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First Tangible Sign that NATO "Exercise"
May Go to LIVE WAR with Russia in 4 Days
Hal Turner

The first tangible sign that the ongoing NATO "exercise" dubbed "Air Defender 2023" will go "live" to direct war with Russia, has come out: British mass-media outlet SKY NEWS is running a piece calling for Western Air Power to directly enter the Ukraine war and bomb Russians.

On Sky News, an Op-Ed piece lays it out.  The piece is titled:

Western intervention is the only credible way to protect Ukraine's counteroffensive from Russian air power

It lays out all the pertinent facts as to why Ukraine stands NO CHANCE AT ALL of defeating Russia, and concludes "Kyiv needs modern air power, not a squadron or so of second-hand F-16 platforms that are neither supportable nor credible, against modern, stealthy Russian fighters."

Written by Sky News "Military Analyst" Sean Bell, the piece introduces to readers the notion that the West entering the Ukraine Conflict with air power is "needed."   

(HT REMARK: Folks, Western Media Outlets do not -- E V E R -- print things like this unless they have been told to do so by government.  As you might guess, government plants stories like this to begin to mold and manipulate public opinion, because not only does government WANT to do something, it INTENDS to do it.  They want to prime the public to have this in their minds.)

What I see going on here is a coming media blitz, to manipulate the general public into preparing for, or expecting, Western air power intervention into the conflict.  That a UK Media Outlet is the first step in this process is no surprise; the UK has been at the forefront of every step of the escalation in Ukraine.

Conspicuously absent from the Sky News piece are the exact, precise CONSEQUENCES of such a move:  World War 3, that will go nuclear.

Today is June 19.   NATO's ongoing air exercise "Air Defender 2023" is scheduled to be completed THIS FRIDAY, June 23.   

I have been warning for weeks that I think NATO and the collective West will either find an excuse -- or make one -- to convert that air "exercise" into a LIVE war with Russia. 

My logic was simple; governments of NATO did not move three-hundred-thousand troops, and with "Air Defender 23" 225 war planes and air crews consisting of ten-thousand men, over to Europe, just two small countries away from the Russia-Ukraine conflict, as an "exercise." 

When governments move that many troops, tanks, artillery guns, armored personnel carriers, planes, and air crews, THEY INTEND TO USE THEM.

I even reported to you last week, that NATO created a temporary refueling station in Wunstorf, Germany, loaded with 2.4 MILLION Liters of aviation fuel!   For an "exercise?????"    Uhhhhhh, no.

Now we see a major piece in a major British media outlet, Sky News, taking the first step to putting in the public mind, the idea of NATO Air Power entering the Ukraine-Russia conflict.  That Op-Ed piece can be read at its source, HERE.

Make no mistake, Russia has long anticipated something like this and they explicitly told us "If Article 5 Collective Self Defense is activated against Russia, and NATO conventional troops enter the conflict, Russia will have no choice but to use its nuclear weapons."

They've told us this over, and over, and over again.

Seems like no one in the West is listening.  Either that, or the West is deluding itself that something so horrifying as actual nuclear war, "could never happen."   I think it CAN happen and I also think Russia WOULD do what they say, because if they fail to do so, then Russia would no longer exist.

Folks, I hate to repeat this, but the simple truth is, we could be only four short DAYS away from nuclear war.

You need to have Emergency food, water, medicines (the ones you need to live), a generator to make electric power if the grid goes down, and fuel for that generator.  You also need COMMUNICATIONS gear such a CB or HAM radio. 

Make a plan for your family: What will YOU do if nuclear bombs are launched against the US.  Where will you and your family meet?  Where will you all go (if anywhere)?  What route will you take to get there?  What if that route is blocked; what alternates can you take?

Right now, NATO has at least 225 aircraft taking part in the largest air drill in its history, in Germany; just two small countries away from the Russia-Ukraine conflict. NATO has also positioned three-hundred-thousand (300,000) troops near Russia's border.   You don't move those numbers of troops and planes, then not use them.

NATO has supported Ukraine, but is losing, badly.  Ukraine's __only__ hope is if NATO becomes directly involved in the conflict, and if that happens, Russia has already made clear, it will use nuclear weapons to defend itself.  Those weapons will not merely be used in Ukraine, they will be sent to NATO countries . . . . including the USA.

Some people erroneously believe Russia would never hit the US because of mutually assured destruction, but that notion is no longer true.

Russia has hypersonic missiles, the USA does not.

Russia's hypersonic missiles can avoid our missile defenses.  

Submarine-Launched Russian nuclear missiles can reach our nuclear silos BEFORE a Presidential Order to launch can get OUR missiles out of the silos!  Our missiles get blown up inside their silos without ever being fired.

Russia has bomb shelters for its population; we DO NOT.

Russia has stocked those shelters with food, water, medicines, generators, fuel, and machine tools; WE HAVE NOT.

Russia has installed hospital operating rooms in all their shelters, with surgical gear and medicines; WE HAVE NOT.

Put simply, if the missiles fly, Russia survives, WE DO NOT.

If a nuclear bomb detonates on US soil, there will be chaos, havoc, and fear.  People will panic throughout the entire country.  Millions will rush out to supermarkets trying to get food and water.  Shelves will be stripped bare in minutes.

The detonation of a nuclear bomb __could__ take out vast electronic networks, making credit and debit cards useless.  You must have CASH MONEY in your possession to assure you have a way to buy things. 

June 23 is when NATO "Air Defender" exercise ends and many, many people believe NATO will either find an excuse to enter the war, or make-up an excuse with some "false flag" event to justify it's entry into the war.

Once NATO enters, or declares "Article 5 collective self defense against Russia" that's it.  That's the end.  The missiles will fly within minutes.

DO NOT be one of the families who find themselves with no food, no water, no medicine, no generator, no fuel.  Because no one will share __theirs__ with you.   Sharing with you means taking food out of THEIR family's mouths to feed YOUR family.   Few if any people are going to do that.

Prepare this week.  Do not wait.

Just think about what you've already seen in years past when people panic before a hurricane hits:  Food stores stripped bare:

At gas stations, people panicking and fighting with each other trying to get gas:


If they panic like THIS for a Hurricane, what do you think they'll do when nuclear bombs are coming?  It will be freak-out city.  Mad Max scenario!

Better to have extra food and not need it, than to need it and not have it.  If things do NOT go bad, you can always eat the food, and put the cash back in the bank.  But if things DO go bad, the shear panic that arises will make it all but impossible for you to get supplies.  

Plan, don't panic.

Get some extra rice, beans, canned soups, canned meat like chicken, canned tuna, boxes of pasta, jars of sauce.  Have a way to HEAT FOOD / COOK, if the grid goes down; a propane barbecue grill or something similar. Get a gas can and fill it (but do NOT store gasoline in your house, store it outside.)

Your lives may depend on you planning and taking some small steps NOW, in case the SHTF.  You have only 4 days left - maybe. 


Hal Turner is the ONLY living American media member IMPRISONED for writing a news Editorial the Obama Regime didn't like. 

The ONLY other American media member EVER imprisoned for an Editorial was Benjamin Franklin-Bache, grandson of Benjamin Franklin in the year 1798, which talked about the Alien and Sedition Act.  He died of Yellow Fever while awaiting trial. 

Thus, you should pay very close attention to what Hal says because the federal government is so fearful of his words, you just KNOW he's telling the truth!

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