's no denying that modern society is still immensely dependent on them -- particularly oil. Look around you -- practically everything you see required oil somewhere along the process of being mined, manufactured or transported to get to where you are.

Even the food you ate today. Oil is still the lifeblood of the global economy.

Yet after hitting $120/barrel a year ago, its price has since dropped nearly in half.

For an update on what lies ahead with this essential fuel, as well as the global energy markets in general, we welcome petroleum geologist & energy industry analyst Art Berman back to the program




Oil and gas markets fascinate me. I am a working petroleum geologist.  I also have a degree in Middle Eastern history. That gives me a completely different perspective than other analysts.

I love unraveling the complex factors that drive markets and prices. I look at everything but comparative inventory is the cornerstone of my approach. That’s a real difference from my peers. It’s also why I get oil and gas markets right more often than most. Work with me and I’ll help you make better investment decisions based on realistic price calls

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