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The Great Reset: An Ancient Faith Continuously Renamed
Doug “Uncola” Lynn

The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants.– Albert Camus

Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities. – Voltaire

The writings of antiquity claim Mankind’s desire to unite the world began six millennia ago on the plains of Shinar, starting with the Tower of Babel.  That may be true.  But, in any event, and whether or not history rhymes or repeats, be assured of this:  Nothing is new under the sun.

Grand events have cycled throughout history. In America, they seem to climax around every 80 years.  For example, eight decades ago the nation was soon to enter the Second World War.  Going back another 80 years, the country was on the brink of the U.S. Civil War, and a little more than 80 years before that was The Revolutionary War.

In recent decades, however, the birth pains of conflict have paired to modern technological progress – including advancements in global communications, banking, and warfare. These innovations, in turn, have delivered new creations of collective centralization; to wit, the emergence of international financial and political institutions, the League of Nations after World War I, the United Nations after World War II, and the emergence of the global panopticon in the wake of 911 and the ensuing War on Terror®.

Now, as if right on schedule, it appears another historic climax has arrived.  Except, this time, the events appear to be manifesting more along the lines of great purges like The French Revolution, Russia under Stalin, or Pol Pot in Cambodia.

There can be no denying Covid is being leveraged to establish a global scientific dictatorship. And, toward that end, the technocrats are utilizing Marxist dialectics. This is why the captive corporate news media alternates their headlines between Covid hysteria and over-hyped racial agitation. Divide and conquer. Order out of chaos.

The modern mass media today is owned by a handful of corporations and under the control of a few billionaires.  Media narratives are propagated in order to further the interests of these elites.  This is accomplished by using deception to manufacture consent within entire populations.  The false narratives form beliefs in the minds of people who, in faith, act upon the lies.  And the acts of the believers, they believe, will save them from the societal “unclean” and dangerous “terrorists”.

The end result is not much different than the witch doctors of old casting spells and directing their tribes through fear and superstition.

My June 2020 article entitled “Coincidence Theorists See All Donut and No Holes in the Coronation of The Cult”, discussed how a Global Rite of Initiation occurred during the Spring of 2020 under the guise of Flatten the Curve®, and societal lockdowns, as follows:

1.) Isolation for Purification (suspension of the normal ways / surrender / sacrifice / masking / trauma)

2.) The Transition (the old self dies, descending into a state of liminality / fever dream / void in the middle / blank canvas)

3.) Integration into the New Reality (or Resurrection to the New Normal)

As discussed in that article, the word “Corona” actually means “crown” and the Luciferian powers-that-be are playing a “cosmic chess match” whereby…

…they want people to choose – and those who refuse to fall with them would, as a result, suffer societal ostracization, economic isolation, starvation, and death. The Vaccine-Deniers® would then occupy the lowest caste of the New World Order®. They would be the new Untouchables.

Indeed. Consider India’s caste hierarchy or how Islam is a triune societal system merging politics, the economy, and religious mandates. Covid is similarly manifesting. Except it is not the new religion, per se. It is merely the ingeniously deceptive and downright diabolical delivery mechanism for an ancient one.

In a previous article entitled “The Lies Of The Borg Are The Glue That Binds“, this blogger identified the actual danger hidden within the Covid Trojan Horse:

In the precepts of Marxism, there is, undeniably, a fanatically religious aspect to “The Greater Good” complete with its own morality and law; The Greater Good of course, being the survival of The Collective. But even that is a lie. Look to all of the purges throughout history to see how The Greater Good has always been primarily about the survival of the Queen Bees in the hive.

Now substitute the word “Marxism” in the above paragraph with “Covid-19”. Do you see it now?

Since the fall of Man there have been thugs seeking power in order to demand their gods be worshipped… or to be worshipped as deities themselves.  This has been true since the first tribes in Africa, through the pharaohs of Egypt, to the dynasties of Asia, and the Roman Caesars.

It’s no different now.

The new faith, like the old faiths, simply distills down to man worship.  And what is Marxism if not fealty to The Collective? And what is “The State”, if not a collective of humans? And do not utopian dreams always spring from the minds of men?

It has been so from the time of the first lie.

And, once again, self-appointed gods have obtained power through deception. But, this time, their control is global.  The modern financial wizards have centralized power through the usury of fractional-reserve banking and, over the decades, have consolidated their authority over transnational corporations and “sovereign” governments alike. And, yes, they certainly own the handful of corporations comprising the mainstream media today.

In October 2019, just weeks before the first Covid-19 deaths were reported in China, the “Event 201” plandemic exercise was held in New York City. The event was sponsored by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, John Hopkins University, and the World Economic Forum (WEF).

Since that time, billionaire Bill Gates, the founder of a software conglomerate, has been on the news every week promoting various healthcare initiatives. Gates first urged more Covid testing before quickly transitioning into a fairly successful global Vaccination Passport® salesman.  John Hopkins University posted all of the Orwellian Covid Maps that terrorized the internet over the previous year, and the founder of the WEF, Klaus Schwab, is the grand wizard behind the communistic Great Reset®.

It is these same billionaires and organizations that subsidize the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) in order to enforce their whims upon entire nations; as international corporations and small businesses fear lawsuits and employees comply with the new mandatory acts of faith instead of forfeiting their jobs.

In truth, the financial elite, on behalf of The Collective, are demanding fealty and the people must choose to obey.  Obedience, therefore, is, in fact, allegiance, or faith, or maybe even… stealth…. worship.

Consider how Covid Collectivism requires its believers to participate in the new sacraments of wearing masks, social distancing, and mandatory vaccination – all against an invisible killer; except this particular devil has a survival rate of 99.74%. Furthermore, The New Faith comes complete with own religious vestments (masks, gloves, face shields), liturgy (statements of faith like “Masks Up”, “Together Apart”, and “Build Back Better”, hand-washing, and needles/penetration), hierarchy (medical facilities, CDC, WHO), and collectivist theology (the young must be injected to protect the old).

Modern physicians have become the new witch doctors. Doctor’s offices, pharmacies, and hospitals are the new churches, mosques, and synagogues.  And political chieftains, along with the experts at the CDC and WHO, are the new bishops, imams, rabbis, priests, cardinals, and deacons who, by default, yield their authority to the royalty presiding over central banking.

In other words: Although the human immune system has successfully protected populations against every virus since time began, the new faith requires people now be injected with experimental synthetic pharmaceuticals in order to protect from a virus that has the same mortality rate as the flu for those under 50.

The new religion, therefore, is false and facilitated by misplaced faith inculcated through deception.

But, just as any deprogrammed cult member will attest: people believe because they want to believe.  And this is the seduction of Covid-19, the magic hat trick, if you will, in establishing the new system:

1.) The believers get to be the saviors of humankind through masking, social distancing, and the reception of pharmaceuticals into their bloodstream.

2.) The believers get to believe they possess the power, through faith, to manage the unmanageable.

3.) And, finally, perhaps most importantly, the believers get to pretend their cowardice is virtue.

The Believers will scold the unclean for being callous, for jeopardizing grandma in the nursing home, but they don’t care at all about the people who have died from the vaccine, or for little children getting stuck like pigs with experimental Messenger RNA. This is because, in the minds of the New Disciples, the needs of the many surpass those of the few. Or, in the words of Karl Marx: “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs“.

The New Believers, like the past ones, seek their salvation on earth. And, today, the New Adherents place their faith in the saving trinity of themselves, NIAID Director Anthony Fauci, and Big Pharma.

This is why, when attempting to deprogram the deceived, it is far easier to sway them by calling their attention to the avarice of the pharmaceutical companies instead of the Covid vaccine manufacturer’s complicity in consolidating power for the financial elite.  After all, a technological dictatorship is beyond the understanding of those living in the media bubble.

Yet the religious aspect of the new system is merely one leg of the three-legged stool of global dominion. The other two legs include the economicand the political; and, toward these ends, COVID-19® has accomplished many objectives.

As previously posted in the aforementioned “Coronation of the Cult”article:

The Coronavirus® pinprick collapsed the Economic Everything Bubble and deflected blame away from the bankers who blew it up. At the same time, it turned martial law into self-quarantine and abolished the First Amendment rights of American citizens including the free exercise religion, the freedom of speech, and the right peaceably assemble… all under the arbitrary mandates of Social Distancing®.  Additionally, cash has been transitioned into a viral threat – thus paving the way to a new digital world order; and the end of privacy.

….The televised outbreak also inflamed the fear and survivalinstincts of people in order to turn on each other while it massaged Wall Street and murdered Main Street.   To be sure, supply lines have been centralized via Walmart and Amazon as Mom & Popbusinesses were suffocated …

….this sort of Hegelian change meets the end of goals of The Cult because their ultimate desire is to rule over a diminished global population.  This is not conspiracy, however, because the Malthusian dreams of the Cult are well-documented ….”

Some in the medical field have speculated the Covid vaccines could weaken immune systems over a period of time through what is called “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” (ADE).  It’s what happened in the previous animal studies for the SARS vaccines when the test subjects were re-exposed to mutations. And, should the same outcome occur with the most recent Covid strains, don’t expect the New Medical Authoritarians to let the greatly-enhanced crisis go to waste:  They will use the Covid variants to ramp up the hysteria even more and further lock down the world.  It calls to mind the words of Yeats:


You can call me Douglas Lynn, or Doug for short, but I prefer my effervescing online moniker of “Uncola”. Welcome to The Toll Online where I hope you will enjoy my sweet and bubbly personality.

I consider myself as one who has found the Road Less Traveled while remaining a whiskered, whispering witness to the world.  I enjoy long walks, lively talks, surfing the interwebs and writing down my thoughts.  My favorite drink used to be a 14, also known as a Seven and Seven, but now I just take it as a Seven.

Whatever is written and/or posted here:

May it ring true,

May it ring loudly,

May it resonate near and far;

And, in the end,

May it be worth the Price, and time Spent.



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