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Suicidal Culture of Corruption
TL Davis

There is one important question: Do you want to save this nation? I understand if you don’t. It’s hard to see what it was from what it is and sometimes it’s easier to let something crash, or to help it crash, in order to build something better in its place. The only thing most of us can agree on is that if those institutions we have always relied on had only done their job, fulfilled their stated mission, we wouldn’t be suffering the insanity that we are, but they’ve all been turned. Schools are communist indoctrination and Antifa recruiting centers. Hospitals are killing fields and laws are only used against the law-abiding. 

This is what leads us to the question of whether we want to save this nation, or not. In a lot of ways the American people are separating themselves from each other as we speak. Homeschooling, especially after the pandemic made it necessary, is being viewed much more favorably in the wake of woke drag queen story hours and school teachers deciding to encourage and/or advocate for gender transitions of our children, something that should not be spoken of in a school. Refugees from blue cities aren’t going to other blue cities, but rather pushing red states into accommodating blue politics in the urban areas. Given enough time, we might just break apart on our own, but there’s not enough time. There is a clock ticking on our survival, if not as a nation, but as individuals.

As a rule, if saving this nation is something you want to do, you have to understand that communists never stop, never back up. They are defeated and utterly routed or they spring up in different areas with different narratives that constantly work at the essential foundations of the nation, until they bring it down and impose their will. They do this everywhere, but are only now focused wholly on the West. If you’re not willing to confront that, engage that, we cannot survive.

I hate the idea of drag queens in school and their incessant normalization of pedophilia, but they aren’t as important on a national scale as what’s taking place in congress, in the White House, but it didn’t start with Biden, or even Trump or Obama. The seeds were planted a long time ago and have grown over time. The constant drumming of environmentalism has been going on so long that people have stopped questioning the harm being done and now only react to the latest propaganda as if it were all true. Even if it were, would the wholesale deindustrialization of the West solve any of it, or ease their fears? No, it wouldn’t, but we press on nonetheless and it’s going to kill us quicker than the vaxx.

I admit, I haven’t been as clear and precise on the issue of the Green New Deal and its destructive nature as I could have been. I treat it dismissively, because no one’s listening to me, or anyone else when it comes to this stupidity. Why? Because the power companies get tax breaks and positive PR from going along with it. They play along even though they know it will not only kill their industry, it will cripple the United States at the worst possible time, during a time of war. I stopped trying to fathom the thought process of these companies, because what they are doing is more important than why they’re doing it. 

The auto industry is the same. The electric vehicle is a disaster in the making, an intentional disaster, and every auto maker is taking a back seat on the issue, letting the EPA and the Biden Administration drive the industry and our freedom of movement into the ground. 

Between the power companies and the auto industry we can only expect a much colder, expensive, less mobile existence. And for what? I ask. Understand that somewhere between .02% - .04% of the atmosphere is carbon. Below .02% and plants die, all of them. Before the attempt to limit carbon, we were at .03%, we’re now at .04%, largely because we’re playing a one-sided game. The most likely outcome of reducing carbon, understanding what federal policy does to everything it comes in contact with, is that we will reduce carbon to below .02% and we’ll kill every plant and us along with it, because the federal policy can’t be stopped, can’t be reversed once implemented. But since, as this video shows, for all of the pain we suffer trying to remain at .04% of carbon, we will be completely unsuccessful, because only 13 countries are participating. Every other nation is increasing carbon output by the day. If carbon were a problem, it would be unsolvable by restricting 13 countries out of over 200. 

The truth is, every other nation thinks we’re stupid and we’ve done nothing but prove it. I encourage you to watch Dave Walsh in the video. While it isn’t explained with the comfort and thoroughness I’d like, Dave Walsh is an expert and this information lays out exactly why I dismiss “clean energy” as ridiculous. I just wish those in charge of these industries weren’t so compromised as to author their own destruction, but then, 8,000 employees at IBM lost their jobs to AI. Did they write the code that cost them their careers? Probably. It’s a suicidal culture that’s developed in the absence of freedom. 

If you want to save this nation, you have to start by rejecting not only the WHO pushing the jab, but engage your local power company with informed questions about how they expect to supply power to cities and towns. In a logical nation that operated on laws rather than Executive Orders, these power companies would sue the EPA, the auto companies would do the same. It all comes from the EPA, because that’s directly under the Biden Administration, but they were acting autonomously all through Trump’s Administration. This, despite the fact that the Supreme Court already ruled on the inability of the EPA to write environmental law through regulation. 

A lot of local power companies are publicly held and/or cooperatives. Buy stock, attend shareholder meetings and present this information to other shareholders. If it is a community cooperative, you can run for a position on the board. Most people don’t bother with that sort of thing and a good ground game could win you a seat. Then raise these questions in your official capacity. It’s all in the math that Dave Walsh presents

Or, just watch it crash and hope you and yours survive it all. 

My novels of freedom, and especially individuality, Rebel and Rogue about a young man, growing up trying to do the right thing. They’re available on Amazon and our website 12 Round Productions, where you can also find access to our red-pill film Lies of Omission.






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