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It's Getting Creepily Nazi-Like in Here
J.B. Shurk

Seeing those giant “Black Lives Matter” flags being unfurled at embassies around the world last week was another “surely this can’t be happening” moment for Americans watching the federal government’s steady embrace of evil.  It was as if Heinrich Himmler had risen from the grave to lead the Democratic Party in ordering the draping of Schutzstaffel (SS) flags over the entrances to civic buildings of conquered territories.  Except all those embassies and consulates are on American soil, so the revolting reality was that the Marxist paramilitary “brownshirts” of BLM had succeeded in conquering the United States.  It sent a shiver down my spine.

Antifa and BLM engineered months of violence and property destruction last year that eclipsed anything in America’s history, but to this day, official state propaganda considers them “mostly peaceful” civil rights “protesters.”  Any organization that burns businesses to the ground, threatens homeowners, blocks traffic in order to instigate beat-downs on civilians, and routinely engages in violence and intimidation against fellow citizens is at war with civil society and stands opposed to civil liberties.  And any government that proudly displays those black flags for the world to see is promoting hate and promising enmity, not peace or amity.  The State Department might as well have run the Jolly Roger up its diplomatic flagpoles, because the skull and crossbones flown at sea conveys an identical message: no laws will be respected, no quarter will be given, and no lives or property will be spared.  When the U.S. government hangs a pirate flag as prominently as the Stars and Stripes, the symbolism is hard to miss.

So we’re ruled by pirates now — race-obsessed authoritarians who use Democratic Party–affiliated jackboots to instill fear on the streets and party-affiliated ideologues to instill fear from the offices of the CDC, FBI, CIA, and IRS, all while waging war on private property, personal autonomy, and free speech.  Think that’s an exaggeration?  Try saying, “All lives matter,” or “Hispanic lives matter,” or “Asian lives matter,” or, Heaven forbid, “white lives matter,” and all hell breaks loose.  College presidents have grovelled before the mob for engaging in such linguistic taboos.  All of America’s major corporations bend down to kiss the feet of the BLM racial agitators while creating new anti-white employment rules and advertisement campaigns dedicated to proving their brands’ allegiance to the new racism.  And America’s laughingstock of a criminal justice system has made it crystal-clear that police officers confronted with violent criminals are better off walking away from felonies in progress than risking life in prison for harming Benjamin Crump’s next client.

Just as nobody made the mistake in Nazi Germany of saying, “Heil Göring” or “Heil Goebbels,” nobody in the formerly free U.S. of A. makes the mistake of saying any lives other than “Black Lives” matter now.  Heil BLM!

It’s been said many times before, but there’s no easier way to determine who holds power in society than to look for the people who can speak without pushback or break laws without punishment.  Hint: It’s certainly not anti-communists, white people, or Christians with that kind of privilege.

When Lt. Col. Matthew Lohmeier, a commander in the U.S. Space Force, was recently relieved of duty because he dared to speak up against Marxist indoctrination in the military, did it look as if he had any power?  How about police lieutenant William Kelly, a veteran of the Norfolk, Virginia police department who was fired just shy of twenty years of service for sending a donation and words of encouragement to Kyle Rittenhouse, a teenager on trial for having killed two Kenosha rioters last August while in defense of his life?  Did LifeSiteNews, a publication that reaches Christians all over the world, have any power to resist Google’s and Facebook’s decisions to censor and ultimately ban its content from their platforms for engaging in the thoughtcrimes of daring to provide non-state-sanctioned viewpoints on the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Virus and taking a moral stand against abortion?  Oh, no — there won’t be a single American embassy in the world that finds time to defend Lohmeier, Kelly, or LifeSiteNews.  No flags, not even Old Glory, will be flown in their honor.

The United States has a long and storied history of killing communists, but now even besmirching communism is too much for the U.S. military to abide.  America has always taken pride in its commitment to protecting free speech, but now choosing to support a young American on trial for his life through a private donation is sufficient to end a career and punish a police officer with a cancer-stricken wife and three children.  This country was founded on the defense of individual life and liberty, but now a Christian publication that promotes both is ostracized by state-aligned companies that promote neither.  It’s almost as if all this fabled white, Christian “privilege” is a figment of the Marxists’ fever-pitched imaginations!

If the pirates must hunt down and burn “privilege” in their midst until their woke gods are happy, it’s time they start cannibalizing each other, because they’ve got a monopoly on the only American privilege left.  Just ask any of the MAGA political prisoners who happened to discover after January 6 that the government had replaced their free speech and assembly rights with a cheap, third-world, knock-off “Go Directly to Jail!” card depriving them of due process or constitutional protections of any kind.  In America, there is a two-tiered justice system, and there is no doubt that everyone would prefer to have the benefits of BLM’s special protections.

The Democrats’ racial arsonists want war so badly that they ignore the bloodiest one America’s ever fought.  Over 620,000 men lost their lives during the Civil War — a loss of life almost equal to American deaths in all other wars combined.  As a percentage of today’s population, it would be as if six million American men had died in that conflict.  If that incredible sacrifice — that unbelievable price paid in the recognition that black lives matter — is utterly erased from American history, then no amount of bloodshed will ever sate the bloodlust of those who profit from racial division.

Lest there be any doubt how immoral and destructive the Democratic Party’s BLM crusade has been, the evidence of its villainy truly lies in a trail of blood.  What started with Barack Obama’s and Eric Holder’s repeated attempts to demonize police officers in their efforts to energize an electoral base and hardened into BLM’s outright war on police officers in the United States has had an obvious and permanent cost: BLM’s Nazi thuggery has made cops everywhere targets for assassination.  To add insult to injury, when they are assassinated for the color of their uniforms, Obama and other BLM apologists for state-sanctioned murder stand up at those officers’ funerals and demand that they share in the moral culpability for their own deaths.  To be executed and charged for the bullet has become the new American way — another Communist China export bought in bulk by the Democratic Party.

A country is defined by its heroes.  Whom we choose to honor says everything about what we find honorable.  Each Memorial Day is a chance to recognize American sacrifice in the fight for human dignity and freedom.  Honoring BLM Marxists and their message of hate recognizes just the opposite.


Image: Louis P. Hirshman via Wikimedia CommonsCC BY-SA 4.0.



J.B. Shurk is a proud American from Daniel Boone country.

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