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The Most Corrupt Country in the History of the World
Donald Jeffries

For the first several decades of my life, every politician would regularly remind the public that “America is the greatest country in the world.” Just try living somewhere else! Love it or leave it. Make sure your flag is waving high on Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Be grateful that America is always there to help.

Friends and family members would stress this to me personally, whenever I’d complain. Which was often- even then, I complained a lot. While almost none of them had ever lived in any other country, either, that didn’t stop them from insisting that we were better than all the rest. We’re number one! Like the public figures, they stressed all the opportunities that were out there for everyone. Even though most of them didn’t seem to have been given much of an opportunity. But most of all, what made America the best was its freedom. Its incomparable freedom. No despots, no secret police, no infringements on civil liberties would be tolerated here.

I was told that we lived in a meritocracy, where any boy could grow up to be president. When the Yippies researched the backgrounds of the presidents, and discovered they all were related to each other, and to the British royals, it didn’t change the mantra. I found, upon starting out in the business world as a lowly physical laborer, that it wasn’t what you know, but who you know. Or as some of my fellow blue-collar peers quipped, who you blow. The Old Boy network was so apparent that they might as well have put it on their official advertising, right next to “Equal Opportunity Employer.” Mediocrity reigned supreme. The world was your oyster if you didn’t question things.

As I detailed in my book Survival of the Richest, upward mobility has become largely an unattainable myth in our society, and was always exaggerated. Gerald Celente is right when he talks about all those leaders who were born on third base and think they hit a home run. I went over the backgrounds of countless politicians, journalists, entertainers, and business leaders in the book, and found that virtually all of them came from at least solid, upper middle-class families. Many were Mayflower descendants. There is far more of an inherited aristocracy in the American upper echelons than any heart-warming Horatio Alger stories.

There are somehow still millions of Americans who cling to a belief in American exceptionalism. That we can teach the heathens of the world all about “freedom,” which they irrationally hate us for. We can now do this not only at the point of an assault weapon, but with nonbinary soldiers in high heels spreading their “pride” to unsuspecting heterosexuals. An iron fist in a rainbow colored glove. The term “Karen” is now used to denigrate all White women. Those generalizations are fine. But what is our bipartisan foreign policy but “Karen” on steroids? Interfering where we don’t belong, giving advice that wasn’t asked for. Killing people for their own good.

Even before COVID-19, the Greatest Psyop in the History of the World, was launched by the usual suspects, America had reached a surrealistic level of tyranny. Cancelling and censoring “extreme” points of view on social media platforms. Firing and even prosecuting “free” citizens for “hate speech.” In other words, for Thought Crime. Free Speech zones. Unconstitutional highway checkpoints. Police- allegedly public servants- demanding that those who are simply going about their business show them an “ID.” Isn’t that “show us your papers?” People being arrested for “resisting arrest,” when they aren’t told what they’re being arrested for.

We’ve all heard the stories of atrocities committed by hobgoblins throughout history. In other parts of the world. They say Genghis Khan was really bad. Alexander the Great was incomparably ruthless. Henry the Eighth, what with his throwing drumsticks over his shoulder and ordering his wives beheaded. The tobacco-dripping plantation owners raping slave women, whom they are concurrently claimed to have been repelled by. One-testicled and possibly gay, possibly Jewish Hitler, manically doing things his eugenicist enemies still advocate and lust over. The Soviets, diagnosing critics with fake mental illness, and sending them to Siberia. Mao Tse Tung killing more millions than anyone ever did.

So, according to the court historians, the non-investigative “journalists,” and all American politicians, probably the three most repressive regimes of the twentieth century were Stalin’s Soviet Union, Hitler’s National Socialists, and Mao’s Red communists. So exactly what were they accused of doing, that our kind and benevolent American leaders would never do? Invading other sovereign nations? I wonder if Korea, Vietnam, Grenada, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Syria, Panama, and others, just in the last forty years or so, might have something to say about that. Did Hitler, Stalin, or Mao ever assassinate a citizen charged with no crime, and then his teenage son, and publicly brag about it, like Barack Obama did?

Did Hitler ever say, “We came. We saw. He died?” Did Stalin openly joke that “I’m really good at killing people?” Did the police in Red China confiscate the property of those never charged with a crime, because one of their family members had committed a petty offense? Did the Nazis, the Soviets, or the Red Chinese create a policing for profit system, where uniformed representatives of the state terrorized drivers with an endless series of laughable transgressions, like “illegal” u-turns and failure to come to a complete stop at a stop sign, at four in the morning with no other cars in sight? Did they have quota systems for traffic citations? Did they install security cameras on stop lights, and pretty much everywhere else?

Assuming anyone living under the rule of Soviets, Nazis, or Red Chinese would have publicly protested something, what would have been the response of the Gestapo or the KGB? Let’s say an irate German or Russian parent spoke up to his school board about the inappropriate reading material in school libraries, that encouraged sex between boys and adult males. Let’s say one of them was understandably irate over a “transgender” in a dress with a still existing penis raping his daughter in a school bathroom. Would those cruel regimes have done more than send their goons with badges to beat him, arrest him, and charge him with a crime?

Not that there is any evidence that the Nazis, Soviets, or communist Chinese would have ever had books about adult men loving and having sex with little boys, in their school libraries. The concept of “transgenderism” would have repulsed all those dictators, as much as it would have repulsed all the liberty-loving defenders of “democracy.” Imagine Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia promulgating a “critical theory” that the majority race in their society was hopelessly evil. It’s even more laughable to picture China, then or now, promoting an anti-Chinese agenda. One wonders if the social justice warriors proposed shipping off hopeless “White Supremacists” to internment camps here, whether many would sense the irony, let alone object.

The other day, someone sent me video of Alexandria Ocasio Cortez’s recent meeting with constituents. Several of them were angry with her, questioning her support of Ukraine, which has banned opposition political parties and shut down media outlets critical of penis-piano playing comedian turned president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. Just like in all those school board meetings, armed goons with badges instantly confronted the questioners, as soon as they recognized the gist of what they were saying, and physically escorted them away. Is that what they would have done to someone questioning Hitler’s invasion of France? Maybe they would have just shot him? If they shot one of our American protesters like this, how many Americans would care?

During World War II, our beloved President Franklin D. Roosevelt sent a lot of Japanese-Americans into concentration camps. Just like in Germany. Or the Soviet gulags. At least their descendants were eventually paid reparations. But he also sent a bunch of German-Americans and Italian-Americans to concentration camps. Their descendants not only received no reparations, or even an apology, but outside of renegade historians like me, no one acknowledges that they were in concentration camps. And they took billions of dollars worth of property from these American citizens. Homes, businesses. And they never gave it back. What did the Nazis do with the property of Jews, or the Soviets with the property of those sent to Siberia? 

The Soviets killed a lot of priests and nuns and destroyed a lot of churches. They haven’t made too many movies about that. Now the hero of modern “democracy,” the crisis actor Zelenskyy, is openly banning churches that are supposedly affiliated with “Russia” in any way. In America, the FBI has been exposed as having developed a program to send undercover operatives into Catholic churches, to ferret out parishioners who are too “traditional.” Can’t have traditionalism in America 2.0. Current Bogeyman #1 Vladimir Putin, meanwhile, is busy building and restoring churches in Russia. You know which side our leaders are going to support. 

At the height of COVID hysteria, in New York and other locations, it was decreed by pompous rulers that the peasants must limit the number of guests at family holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. I have searched the records, and can find no indication that the Nazis, or the Soviets, or the Red Chinese, ever tried to control how many people someone could have for a party, in their own home. I don’t even think Winston Smith’s Oceana restricted the number of residents that could be gathered together in one place. Did the Nazis, Soviets, or Chinese have rolling blackouts, as we’ve seen lately in California, for instance? 

Speaking of blackouts, our leaders seem to be hinting at a false flag which will leave Americans literally in the dark. Reports have been popping up, from those monstrous “journalists” that work for every identical outlet in our “competitive” marketplace, where intelligence experts are quoted as warning that “Russia,” in conjunction with friendly “White Supremacists” in this country, is going to launch a cyber attack on our power grids. You know, the ones that haven’t been upgraded in sixty years, and feature sensors purchased from our enemies in China. Just imagine this barely functional society, without power. Without refrigeration. Perhaps without cell phone towers, creating a real “Walking Dead” situation in our pot-hole marred streets. 

Say whatever you want about the supposedly dastardly foreign hobgoblins, they seem to have been pretty competent. They have always acknowledged this by declaring that “Mussolini made the trains run on time.” Hitler built the Autobahn and modernized Germany’s infrastructure. China’s superior roads feature solar panels, and wi-fi which commuters can use. We have Starbucks. Our largest state, California, started running out of water years ago, during the reign of action hero Arnold Schwarzenegger. I don’t think the Nazis or Soviets ever claimed they were running out of water. In Oceana, they often had shortages of chocolate. Or gin. In America 2.0, we’ve experienced shortages of toilet paper, meat, and other items over the past few years. 

What does a totalitarian society look like? The workers are paid very little, not enough to keep up with the always rising cost of living? People can be banned from public platforms for questioning authorities, or pushing “conspiracy theories?” The all powerful state crushing dissent? The citizens have rights that are limited, and can be prosecuted for political reasons, in courts that are overtly biased against them? The disparity of wealth is such that a relative handful of elites live in splendor, while the masses struggle from paycheck to paycheck? Sure, that describes present-day China, but doesn’t it describe America 2.0, too? Was the situation in this regard any worse for the average citizen in Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia? 

Numerous innocent people have been freed from our Prison Industrial Complex over the past few decades, since the discovery of DNA evidence. Draconian and wildly unequal sentencing is a primary feature of our injustice system. Were innocent people routinely framed, and convicted by kangaroo courts in the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and Red China? Were any protesters treated worse in those countries than the January 6th Defendants, who have been denied due process for over two years? You can say that the Nazis and Soviets would have just executed dissidents. Fine. But a huge number of modern Americans would support executing our dissidents. 

We’re told that the Nazis had Joseph Goebbels, and the Soviets had Tass and Pravda. Not sure what Mao had in China, but it probably wasn’t an independent media. Propaganda. The Big Lie. Here in ‘Murrica, thank goodness we have the First Amendment, guaranteeing us free speech and a free press. Which all of our leaders, and a majority of our fellow countrymen (and countrywomen, and countrytrans) are opposed to. Goebbels would blush at the propaganda Americans are subjected to, 24/7, from all media, and all authority figures. Get another booster. Which admittedly doesn’t work. Work hard and pay your taxes. Diversity is our strength. Overweight women are sexy. Men can give birth. Oswald did it. 

I write a lot about the sorry state of America 2.0. Its unprecedented mix of corruption, incompetence, and unadulterated insanity. Hitler was once Time magazine’s Man of the Year. Stalin was lovable Uncle Joe, our staunch ally during the massive bloodletting of World War II. Mao was idolized by the hippies; John Lennon warned them about that. But today, Abraham Lincoln is the secular saint of our civilization. For his real record, which was more despotic than any other American leader, please read my book Crimes and Cover-Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963. When someone like that is the face of your nation, it says a lot about the values and wisdom of your people. 

If Russia invaded America 2.0, and took us over, exactly what would change? Would any of us- those awake to the corruption- be sent to the FEMA camps, or executed for treason? Who would be prosecuted in courts politicized by Putin? Which would be promoted more by the state- Christianity or transgenderism? If China invaded us, would we have even fewer civil liberties? Would things become more efficient? Would the infrastructure finally be modernized? Under either Russia or China, would pornography and drug use be as prevalent? Would there be human excrement in the streets, which isn’t even regularly cleaned up? 

I don’t want to be invaded by Russia, China, or aliens from outer space. Especially fake aliens under Project Blue Beam. But the fact is, I read comments online all the time from people who are begging Putin to take us over and straighten things out. That’s how far we’ve deteriorated. Decades of lie after lie, coverup after coverup. Whistleblowers rejected, imprisoned, or murdered. Was it any worse in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, or Red China? I’ve finished three volumes on hidden history in this country, chronicling all the Deep State crimes. I’ve started a fourth. I don’t think I could write four volumes on the official lies, corruption, and conspiracies that took place under the supposedly worst governments in modern history. 

A children’s choir that traveled from South Carolina to Washington, D.C., to sing patriotic songs in the historic Statuary Hall at the U.S. Capitol, was recently stopped in the middle of their rendition of The Star Spangled Banner You know, the national anthem. By our friends, the Capitol Police. Think of that, and picture Hitler’s brown shirts, or Stalin’s KGB, forcing children who were singing patriotic songs to stop because it might “offend” someone. Who? Transgender activists? Fifth Column communists? You couldn’t write a comedy spoof on this stuff. Maybe they thought the kids were junior “insurrectionists.” And again, come up with something comparable that occurred in the repressive foreign regime of your choice. 

Whatever nations of the past that were called “police states” had nothing on America 2.0. Little children stopped from selling lemonade because they didn’t have a license. Did Hitler or Stalin do that? Children held at gunpoint for building a treehouse. A naked 11 year old autistic girl tasered by police. Police waving citizens inside the Capitol building they pay for, and ushering them around, then being lauded as heroes after shooting and killing one of them, while those expressing their constitutional right to assemble and protest were branded as “terrorists,” and denied all civil rights. If America 2.0 isn’t a police state, exactly what would a police state look like? 

America 2.0 is exceptional. Exceptionally corrupt. Exceptionally tyrannical. Exceptionally incompetent. Exceptionally unknowledgeable. Exceptionally unreasonable. Exceptionally bad in all important respects. Stop bragging. Stop chanting, “USA! USA!” Stop waving the flag. Stop saying life is better here than in other countries you know nothing about, except through sources that lie about everything else. If a truly free country emerged somewhere in the world, they would be citing us as an example of a tyrannical society that abused its citizens, while claiming they were defending “democracy.” History is written by the victors.



Author of the best-seller "Hidden History: An Expose of Modern Crimes, Conspiracies and Cover-Ups in American Politics," published by Skyhorse Publishing in November 2014, and the . critically acclaimed 2017 book, "Survival of the Richest." His next book, "Crimes and Cover Ups in American Politics: 1776-1963," will be released in May 2019. Jeffries also hosts his own radio show, "I Protest," which is broadcast on the IHeartRadio network. 

The 2007 sci-fi/fantasy "The Unreals" has been compared to "The Wizard of Oz" and "A Confederacy of Dunces," among other things. It has been praised by the likes of "Darconian's Cat" author, former Harvard Professor Alexander Theroux, and acclaimed screenwriter ("Night at the Museum") and actor ("Reno 911") Robert Ben Garant. A second edition of "The Unreals" was released in February 2015.


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