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Returning Germany to the Stone Age
Baron Bodissey

The generation of electricity using coal and natural gas is being phased out in Germany. Nuclear power plants are being decommissioned. The intention is that all electrical generation will be accomplished using wind and solar power. “Renewable” energy enthusiasts are certain that somehow, by waving their magical sustainable wands, enough electricity can be generated by these methods to power German homes and industry.

The latest word is that the current Green-dominated government is determined to burn its boats so that there can be no going back. Nuclear plants will not simply be decommissioned; they will be destroyed, to make sure they can never be used again.

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Despite FDP protest: Environment Ministry confirms rapid nuclear power plant destruction with acid

  • The FDP and the Union are demanding that the shut-down nuclear power plants (AKW) be kept operational as a reserve for energy bottlenecks.
  • The Federal Environment Ministry (BMUV) has now confirmed a report by and “Schuler! Asking, what is” that the switched-off nuclear power plants are to be destroyed with acid.
  • The FDP economics expert Frank Schäffler protested: “The nuclear power plants must be able to be restarted at least in an emergency. That is the least.”

The last three German nuclear power plants that were shut down in April will be finally destroyed and cannot be started up again as an energy reserve for emergencies. This was confirmed by the Federal Environment Ministry in response to a request from the FDP member of the Bundestag, Frank Schäffler, which was made available to “Schuler! Fragen, was ist” [“Asking, what is”].

The answer states: “In the interest of radiation protection, in preparation for the dismantling, a particularly thorough decontamination, which may damage the components in the long term, is planned.” The background is the use of acids for the radioactive decontamination of the so-called primary circuit in the reactor.

It goes on to say: “According to the information available to the BMUV, the primary circuit decontamination of the Neckarwestheim II nuclear power plant is planned for the summer of 2023. In the Isar 2 and Emsland nuclear power plants, according to current planning, the primary circuit decontamination is planned for the first quarter of 2024.”

FDP protests: The FDP economics expert Frank Schäffler protests. Opposite “Schuler! Fragen, was ist” Schäffler said: “The nuclear power plants must be able to be restarted, at least in an emergency. That’s the least.” Schäffler appealed to the Greens to prevent the destruction of the reactors. “It doesn’t make much sense if €600 billion is spent for a 1.4% reduction in CO2 through a possible buildings energy act, if 6% more CO2 is emitted by switching off and restarting coal and gas-fired power plants. Even the Green coalition partner should understand that.”

That’s what Lemke’s ministry says: But the Ministry of the Environment, led by Green Minister Steffi Lemke, flatly rejects the initiative. When asked by the FDP deputy whether there were any considerations of prescribing “harmless” decontamination until final dismantling approval, the answer was: “Since the early primary circuit decontamination corresponds to the recommendations of the nuclear technical regulations… and the operators of the nuclear power plants for immediate decommissioning and are obliged to dismantle the nuclear power plants, a provision mentioned in the question would be illegal.”

There is no obligation on the part of the nuclear power plant operator to keep the reactors functional. “On the contrary, the obligation for immediate decommissioning and dismantling according to Section 7 Paragraph 3 of the Atomic Energy Act begins with the end of the authorization for power operation and also refers to measures that do not require a permit, in particular for preparation.” Since the acid decontamination does not require a permit, this means, the destruction of the reactors can begin immediately.

Afterword from the translator:

One has to ask, where does all that HATE come from that these Greens have for the German people? Who pays them for the utter destruction of Germany and its infrastructure needed to function in a “modern” world? 

Living in South Africa, with the constant daily power-cuts and the ever-hanging threat of the total collapse of the electrical grid, makes me appreciate our fairly benign climate. Here it is just simple incompetence, through BEE (Black Economic Empowerment or Legal Theft), corruption and greed. In Germany, on the other hand, it’s more sinister: it’s driven by ideological retarded morons that claim they want to safe the “climate” by destroying life itself on the planet Earth, for the benefit of the globalist death cult of the mega-rich.

Those who so easily believe in a LIE, are those that are prepared to perform — while their faces are shining with righteousness and evil — any atrocity towards their own for any “grand” cause proposed by their masters. Seeing all of what has happened in these recent years, and all that is still proposed to happen, one can come only to the conclusion that EVIL is not some eternal essence on its own account, but merely a craft — a practice, a tool — designed, like many others, by men, to advance their power over others.

“Global warming: This is one of those cool things where there is not a shred of evidence.” — Kary Mullis





Baron Bodissey, is a fictional creation referred to in many of the novels of speculative-fiction author Jack Vance. The Baron never appears in any work, but his monumental, many-volume work Life is frequently quoted in sometimes more and sometimes less obviously apposite connections at the heads of chapters (isolated passages, often long, as chapter-heading material are characteristic of Vance's unique style), and is occasionally referred to in passing by characters in the tales. Fictional reviews of Life also appear, usually dismissing it as snobbish, elitist and pretentious; one reviewer expresses a desire to thrash the Baron within an inch of his life before buying him a drink.

A page on Vance's speculative-fiction works that includes an extensive extract from the fictive Baron's magnum opus is available.

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