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OceanGate Titan submarine SINKS during voyage to Titanic because racist CEO Stockton Rush didn’t want to hire “50-year-old white guys”
 Ethan Huff

OceanGate Expeditions CEO Stockton Rush said ex-military submariners weren't 'inspirational'

The "Titan Tragedy," which they are now calling it, probably would not have happened had the OceanGate submersible company's CEO, Stockton Rush, not hired affirmative action diversity employees rather than the "50-year-old white guys" he despises to man the vessel.

In case you missed it, an ocean sub designed for holiday trips to the sunken underwater Titanic vessel sank this week, presumably killing everyone on board, including at least one billionaire. It has since come to light that Rush has previously bragged about not hiring white employees like other submarine companies do because he wanted his team to be "inspirational."

"When I started the business, one of the things you'll find – there are other sub operators out there but they typically have gentleman who are ex-military submariners – and you'll see a whole bunch of 50-year-old white guys," Rush told a representative with Teledyne Marine back in August 2020.

"I wanted our team to be younger, to be inspirational, and I'm not going to inspire a 16-year-old to go pursue marine technology, but a 25-year-old, you know, who's a sub pilot or a platform operator or one of our techs can be inspirational," Rush added, spewing a lengthy, run-on sentence word salad to deliver his point.

"We're taking approaches that are used largely in the aerospace industry related to safety, and some of the preponderance of checklists, things we do for risk assessments and things like that, that are more aviation related than ocean related, and we can train people to do that. We can train someone to pilot the sub, we use a game controller so anybody can drive the sub."

The following video, which is embedded to start at the 5:01 mark, shows the interview where Rush pridefully made these racist, anti-white comments:

(Related: Rush would feel right at home with the Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC], which recently lumped Moms for Liberty in with the Ku Klux Klan [KKK] as a "hate" group.)

Pride comes before a fall, as seen both with the Titanic and now the Titan

If "anybody can drive the sub" use OceanGate's system like Rush claimed, then why did the Titan sub go missing on June 18 while descending to the Titanic wreck site off the coast of Newfoundland, Canada, never to be heard from since?

The media reported on Tuesday that U.S. Coast Guard officials revealed in a 1pm EST news conference that the submersible had only about 40 hours of oxygen remaining at the time it went missing – 40 hours that have since come and gone, and then some.

The area where the Titan went missing is so deep that the Coast Guard admitted it "could pose a challenge" to even attempt to make any kind of rescue, assuming the sub could even be found.

"The deepest ever underwater rescue was that of Roger Chapman and Roger Mallinson, who were rescued from the Pisces III submersible at depths of 1,575 feet in 1973," the media reported. "They were trapped for 76 hours before finally being hauled to the surface."

"The Titanic wreckage is much deeper, sitting nearly 13,000 feet below sea level."

Just like the creators behind the Titanic said before their vessel sank, Rush's pride and arrogance about doing things outside the box, in this case using woke ideals, ultimately led to another fatal demise deep beneath the surface of the Atlantic Ocean. Nature wins once again over human pride.

"If there is a successful rescue, you can bet it will be done, in large part, by 50-year-old white guys," one commenter wrote about the irony of this whole thing.

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