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Righting This Cacophony of Wrongs
Mark E. Jeftovic

I hope everyone has had the time to properly appreciate their first days of summer. If you did not, then I hope your efforts have gotten you closer to being capable of doing so soon.

Today’s writing is inspired by my many conversations over the current state of our United States of America, and how far we have fallen from the Tree of Freedom that our Honored Fallen sacrificed their lives for. How Americans have lost sight of what truly matters, and how our uneducated & unfit masses continue to make decisions that enable their complacencies over doing what needs to be done in order to save the future of our country, for ourselves and for our children…

Failure Teaches. Victory Confirms.

Taking the path of immediate gratification, and especially selling-out the futures of our children, alongside the soul of our proud nation, is inextricably not American. Providing products of shite quality is inextricably not American. Choosing to do the easy thing over that which is more difficult, and that which is right, is inextricably not American. Sacrificing our own steadfastness, our own resilience, and going back on our promises and debts is not American.

Simple vs Easy

The steps required for correcting this egregious path are simple but they are not easy. This brings us to the first true step (Step 0.1) towards course-correction, of any kind. Conflation of something so basic as simple & easy is a problem that we as Americans must identify, acknowledge, and work to correct. A task can be simple; “do [x] in order to get [y] outcome,” but that does not mean that the task will be easy; “man doing [x] required so little effort to so I could get [y].”

Ignorance of Failure

Admitting that we have gone awry is the other 90% of Step 1, that we have made a series of mistakes and poor decisions is necessary. Because it is okay. It is okay to make mistakes, to be wrong. It is not okay to make mistakes, to be wrong, and not own-up to them. Not accepting that we have made wrong/bad decisions is extremely dangerous as there is no learning or growth that is allowed to occur when we choose to ignore our failures. Failure teaches. Victory confirms.

The Average American is the one who holds the power in the coming years — as this is a situation that will take years to correct and get back on “the path.” I have a few simple suggestions for the everyday American to follow if you would like to be on the right side of history.



America is not well. Between those already diagnosed with diabetes, and those that are prediabetic we are looking at 49% of the Us adult population being affected, alone. According to data from 2017 (which is 6 years old mind you) the US population was looking at an obesity rate of 42%. Keep in mind that this does not include the concoction of chronic metabolic syndromes and diseases that accompany obesity; heart disease, hypertension, cardiovascular disease, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis, neurodegenerative conditions, cancers, and so on.

Americans need to get up off the couch and out of their desk chairs and push, pull, and breathe their way into individual fortitude. If the worst of the worst were to happen today, the amount of human life that would be lost simply due to intermittent access to power, let alone food, would be daunting and egregious. Through complacencies afforded the modern era we have become more fragile than ever in history. Yet we have access to the best technologies, methodologies, sciences, and access to more food and information than in any other prior empire in the history of our planet.

As Americans it is our duty and our privilege to become the baddest motherf*ckers that we can become. We are in the Land of the Free. Where you can be free to be a fat, lazy, complacent pile of shit all you want. I don’t know about you… but me, I want to be the most fit, well-rounded, capable, educated, understanding individual that I can be because I am free to do so. Because when shit-hits-fan, which is a virtual certainty (on any scale), I want to be capable of providing the strength and clear-headedness to be capable of providing protection and support to those I care about. Being comfortable means f^ck-all when life deals you a powdered backhand and you are not capable of being an effective force in times of adversity or fear — regardless of whether you are a man or a woman.

If you are not capable to react to the plethora of known knowns as far as potential negative outcomes, then you cannot even hope to be capable of handling those unknown unknowns. Of which are infinite. Fitness and sound health makes the individual far more capable of handling adversity, and during moments of historical shifts in the balance of power adversity is commonplace. Fill the gyms and run the trails, become the embodiment of strength that your neighbors, loved ones, and peers need.


GET ack-tually EDUCATED

America today has been taught to demonize coming incorrect, and pedestalize being correct. To the extent of where people are attributing their being correct as a part of their identity. This poses a slew of problems for a society as the search for what is true and what is right gets lost. As the discussion [inevitably] turns towards pushback, these individuals tend to fall into defensive mode. In these moments their identity comes into question as a relation to their correctness, like when Anthony Fauci made the claim that to question him was to question science. Science, as is every other aspect of knowing & understanding, is and should always be under question. We do not know everything. In fact, we actually know very little about quite literally everything that we observe in our reality to-date. Therefore an individual’s identity should never be tied to their tendency to be accurate or correct in matters of fact; when we know so little, we are all guaranteed to be wrong much more often than we are right.

The American Education System has played a pivotal role in this degeneration of our countrymen’s and countrywomen’s capabilities to practice critical-thinking and original thought. Robert A. Burton, M.D., does a great job of crystalizing my point in his book On Being Certain in one very succinct sentence towards the end of Chapter 8 found on page 84;

“Memorizing facts doesn’t require logic, cause-and-effect, or any significant ability to reason.”

which is precisely what our entire “educative system” is structured around. Memorization. The antithesis to learning.

American schools have failed, abysmally. There is no such thing as a template for learning. Every single soul will learn differently from another. Just like with nutrition and physiology; every single body is different, so why is it that we think that the mind could operate by any other rule? This is also what has contributed to the mislabeling of a large portion of the “mental disorders” today. In a recent essay I argued my position for believing that conditions such as ADD/ADHD, anxiety, and depression are, for the vast majority, not diseases but misidentified signals by the body & mind. Leading to responses to treat the symptoms rather than address the sources of the signal(s). Culminating in continued dysfunction that grows in severity the longer the dysfunction goes unanswered. The dysfunction of the education (indoctrination) system is contributing to the misinterpretation of these states of mind, while also leading to a misidentification of the solutions due to the erosion of logic, cause-and-effect analysis, and erosion of the ability to reason.

So, American schools have not been teaching our children how to learn… what about what they have been memorizing?

This is where things get fun and a little scary at the same time. The textbooks and curriculums pushed in front of us through our scholastic syllabi (and those of our children) are poised to be treasure-troves of truth… but are they, truly? Below I have provided 2 videos that I have been recommending to now thousands of individuals across the twitter spaces & podcasts I have been graciously invited to be a part of, and in private individual discussions over the past 3 years. The perspectives are daunting, that there could be so much to history that got brushed under the metaphorical rug, forgotten about, and then pretended like was never the case.

I call on all of you to make it a point to watch these videos. Go in with a position that you (and I) do not know every individual thing that has transpired across history that was covered in our textbooks. And consider how then (as now) there were many multiples of developments and strategies all playing-out simultaneously. With little-to-no awareness that they were occurring. Events that have transpired over the past 36 months should serve as adequate testimony to this very reality.

That’s It.

Between just these two points, we can see dramatic changes in America’s populace for the better. These changes can begin to bare fruit in a mere handful of years… Consider how much smoother healthcare can become when the system is alleviated of the deadweight of a complacent and unhealthy populace. Consider how much more effective teaching and lecture can become when we have a populace that is critically thinking and capable of effectively challenging anything and everything with logical and rational bases. This is how we improve… EVERYTHING. You want better innovation, better ideas, better leaders, better policies, better technology? We need new, original ideas that can only come from strong & healthy children raised on logic and reason.

A Bitcoin Discussion

With this rebel’s education approach we have to talk about two aspects that are touched on in both videos. Keep in mind that both were produced very much independently of each other, yet share a common thread: private & central bankers have continually acted against the best interests of their constituents in order to maintain their grips on power. From breaking away from the rule of a queen over taxes to only end up copying the precisely same system once independence was achieved… to funding both sides of a world war… something has to change. That’s not even including the capability to print currency (not money, there’s a difference) on a whim or a desire. Providing a vertically-integrated system of power that provides influence beyond that of any single individual or organization when these systems are also based out of the jurisdiction that holds the position of Global Reserve Currency.

This is a power dynamic that must be disrupted. In my opinion it does not need to be totally done away with as there will always be a percentage of the population that desires the services provided by banks. The point is to particularly disrupt the vertically integrated stack that these parties have developed. This is where bitcoin plays an important role, and where I am proud to shamelessly plug my efforts in working with a few passionate individuals to put together a call to separate money from the state. One can argue as much as they want that the state is separated from the process of money formation & banking, on paper, but when we are dealing with human incentives and human policy that is all at the whim of human influence via politics… all roads converge on the two becoming inextricably linked. Creating a true monster. One could say a “creature from Jekyll Island.”

Going further, bitcoin provides an avenue of game theory (hat tip to John Nash) that provides an incentive mechanism that is far and beyond anything that is available thanks to any other technology to-date. With properly custodied bitcoin, the individual, organization, or country is afforded a strategy that has never been available in history, ‘til now. With bitcoin a party is capable of holding value that can ultimately avoid seizure even after death. Meaning that vaults can escape plunder, and something as ludicrous as a death tax becomes a distant memory. Resulting in an environment where, in order to accumulate economic/monetary value, one must provide product or service that is worthy of said value being directed towards their project. If the market does not deem the product to be worthy of their economic power, then there is no other way of accumulating it. Incentivizing cooperation, innovation, and efficiency… a polar opposite incentive mechanism than today where computers and textbooks make marginal improvements (if any) and selling of a “new” flashy product at the expense of the consumer.

As society progresses, new approaches to old problems are behooved. Money & currency is a problem as old as time that has been iterated on to further improve the cooperation and cohabitation of the human species. To think that we are beyond this natural need is a hubris of the utmost.

Personally, I Don’t Care…

I don’t care whether you are interested in the bitcoin mission. Your money is your power and your responsibility. Everyone has the freedom and the right to do what they desire, or deem proper, for their accumulated wealth and purchasing power. But what I do care about is strong, healthy, and capable Americans and American children.

At the very least… if you are a parent you are behooved to provide your child(ren) a proper role model. A strong mother and father that continually work to improve the condition of their family leaves a healthy mark on their offspring regardless of whether they believe their children are watching intently or not. Parents that continually seek improved understanding teaches multiple lessons to their little ones, paramountly that education never stops. Parents that deploy this kind of hustle (if we’re being fair, this isn’t even hustle this is simply staying an efficacious human), not only improve America’s future by rearing up strong & intelligent children but also make for a healthier, stronger, better informed voting populous. Our parents simply need to stop engaging in degenerative behaviors like binge-consuming the plethora of non-informative streaming services, and get back to education being the past-time. Like the days of olde of the cable era with such heavyweights as Animal Planet, the Discovery Channel, and the History Channel — oh how I long for those days to return.

Those of us that are not parents, we hold the very same responsibilities. As uncles & aunts, cousins, brothers & sisters, sons & daughters, and family friends; we hold powerful influence. We can act as a confirming force for what those hustler parents are doing is the proper thing. We can act as a challenge to those parents that choose not to better themselves, showing those children that there are better ways of getting the damn thing done. Children are not dumb.

We all have power to influence; residing in the decisions we make on a daily basis and the lifestyles we choose to adopt. You don’t need to be an influencer with a 5 digit follower count in order to leave a strong, positive mark on those around you.

You may feel stuck. Know that your improved future stands on the other side of your improved health & wellness, and your improved understanding of the world. Your own path out of your rut will become easier to see once you climb that first hill.

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