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The Most Diabolical Legislation Ever Created…
Here’s What it Means for Free Speech
Chris MacIntosh

A few issues back we highlighted the newly — and dare I say, appropriately named and promoted— “Restrict Act.” With the evil TikTok as the scapegoat providing cover for what amounts to easily THE most diabolical legislature I’ve ever seen proposed, freedom of speech will be no more — irrespective of platform.

Some questions to ponder: Is TikTok a tool of the CCP? And furthermore, if the CCP could get its hands on the data from TikTok and any other large user platform, would it? And also, would ANY government, yours included — wherever that may be — wish to have access to the data from ANY social media platform and if it could obtain it, would it?

The painfully obvious answers to these questions reveal the absurdity of singling TikTok out as a problem while pretending to be “protecting citizens” for “national security.” It is a red herring and a step towards censoring and hence controlling EVERY social media platform.

What else? We are to believe that “highly classified information” was leaked about the war in Ukraine. We are also led to believe that a low ranking 21-year-old (who would absolutely NOT have access to highly classified information) somehow had it and then put it on Discord?

Now, if you believe that, then I’ve got a bridge to sell you.

It’s painfully obvious that the “leak” is all about promoting and justifying the implementation of the “Restrict Act.” This act claims it applies to EVERYONE worldwide, regardless of citizenship. All the narrative about a “rules based order” that Davos man keeps pushing. THIS is their rules-based order.

I see a couple of outcomes.

  1. This is not passed.
  2. Somehow miraculously it is passed, however the global implementation of this is obviously going to be problematic. This ultimately means unfortunately that there is a risk that we move rapidly into a digitally divided world.

Think of it this way. There will be those countries that agree to implement this, at the behest of the US government (looking at you, vassal states of the 5 eyes) and those that choose not to, only to be sanctioned/cut off from access. Hey, they did it in the banking sector, so…

Imagine for a minute an inability to access websites, or communicate (email, text, Whatsapp, Face time, Telegram, etc.) with your clients, suppliers, staff in various countries — depending on where those countries are and where you are. A digital Berlin wall. Now imagine further the impact this would have on supply chains, productivity, and so forth. Even more horrifying — you may not get your issue of the Insider Newsletter. In all seriousness, this would make the Great Depression look like a speed bump compared to the concrete barrier that it would represent. It would almost certainly bring a global war.

French economist Frederic Bastiat understood this dynamic well.

All of the above is worrisome to even the stoic among us, but our job here is to point you in the right direction, financially and hopefully otherwise too, but certainly — since we’re asset managers — the financial side is our schtick. So, what benefits, and what doesn’t?

Certainly, it’s tough to see any of the above, even if it is only remotely possible NOT being wildly bullish for both precious metals and ultimately for energy prices. I say ultimately because if something of this magnitude and nature did take place, then we’d likely see a massive bid for cash in the short term. Then — as things proceed — we’d see conflict and a grab for resources. It would initially be deflationary and then wildly stagflationary thereafter.

It may seem completely off the wall, and frankly, if I’d even thought, much less written about this even just four years ago, I’d have called the men in white coats to come check if, you know, everything is OK. Today? Well, we’ve already seen some things which none of us would have thought possible… and yet here we are.

Editor’s Note: The Western system is undergoing substantial changes, and the signs of moral decay, corruption, and increasing debt are impossible to ignore. With the Great Reset in motion, the United Nations, World Economic Forum, IMF, WHO, World Bank, and Davos man are all promoting a unified agenda that will affect us all.

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