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A Legacy for America’s Children
Justin O. Smith

If there’s ever been a thing that could end America, it’s this climate change lunacy that seems to have wormed its way into the brains of all the fools of the country, which are surprising large in number, and just enough to give the Biden regime its justification for pursuing national suicide in this manner.

Yes Toto, we ain’t in Kansas no mo’!

Lord, hasn’t America drifted far since the days of my youth, when the world seemed so beautiful and sweet. Summers and holidays spent on my Grandfather’s Old Home Place, a hundred acre farm in Levasy, West Virginia, were purely wonderful, even as a teen when GranPa Spurge would slap a scythe in my hand and set me to work cutting acres of grass from dusk to dawn. It had apple trees, cherry trees, rabbits, groundhogs, deer, cattle, chickens, and sheep, too, along with a constant spring and a well. I could walk the land all day and never go hungry or thirsty, gorging myself on apples, cherries and blackberries, as I kept an eye out for the timber rattlers.

At day’s end and returning to the main house, the smells were incredible and all mixed together. One never knew if one was going to be greeted with a fine spread of chicken, yams and other side dishes or beef and mashed potatoes and squash, along with pumpkin, cherry or apple pies, or perhaps the blackberry cobbler GranMa Ila was famous for preparing in seven counties. All part of a beautiful summer.

I saw a few winters there, too, as the family traveled there for various occasions, some holidays. Even in winter when the snow was so deep that GranPa had to dig his way up the hill to his workshop, the days were bright with promise and fun. But Junior, GranMa’s much loved dog, would content himself to lie on his favorite rug next to one of the gas-fed wall heaters in the house. At some point, Granma would usually send me out all bundled up to take GranPa a hot thermos of fresh coffee.

At day’s end, we’d all gather around the dinner table and talk about everything imaginable, usually including a bit of the past exploits of near and distant relatives. GranMa would serve another one of her amazing meals [Yes, nobody ever went hungry at her table] and then everyone would go to their own pursuits for the evening, which usually found GranPa stuffing some Copenhagen under his lip and Granma returning to her needle point, while whoever was in the room watched Jackie Gleason, Red Skelton or Gunsmoke with them.

John Kerry and the Biden regime have declared war on American farms, giving a strong indication that the government confiscation of farms like the Old Home Place aren’t off the table, as they claim they are emitters of nitrogen and CO2, both elements essential to human life. This is absolute hogwash and everyone with half a brain understands it. Kerry is complicit in a scheme to force Americans into a collapsed state and under the thumb of an authoritarian government run by the Democratic Party Communists, and it leaves good and decent Americans no real choice but to fiercely, even violently, oppose this death-dealing communist-inspired agenda. ~J.O.S.

~ The Plan to Destroy America’s Farms ~

America faces a new existential threat and a manufactured crisis thanks to the Biden regime’s outrageously flawed and erroneous climate change policy, that is driven by John Kerry, the ignorant “climate czar, who currently is advancing the notion that we must shutdown a large number of our country’s privately-owned small farms by buying them out or confiscating the farms of those who refuse to sell. This will be the hill that many farmers and Americans all across the country will be willing to die on and it is reminiscent of what our farmers faced in the late 1970s and early 80s, except this portends to be significantly worse for America, because it is something straight from the Communist Manifesto, designed to drive farmers from the land for use by the Marxist-Maoist “elite”.

If liberty-loving Americans from all walks of life, do not soon stop the insanity of those who would destroy the nation’s economy and ability to produce in the name of the apocalyptic, gloom and doom lie of climate change, this apathy will play into the hands of America’s communists, further emboldening them and aiding them in their efforts to consolidate their power. When they come for you – the opponents of the Marxist-Maoist ideology – the Bidenistas will not ask if you are a constitutionalist, a Baptist, a Freeman, a home-schooler, a Christian or a MAGA Republican. Their jackbooted enforcers will simply kick in your door, confident that their mass surveillance has already revealed all they need to know about you, and you will be named “an enemy of the state.”

Throughout my life I regularly visited my grandparents in Springfield, Colorado and spent many fun days in the surrounding area from Campo to Two Buttes and on to Lamar, Pueblo and Denver, and I grew to know many who would later be embroiled in the battles of the local farmers, backed by the American Agriculture Movement and the Posse Comitatus, such as the Schroders – Hal, Darrell and Gene – and Baca County Sheriff Willard Goff, whose son, Willard Jr, also happened to be a tackle for the Atlanta Falcons.

In 1977 in Campo, Colorado, Van Stafford, Eugene and Darrell Schroeder, George and Bud Bitner, and Alvin Jenkins sat around the local cafe and angrily discussed the low prices they were receiving for crops vs the high costs of producing them, along with a lack of government interest in helping alleviate their plight and “farm interest groups” who were out of touch with real farm needs. They were finally moved to mount a massive protest in response to the 1977 Farm Bill that gave incentives to commercial farms, and on February 5th 1979, they converged on D.C. with thousands of supporters, all of whom had driven their tractors across the country in protest.

From 1977 to 1983, farmers all across the West, Midwest and the South were made to witness thousands of dying farms, that were the result of years of government interference to keep food prices artificially low while ignoring the real cost to the farmers, denying them a level playing field. Today, that level playing field is simply being yanked from under them as new regulations aimed at halting CO2 emissions by way of a Fool’s Mission, in a manner that is surely going to be more costly to all America than anyone can know.

While Kerry didn’t come right out and say farm confiscations were in the regime’s climate change policy, his statements at the Agricultural Innovation Mission (AIM) for Climate Summit held in Washington, D.C. on May 10th suggested that the world can’t tackle climate change without first addressing the agriculture sector’s emissions, and he made it quite clear that America’s farmers are the target of his plans.

Kerry stated:

“A lot of people have no clue that agriculture contributes about thirty-three percent of all emissions of the world. We can’t get to net-zero, we don’t get this job done unless agriculture is front and center as part of the solution. So all of us understand the depths of this mission. ….. We need economic, social and policy innovation in order to scale adaptation of these technical solutions and get them into the hands of folks in the fields of small farmers on a worldwide basis.”

As he continued, he spoke of the need for an aggressive plan to address the fake problem of climate change, using the old “lives depend” on it ploy.

If anything, lives depend on halting this scheme immediately and deregulating many sectors in farming and food production and processing.

“…farm girls, Luke.”

One must note, many onerous, time-consuming regulations are piled upon farmers by the USDA and the EPA today, and according to the USDA, a “farm” is any piece of land that produces over $1000 worth of farm goods, which is an incredibly low dollar amount. Essentially, they could call a backyard garden a “farm” if it suited their agenda. And this is all very reminiscent of what the Obama administration attempted to do with the Water Rules of the U.S., whereby the EPA could prevent private owners from making use of their own property on any section where water stood for over a day, simply by declaring it a “wetland”.

The other anvil the Biden regime hangs around the farmers’ necks is the constant attack on them for raising too many head of livestock. Even though two million head of livestock, pigs, cattle and sheep, were destroyed during the Covid Lockdown, because the supply chains were broken, the Biden regime wants a repeat in response to reducing CO2 emissions by essentially reducing cow farts and the methane gas released into the air.

In the meantime, historic inflation has contributed to the exponentially higher costs of farm necessities, such as energy and fertilizer costs, and this alone compromises America, as our supply chain remains fractured to this day. In 2022, producers were paying 115 percent more for diesel fuel, while natural gas was up somewhere between 165 and 202 percent. The cost of fertilizer products such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen increased 125 percent in cost from January 2021 to January 2022 and an additional 17 percent in the first three months of 2022.

The fact of the matter remains that there isn’t any way to end the rising CO2 in our atmosphere, not when our country is the only one making the attempt, and not even if all the nations of the world actually were doing the same. World emissions climb every year. And destroying our energy infrastructure and our farming base certainly isn’t the answer to anything, regardless of how much the climate changes.

The Biden regime’s climate change madness and its regulatory barriers are making America unable to feed itself, much less the world as in past years, as it creates uncertainty for all of the country’s farmers and ranchers. The nation cannot afford to continue down this destructive path following an agenda that can only result in an eventual massive number of Americans dying from starvation or falling extremely ill from malnourishment at the best.

Land and the farms are a sacred thing to those who have seen generations of their family turn the earth and plant the seeds. Not only do they serve as collateral for loans to buy seed, fertilizer and chemicals enough to make the year’s planting, they are the farmer’s identity, his connection to God Almighty. It is his religion, nationality and family heritage rolled into one, and it is his legacy to his children. Farmers of years past saw the land as a way of life and many still do to this day, but today, they see this way of life slipping away, as they are losing their farms once more, to become modern exiles forced to migrate to strange cities and states in search of new employment and a new life.

Yes, lives are at stake, and they are relying on a strong farming base that is left free to produce the large crops they are capable of achieving when left alone. And the protests that worked in the 1980s won’t work today, not in the face of an enemy from within that is purposely working day and night to bring one crisis after another down on the people of America.

The overall threat to America, its agricultural base and energy infrastructure, and our rural communities and small towns has never been as intense or dangerous as it is at this very moment. In the final analysis, we’re in a war to save our homes and a way of life, and we’re going to have to defend both against our foreign enemies and this enemy from within.

As noted by world renown Russian dissident Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn:

Communism will never be halted by negotiations or through machinations of detente. It can only be halted by force from without or by disintegration from within.”

No matter what it takes, no matter how militant or violent we must get to stop these anti-America ideologically driven Marxist-Maoists, men and women of many varied backgrounds who love freedom and liberty must join together in this fight to save this America we love so well, even if we have many areas of disagreement philosophically and wouldn’t normally be caught under the same roof together. Throw the American communists’ radical chic militancy of the 1960s back in their face and show the treasonous Biden regime that it isn’t invincible, and we will be free, by damned – by God.


Justin O. Smith has lived in Tennessee off and on most of his adult life, and graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 1980, with a B.S. and a double major in International Relations and Cultural Geography – minors in Military Science and English, for what its worth. His real education started from that point on. Smith worked 8 years for the LaVergne Fire Department – two years as their clean-up boy – and became a working fireman at age 16, working his way through college and subsequently joining the U.S. Army. Since then he primarily have contracted construction and traveled – spending quite a bit of time up and down the Columbia River Gorge, in the Puget Sound on Whidby Island and down around Ft. Lauderdale and South Beach. Justin currently writes a weekly column for The Rutherford Reader in Murfreesboro, TN, which he calls home, in addition to being a frequent contributor to the Federal Observer – and spend as much time as possible with his two beautiful and intelligent daughters and five grandchildren. Justin Love God, Family and Our Majestic and Wonderful America, and am a Son of Liberty.

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