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What You Must Understand to Survive the Changing New World Order
J. Kim

Since history has always provided us with a blueprint of exactly what is going to happen in the future, it is confounding to me why the majority of us ignore what is so easy to predict. 

Lessons from the Reddit AMC Short Squeeze

There is no doubt the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex has been using technology to much more easily transfer wealth from everyone to themselves. This is why dark pools, crypto money laundering, HFT algorithmic programs, illegal front running, and illegal quote stuffing not only exist, but have been allowed to flourish by “regulators” that have zero interest in shutting down such illegal activities that only benefit the MIB complex, enabled by technological advancements. Unfortunately when small communities form in an attempt to leverage technology to fight back, it will never last. When we fight back, it necessitates an awakening that simply has not happened yet. This is why the AMC short squeeze, though it possessed temporary success, eventually failed in the long-term, and why all attempts to short-squeeze the gold and silver manipulators have failed. Our success depends  on large scale participation that has not yet been achieved, simply because our power, and we do have power, lies in numbers, and requires huge numbers of participation for our short time battle victories to evolve into sustained victories in wars. 

And the MIB has always been very effective in their propaganda tactics to keep the vast majority of us misinformed while believing we are very informed to prevent large enough numbers of us participating in whatever battles we try to wage for the benefit of humanity. I know, because I have worked my whole life to do this and have had very limited success in doing so. Those that cater to the political and financial narratives of the MIB, even here on this substack platform, continue to have exponentially more followers than any among us that have undertaken the task of Sisyphus by trying to educate the world of financial truths.

When I stated here that #AMCApes were completely delusional for thinking they could short squeeze AMC share prices higher again above $70 in early November 2021, and  that their time in the sun was over, was anyone really surprised other than the #AMCApes that pushed back on my assessment, of the result? Just a few trading days after I concluded above that it was far more likely that AMC share prices would break down rather than break out at this fulcrum point, AMC shares then lost 68.5% in share price over the next three months from the day I stated AMC share prices were about to break lower.  History informs us, much to my chagrin, that even if one can win a small battle in the short-term, that deeper pockets will always win out in the long-term and I made my prediction of AMC shares getting smashed in November 2021, though it upset the entire #AMCApe Reddit community, was an attempt to prevent them from being smashed though the only consequence was them smashing me (I was banned from the Reddit thread due to my truthfulness).  

Again, don’t flip my message upside down. I have always encouraged everyone to fight the good fight and to disregard the narrative of the oligarchs that we have no power. We have tons of power in numbers, and we can, and should exercise it; however, short-squeezing a stock of a poorly managed company to undeserved prices is not “fighting the good fight” and I’m never sad to see fights with the same selfish intentions the oligarchs hold of solely enriching oneself fail. 

If one is to use numbers to fight, this should be done for the greater social and economic good of everyone, not for the selfish reasons of a small, isolated community in which the outcome, even if successful, will change nothing for the positive. Small pockets of resistance will never garner the followings required for long-term sustained success if it does not benefit everyone in the entire community, even those not participating in the resistance.

Just as any poker player understands, no matter if you hold a royal flush, if a player with high cards of a queen and an eight has deeper pockets and antes up an amount that you simply are unable to match, the player with the deeper pockets can always force you to fold and lose. Apparently there was not a single person in the diamond hands #AMCApe community in late 2021 that understood this concept.

Lessons From the Ongoing Russia NATO War

Disinformation about war will always be used by the MIB complex to shape false narratives, adopted by most, that conceal the true economic nature of all major military theatre operations. Regarding the Russia NATO war in Ukraine, because that description is far more honest than a Russia Ukraine war, again, it was not all that hard to predict that Russia and NATO nations would become involved in a war in Ukraine. Just click on this article I wrote in March of 2014 in which I predicted that Ukraine would become a nation of contention between the US/NATO and Russia:

“We all know about the important military consequences of controlling Ukraine to the US and Russia, but an equally important and overlooked topic is why bankers want control of Ukraine’s monetary supply and ultimately control of Ukraine through controlling its debt (the proposed $1 billion loan from the IMF)… The international banking cartels represented by the World Bank, the IMF and the Bank for International Settlements are unhappy with their low level of influence in controlling the debt of emerging economic powers like China and Russia and know that they very well can’t directly declare war on Russia and China to effect regime change in order to obtain control of their debt as they accomplished with the aforementioned much smaller countries that didn’t have the military strength to withstand a US/EU/banking led invasion. However, these global banking cartels know that they can gain influence through regime change without direct military intervention in the 15 newly independent states of the former USSR.” 

Again, predicting a war eight years before it happened and then having one’s prediction come true does not make one a “futurist” or a “visionary”. Such predictions, frankly, are very simple to make if one simply understands two indisputable points that existed eight years ago: 

    1. All modern wars are banker wars that involve a fight to control resources; and

    2. Ukraine was a key nation with key international resource conduits running through it that would determine if Eastern rising powers (Russia, China) or Western legacy powers (the US, Australia, the UK, Canada, etc.) would control the flow of essential commodities to Europe. 

That’s why I stated in 2014 that Eastern and Western banking powers would eventually wage war over controlling these critical international trade pipelines that flowed through Ukraine. Only those that know nothing about history believe the nonsense propaganda disseminated by NATO nations as the reasons behind this Russia NATO conflict taking place in 2022. In fact, the West, at first, tried to gain control of Ukraine by executing a coup to oust Yanukovych in 2014, or at least this has been strongly alleged by various independent media sites though just as strongly denied by the US State Department and her allies. 

Despite these denials, at a minimum, we know that the US State Department has spent well north of $5 billion dollars spreading propaganda throughout Ukraine for many years prior to the Russian invasion to turn the citizenry and government in Ukraine against Russia, sentiments that would affirmatively serve US goals for Ukraine in the future. For example, US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland is on record in admitting that the US had already spent $5 billion in Ukraine, by 2014, to influence and control the minds of Ukrainians. Consequently, speaking to someone from Ukraine to understand the truth of the situation is not the answer to understanding the NATO Russia conflict. There are Ukrainians that haven’t been brainwashed by US State Department propaganda since 2014, but simply stating, “Hey if you want to know the truth, you should speak to this Ukrainian!” is about as intellectually hollow as simply speaking to any person that was Thai during the military coup that overthrew a democratically elected Prime Minister in Thailand to uncover “the truth”.

If one truly believed that simply speaking to a resident/citizen of a nation in which war is ongoing is sufficient to understand the truth, one truly understands nothing about war propaganda. However, here in Mexico, I literally have met at least half a dozen people that wanted me to speak to a Ukrainian they knew that was living here as validation that my knowledge of the history of the conflict was wrong and theirs was correct. I lived in Thailand when the coup happened, and if you spoke to a “red shirt” and blindly believed him or her, you would have held completely different beliefs than if you had spoken to a “yellow shirt” and blindly believed him or her. I don’t know why so many people subscribe to this asinine methodology of discovering “truth” about political events.

Lastly, here is a partial transcript of a leaked conversation  between US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland and the US Ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt back in 2014, and it clearly exposes the US State Department’s desire to shape the political beliefs of Ukrainians. As far as I could determine from my research, the contents of this transcript have never been denied by the US, which means the contents are accurate and real. Thus, all I can conclude, in the most polite of conclusions, about those that believe the NATO take on the Russia NATO conflict in Ukraine that “Russia is evil” and that all morally conscious people need to “stand with Ukraine” are that they are among the most supremely politically naïve people in the entire world and have never understood the global economic machine that drives war.

However, the conclusion we can extract from the truth, not the propaganda, of this conflict, is that further escalation of this war is coming and inevitable. Thus, to not prepare for the negative consequences of further escalation that will affect everyone residing in a NATO nation, China or Russia, is simply to remain ignorant of history. As long as the same powers in charge of the MIB (the Military Industrial Banking) complex remain in power in the coming years, the manner in which this warfare will be waged between NATO nations and China/Russia is the only point in question.

Though the fear mongering about potential nuclear war between East and West has been off the charts in the Western media, I believe the reality of this threat to be mostly low. I wrote an extensive article more than two years ago regarding the manner in which I believe this war will likely progress between NATO and Russia (with China likely joining the conflict on the side of Russia as well in the near future, if they not have already covertly done so). Due to no one seeming to care about the content of the aforementioned article when I published it two years ago, I republished it on my substack platform just a few months ago, updating it to bring it up-to-date for the past two years. And again, no one seemed to care, which I think is going to be a massive mistake. Why? People that don’t understand history never plan for events that are inevitable and by the time inevitability affects their lives, it is too late to react in a manner that can save their quality of lives.

For the few people that read the above referenced article, I stated my belief that the progression of this war between East and West will be in the form of attacks on electrical grids. Of course, if this happens in the future, to keep us all in the dark, the puppet mass media will explain these blackouts being a consequence of strains on the grid exerted by extreme weather or extreme usage instead of unleashed foreign cyberattacks on domestic national infrastructure necessary for daily life. Perhaps such attacks will cause shut downs of national transit systems, national stock markets, and more. More importantly, I believe that everyone living in nations involved in the Russia NATO conflict in the Ukraine should make preparations right now to deal with possible periods of a few days to a few weeks without electricity, that include hoarding sufficient rations of canned and dehydrated food, buying a portable electric generator to allow for maintenance of light, refrigeration and powering of all electrical devices necessary to allow for the continuation of daily life, including work, batteries, flashlights, litres of bottled water, etc. Trust me, as someone that has lived through typhoon seasons in Asia, and as a consequence, has lived without electricity for a few days, if you’ve never done so, you likely have no idea of  how miserable life is without electricity just for a few days, let alone a few weeks. 

Execute GOTS

Get Out of The [global banking] System as much as possible. This is not a cry of crazy “preppers” but a rational plea based upon documented history. While a complete exit from the system may be impossible for some due to the possession of long-term debt like mortgages, for those that simply are averse to every obstacle in life and don’t wish to adapt to a rapidly changing New World Order, there is no excuse because executing a GOTS plan is really not that difficult. For those that refuse to acknowledge history and to plan for obstacles before they take place, even though history has provided ample warning of the negative changes that will be taking place in our near future,  please take the few minutes to watch this video I posted in 2014 that I chose to title with the not so subtle warning, “No Bank Account is Safe.”  Now that it is 2022, I would guess, that of the nearly 20k people that watched this video in 2014, fewer than 1% have actually heeded my warning and executed a GOTS plan even though they’ve had nine years to do so.

If you would like to learn more about this topic, just make sure you subscribe to my substack platform (a free subscription is fine) to gain access to our Saturday, 14 May 2022 live discussion thread about this topic. You must understand how to execute a GOTS strategy before it’s too late. I have no sympathy for anyone in the future that may be Cyprus’d because they were simply too lazy to execute a simple plan. 

We have history to inform us, with perhaps a 5% margin of error, of exactly how this current terra forming of our political, financial, and academic spheres will play out in the next decade. We certainly will never learn political and financial truths through consumption of information through mainstream distribution channels, and institutions of “higher” learning will continue to dumb us down. Do not be someone that ignores all the history that tells us that we all need to prepare now (or more like have started preparing a decade ago) to be well suited to cope with what is coming. This is not fear mongering as it will be dismissed by those in the mainstream mass media that want to keep telling you to stay calm and obey. This is reality and if you don’t prepare now, by the time you prepare because the signs are undeniable, it will be too late to prepare in a manner that will accomplish anything significantly positive. You can’t prepare for an earthquake, hurricane or tsunami after it happens because dozens of bottlenecks to resources form post-disaster which make it close to impossible to execute a preparation plan post-disaster.

Even when I released this warning on 8 February 2022 on my substack platform:

“Buyer beware. I realize thirteen years is a long time frame from which to draw a conclusion about the omnipotence of US Central Bankers to control the share prices of US stocks and they still have the same mechanisms at their disposal, such as buying stock market index futures prior to market open to prop up markets. However, there always comes a time when the chickens come home to roost and that which was controllable for an irrational length of time becomes uncontrollable. And in my humble opinion, we are approaching a similar situation in 2022 to that which developed prior to the 2008 global crash - that no matter what efforts are undertaken by US Central Bankers, the PPT and the President’s Working Group on Financial Markets, US stock markets will crash, and crash worse than they did in 2008.” 

If you look below, though the US S&P500 initially started to fall after I issued the above warning, because it then rose for a two-week period in the second half of March and reached higher highs above the point at which I issued my warning, I actually observed a number of analysts issue predictions that the February dip should have been bought as the correction was over at that point. Of course, since that point, US stock markets have since strongly reversed and continued to descend lower.

Sorry, Bitcoin Was Not Invented to Save Humanity

I have always contended that Bitcoin was a huge Trojan horse, used by the MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex that shrouded its identity in a fictional Satoshi Nakamoto character and that fooled millions about Bitcoin’s intent by simply replicating the exact blueprint they used prior to the Great Depression to convince the American people to support legislation that brought the US Central Bank in existence. What was that blueprint? They simply used the mass media in the US to pretend they were adamantly opposed to the existence of the Central Bank to convince the American people that if they were voicing such strong opposition against legislation to bring the Federal Reserve into existence, then the Central Bank must be a great idea that would free the people of all previous financial tyranny executed by bankers in America. Yes, the majority of people are really that unsophisticated and simple, and thus, that easy to manipulate into adopting beliefs that are detrimental to their own future. And this is an opinion I’ve expressed since day one, but here is a podcast on my now defunct shadowbanned YouTube channel that explains the reasons for that belief that no one listened to because of the fact my channel was relentlessly shadowbanned from the day I started speaking publicly of the mechanisms the MIB use to control spot gold and silver prices all the way back in 2006.

In any event, though there is a mountain of evidence that points to the very invention of BTC being near impossible without State sponsorship, as I laid out the facts that support that contention in the aforementioned 2018 podcast, even if one wishes to ignore this evidence and continue to believe opposition MIB narratives about cryptocurrencies, like BTC can end all wars and free humanity even though it is being used by the MIB for the exact opposite mission, one can dwell on the opposite side of the opinion spectrum from myself on these matters. 

Disagreement on these matters does not matter. What matters is how the MIB has used/is using BTC to deceive humanity. 

One can’t deny that every single documented price prediction I’ve made about BTC prices (as well as DOGE coin and MM coin) offered on my substack and patreon platforms for the last two years have come true, including a prediction that MM coin’s price would crash to $1 when it was trading at $76 (it is now barely trading above $3) and one provided on my patreon platform this past Wednesday that when BTC was trading a tad above $29k, that if it descended to $28.8k, it would then drop to $24k (after it moved to $28.8k yesterday, it quickly descended to a low of $23,884 at 3:15 AM on 12 May). 

I even contended on these platforms that the MIB would spike BTC prices very significantly to sucker people into long positions before crushing prices to destroy the wealth of those they suckered that might oppose them, and perhaps, just perhaps BTC’s price reaching $69,000 last November and now being crushed below $24,000 as of 12 May is representing this event. And did I warn my patrons to sell BTC prices back then when BTC prices were soaring? Indeed, I warned them that upside appreciation potential at $66,000 was very low and risk of a downside crash was very high at that point. And all my patrons know I have not issued a single buy opinion on BTC, not as it dropped to $60k, $50k, $40k or even $30k since I issued my sell opinion on BTC at $66k last November. In fact, when BTC prices recently dropped to $43k, I issued another warning NOT to buy. 

And finally, a while ago, I warned that USDT would break the buck, and that too has happened, it is trading at $0.983 as of mid-May. And even though TerraUSD is garnering much bigger headlines because of its massive breaking the buck event to below $0.50 this week, the much bigger story, should be USDT’s breaking the buck, especially if its price descends anywhere close to $0.95.  Comically, I’ve observed some crypto “journalists”, that have not called any of BTC’s three major price crashes since April 2021 before they happened, accusing the MIB of using TerraUSD as the “Trojan Horse” to try to break BTC. Again, this is a case of some members of the crypto community being so deeply entrenched in the narratives of an echo chamber that they cannot see the forest from the trees. 

TerraUSD is merely a single tree in the crypto forest. Though I cannot be positive of the contention I’ve been making of BTC being the massive Trojan Horse no one can see since the first BTC was minted on 3 January 2009, this has always been an opinion I’ve not been shy to express despite the resultant relentless attack I’ve experienced from the crypto community. However, I’ve always believed that one should have the courage to always speak what one believes to be truthful, no matter how unpopular the opinion. If you simply peruse the archive of BTC warnings I’ve issued since January 2021, it’s easy to realize how much BTC investors that heeded my warnings were helped.  Furthermore, since I believed that BTC would be ramped higher in prices to achieve MIB goals, I have never been a BTC permabear. I issued a buy opinion on BTC at $20k at the end of 2020 before issuing a sell opinion at $65k in March 2021, and then issued another buy opinion when BTC prices crashed below $30k in July 2021 before issuing a sell opinion at $66k last November. 

Despite my strong belief that BTC has been a Trojan Horse since day one, this hasn’t blinded me to the reality that BTC prices would experience great price appreciation spikes from time to time. In any event, it is also my opinion that USDT breaking the buck, if it does not regain a $1 valuation soon, is the  much more worrisome event than TerraUSD breaking the buck, because even before TerraUSD crashed to less than $0.40, the market cap of USDT was still about 7.5X greater than TerraUSD, and has now become 18X greater with a sub $0.40 price for TerraUSD. Oddly, the USDT breaking the buck story has been demoted behind the TerraUSD story to the back pages of most cryptocurrency news sites, a huge mistake, in my opinion, of not being able to understand the much more serious implications of a continuing decline in USDT prices.

Central Banking history has repeatedly informed us that nothing about our monetary system is ever what it is presented to be, even as far back as to the inception of the Federal Reserve, when the banking families that owned the Fed planted stories in US newspapers of the Federal Reserve’s mission being horrible for the future of America. The irony of this matter is that because no one rightly trusted bankers back then, Central Bankers were able to successfully deploy reverse psychology tactics by planting “news” in widely circulating newspapers of the horrible affect Central Banking would have on the quality of life of Americans and thereby convincing Americans that Central Banking must be the most wonderful institution in the world. And even knowing this history of repeated deception by Central Bankers, somehow, the majority of people today still believe that zero deception exists in the most widely disseminated BTC origin stories in which we’ve all been ordered to blindly believe, despite compelling evidence that points to State sponsorship in its creation. Thus, unfortunately, my GOTS suggestion must include the act of exiting cryptos as well.

Keep following everyone that the BTC community and mass media label as “experts” and they will drag you to hell with them. At the end of last year, Kate Waltman, a CPA that lists crypto as her area of specialty, declared that “the most knowledgeable educators in the space are predicting $100,000 Bitcoin in Q1 2022 or sooner.” Again, clout chasing and naively believing that people with the most notoriety in the space are the “most knowledgeable educators” are definitely not intelligent choices or reliable methodologies of becoming informed in the world of finance.


It’s not that humans are so stupid that we can’t learn from our past mistakes that we keep repeating them; rather it’s that those in control of the world’s resources have never found it necessary to change their blueprints to keep hoarding planet Earth’s resources to artificially drive prices higher and to continue transferring enormous amounts of wealth from everyone in the world to themselves. Consequently, they keep executing the same blueprints that the masses view as “mistakes” and that the serfs delusionally believe will somehow self-correct in the future instead of repeat in perpetuity.

The medieval Game of Thrones, kings and nobles versus the serfs global economic system, has never changed either. The players in the game have only assumed different disguises to hide the roles so apparent during the days of kings, nobles and serfs. The kings tweaked the platform they used to separate us from our money when they realized there was a better way to control us and simultaneously stymie all attempts to overthrow them that would always result from their imposition of tyrannical financial control and  openly flaunted opulence. Rather than use members of their army to point guns in the faces of serfs to collect their taxes, the kings invented Central Banks to accomplish the same goals. As the cowards they are, the global Central Banking platform allowed them to continue their imposition of financial control not through overt violence, but through covert tyranny (can you imaging even a single one amongst them fighting any of these men or women in a hand to hand combat situation, even if they outweighed them by two weight classes - Brandon Moreno, Rose Namajunas, Zabit Magomedsharipov, Stylebender, or even near 50-year old retired Spider Anderson – and whooping them?)

Not that physical prowess decides cowardice and courage, because it does not. Even as a long-time martial artist, I acknowledge that I’d have little chance against a professional MMA fighter that was training five or six hours a day unless I also trained five to six hours a day. However, I am stating that all the misanthropic billionaires that control resources (land, commodities, money) today are so cowardly that they would have zero chance of defeating any of the above listed professional fighters in a life or death situation not due to lack of comparative physical prowess, but due to their complete absence of courage and character that would cause physical paralysis in the face of a life and death scenario.

In the meantime, the nobles, as was predictable, became partners with the kings and queens hiding behind the facades of the Central Banks, by becoming CEOs of companies that evolved out of the global MIB (Military Industrial Banking) complex to execute their tyranny and deception. The nobles of the past are the MIB-affiliated corporate CEOs of today, men and women like Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Jamie Dimon, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey, Christine Lagarde, Narendra Modi, Justin Trudeau, Carrie Tolstedt, Barack Obama, George Bush, Pablo Escobar, “El Chapo” Guzman, Ismael Zambada García, Sandra Ávila Beltrán, Albert Bourla, George Soros, and Raymond Sackler. If you don’t understand why I included Escobar, Guzman, el Mayo Zambada and La Reina del Pacífico on the list of nobles, then simply read this article that explains how nearly 100% of all cash liquidity in the global banking system is, and has been provided by laundered narcotraffickers’ money for decades. 

In the above analogy of economic power, the kings and nobles are those people we see every day in the media using every excuse in the world to trample over our freedoms and constitutional rights, including through use of an  extremely mild Omicron variant of Covid by Chinese officials to currently imprison the 28.5M residents of Shanghai. The nobles, under orders of the kings, were able to execute this lockdown despite the fact that the doctor that discovered the Omicron variant, Dr. Angelique Coetzee of South Africa, is not only on record as stating that the variant is barely more dangerous than a common cold and would require no hospitalization for the infected, but is also on record in declaring that EU officials rebuked her for stating the truth about Omicron, and instead, asked her to deliberately lie and publicly declare that Omicron was a “serious illness”. Despite Dr. Coetzee’s revelation of the pure evil of these oligarchs, Chinese officials have still have used the spread of Omicron infections in Shanghai as an excuse to lock down the populace not because they are trying to protect the health of Shanghai’s residents, but because they are more interested in understanding how control breaks the spirit and defiance of the citizenry.

If you don’t understand how non-science, non-fact, non-intellectual, tyrannically Covid lockdowns are being used to shape the new economic world order, then just listen to this podcast in which I explained how I knew, nine months ago, when the popular narrative in the West was that Covid was nearing an end and no more Covid lockdowns would materialize, that the chance of this narrative being truthful was zero, and that there was no possible chance that Covid lockdowns would end until 2023 at the very earliest. With additional updates to the data I discussed in this referenced podcast, I’m fairly certain that rolling Covid-based lockdowns are going to continue in the Eastern hemisphere of the world in Asia/ NZ/ Australia until 2025.

Thus, when we are being informed of the future plans of the misanthropic changing New World Order, it is not fear-mongering, but a completely intellectual rational response to state that one better have a Plan A and a Plan B for the changing New World Order if one does not want to be steamrolled by it.

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