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America Is on Suicide Watch
Daniel Baranowski

A once proud America is lamentably on suicide watch, and half of the nation is going about its business, thinking national problems are the usual and will eventually work out. They always have. We mistakenly hold this view of the nation’s problems as inevitably valid. That is, until that day, it’s no longer valid. And then there is darkness, whaling, and the gnashing of teeth. The death of a great moral society is an evil, ugly, and often crushing tragedy. But like all sudden death, no one thought it possible, yet all the signs were prominently apparent.

I venture to say that many Americans think of themselves as “middle-of-the-roaders,” politically independent, or somewhere on the political spectrum between the lamentable Left and the valiant Right. They view the Left and Right extremes as canceling each other out, and what’s left is good old American Judeo-Christian values and a nation grounded in wise, immutable constitutional law.

I submit that those who think they are in the Middle couldn’t be more delusional. If you believe you’re possibly in the Middle as an Independent, please read what follows, and you will understand there’s no such place as the Middle or neutral. I advise you to pick a side quickly but be informed wisely.

Believe me when I say that the day of committing to a side in this “to-the-death” war has arrived. Be advised that according to the politically radical Left, America is an ideologically and culturally corrupted nation of mindless exploiters. In short, America is a nation of the soulless who indulge in moral platitudes and displays of noble pretense but who rule according to their most baseless instincts. All of this is to the ruination of people of color and the millions belonging to a seemingly growing LGBTQIA+ community.

The Left sees America as a systematically racist nation of White Supremacists who enslave and degrade any segment of society, they deem vile. To the committed Left, America is a nation of bigamists where misogyny flourishes. Wicked America stands guilty of irredeemable sins of selective racial misanthropy. And this is to say nothing of the grievous sins of Capitalism and rampant greed that Socialism, according to the so-called Progressive Left, will be a much-needed remedy.

Worse yet, according to the Left, many of these evils are enshrined in the nation’s deeply flawed Constitution. So, declaring the Constitution of the United States of America unamendable, the Left proposes to destroy the Constitution and start anew. Let me ask if you think those in the Middle or on the Right will fare well in a newly Leftist Constitution.

America is nearly $32 Trillion dollars in debt. Yet the Left is committed to continuing its spending spree on social welfare in bid to make Americans dependent on ever bigger centralized government.

Is it any wonder that “America the Beautiful” has become morbidly depressed and contemplating suicide? And what I have spelled out above is only the beginning of the Left’s charges against the ideology of Conservatives or those Right-of-Center on the political spectrum.

Doubtlessly, the Left holds Conservatives and those Americans who have not declared their allegiance to Leftism with equal damning contempt as mortal enemies.

Yes, America is on suicide watch, and most Americans remain clueless about the coming calamity looming at the end of a hangman’s collar.

Be alerted that the Left has the tools to dominate and win the present propaganda war, which makes awareness all the more critical. And I am not talking about your standard, “run-of-the-mill” twisting, and torturing of the truth for shock value. The Left’s Neo-Marxist inclined journalists, and various writers and spokespeople are polished, smooth, accomplished fabricators. They can lie ten times faster than you say, “My gosh.”

Be aware that those on the political Left are also known as “Progressives.” Perhaps there has never been a more heinous and ridiculously false oxymoronic word to describe these anti-Americans than “Progressives.” Nevertheless, they own the hearts, minds, and condemned souls of nearly 80 percent of all English-spoken media and the lion’s share of Spanish-speaking press in America.

And their collective fraudulent, yet constant echo chamber, is clear. American Exceptionalism is dead. America, in their warped mind’s eye, was never exceptional. Instead, America is a “run-of-the-mill” grifter nation of former enslavers who swindled and exploited people and even stole from mother earth to build a myth of moral superiority.

But other hostile nations and the American Left have long projected that the America we cherish, and love is a lie. And they take a swipe at her every chance they get. For instance, they see the American nuclear family’s wholesomeness as a lie. According to the Left, this family model has always exploited women and children. In today’s America, parents must not have dominion over their children. Instead, they belong to a society that knows best the natural and future needs of the very young.

Moreover, destroying the environment by using fossil fuels to pleasure our vain comforts is obscene and must stop. Capitalism is a destructive force that must be contained and eventually eliminated if everyone in society is to survive. Progressives loath Meritocracy and will put it down as quickly as one would a rabid dog. Meritocracy pits people against each other and allows winners to boast at the expense of the less able. The Left claims Meritocracy is neither inclusive nor equitable.

Let me stop here. Everything I have written about the Left in this article is morbidly true. And there is so much more to say that I could fill pages enough to become a book. But I won’t. I’m here now to tell you to pay attention. I implore you to embrace “situational awareness” and do it immediately, if not sooner. Your safety and security depend on it. If you have children and especially grandchildren, hear this call to duty.

Get smart and get involved. Trust me now; believe me later when the facts are painfully obvious. There is no safe space or safe place from the devasting storm that is Leftism. The adage that “this too shall pass” is not applicable here. If you don’t get schooled up on what’s happening to America, she’ll likely let the Left push the stool from under her feet and hear her neck snap under the weight of damn lies, the death of self-government, and the rule of rational law.



Daniel Francis Baranowski is a lifelong Conservative. As Registered Respiratory Therapist, he directed departments of Respiratory Care at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia before joining Project HOPE as their Deputy Director of International Healthcare Education Programs. Daniel holds degrees from the University of Arizona, the University of Chicago, and Harvard University. Currently, he’s a retired Teaching Fellow from the Department of Health Policy and Management at the Harvard University School of Public Health.

Daniel F. Baranowski is the host of The Frankly Daniel Show on America Out Loud Talk Radio.


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