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The Debt Ceiling Deal GUARANTEES More Inflation
Graham Summers

As I first noted in my best-selling book The Everything Bubble: The Endgame For Central Bank Policy, “politicians make promises, but bond markets deliver.”

What I meant by this is that our entire political system is now consists of government overspending which is ultimately financed by the bond markets. As long as the bond markets remain stable, politicians will continue to spend and spend and spend. 

And that is precisely what happened with the debt ceiling “resolution.”

We now live in a “one party” system that consists of Democrats, who like to spend trillions and trillions of dollars, and Republicans who like to sign off on 98% of Democrat spending, while arguing that doing so is a “win” for conservatives because the Democrats didn’t get 100% of what they proposed. 

The latest Debt Ceiling “deal” is the latest example of this dynamic.

The Debt Ceiling deal features little if any spending cuts. Total federal spending will be reduced by about 0.2% of GDP in 2024. However, total spending then jumps 1% the next year (2025). And the debt ceiling is now suspended until 2025, which means we’ll likely tack on another $4 TRILLION in debt by then. 

Inflation was already proving extremely sticky in some areas of the economy. We’re 15 months into one of the most aggressive monetary tightening cycles in history and CPI remains at 4.9% while Core PCE (the Fed’s favorite inflation measure) is at 4.7% and has been stuck there for FOUR MONTHS. 

The fact the government will be permitted to continue running $1+ trillion deficits for the next 18 months will only make inflation even more embedded in the economy. The bond market knows this which is why bond yields are rising again.

The yield on the 2-Year U.S Treasury has broken out to the upside after a three-month consolidation period. As I write this, it’s rapidly approaching its former highs.

Some investments will make fortunes from this, others will absolutely implode. This is an extremely volatile market and one that could make or break your portfolio.

On that note, we published a Special Investment Report concerning FIVE secret investments you can use to make inflation pay you as it rips through the financial system in the months ahead.Paragraph

The report is titled Survive the Inflationary Storm. And it explains in very simply terms how to make inflation PAY YOU.

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Graham Summers



Graham Summers, MBA is Chief Market Strategist for Phoenix Capital Research, an investment research firm based in the Washington DC-metro area.

Graham’s sterling track record and history of major predictions has made him one of the most sought after investment analysts in the world. He is one of only 20 experts in the world who are on record as predicting the 2008 Crash. Since then he has accurately predicted the EU Meltdown of 2011-2012 (locking in 73 consecutive winners during this period), Gold’s rise to $2,000 per ounce (and subsequent collapse), China’s market crash and more.

His views on business and investing has been featured in RollingStone magazine, The New York Post, CNN Money, Crain’s New York Business, the National Review, Thomson Reuters, the Fox Business, and more. His commentary is regularly featured on ZeroHedge and other online investment outlets.

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