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Clues Unlock Obama I.D. Mystery:
FBI Soviet spy files, SUBUD cult, and a dead body
Alan Jones and Mary Fanning

Note: This is a joint project of Alan Jones of 1776 Channel and Mary Fanning of The American Report

What do a Cessna in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean, an Islamic cult, a Chicago family, and a Soviet spy ring all have in common with a sitting U.S. President?

Strap yourself in for an unsettling espionage action-thriller that sounds like a Tom Clancy spy novel. But this cloak-and-dagger exposé is non-fiction. Political non-fiction.

The perplexing sequence of events begins as a Cessna carrying nine people inexplicably descends into the Pacific Ocean off the coast of a Hawaiian island. A passenger wearing a lavender sweater appears calm during the final seconds of flight. The plane enters the water. Some will later speculate the unusual circumstance was a controlled water landing made to look like an accident.

Wreckage of a Cessna Caravan in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hawaii.

The passengers and the pilot patiently exit the plane as the cabin becomes flooded with water. The passenger in the lavender sweater appears to the others to be alive and well. This passenger is observed floating in the ocean, wearing a life jacket and showing no signs of distress.

Oddly, another passenger documents the entire event with a GoPro video camera. The video never reveals the face of the passenger in the lavender sweater, who will soon become the focus of a mystery.

This passenger apparently ends up dead about an hour later.

Initial reports describe three different causes of death.

Even more baffling is the fact that no one else on board the Cessna Caravan died.

Do not assume that you can simply look up the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) final report to find out what happened. The incident is “under investigation”… almost two years later.

Now for a little bit more about this dead passenger. The deceased was the former leader of the American branch of an Islamic cult that originated in Indonesia.

The deceased used two names…and had two different birthdays. More mystery.

Through the Islamic cult, the deceased was connected to a very interesting couple from Chicago.

The husband from this Chicago couple is an expert in Soviet propaganda. He is a professor at a university in Chicago. A university where a another professor was a domestic terrorist and a self-described “communist revolutionary.”

The husband attended meetings in Chicago and China with a graphic designer who created a very recognizable circular logo for a famous politician from Chicago.

The father of the graphic designer who created a very recognizable circular logo for a famous politician from Chicago lived in a commune with members of the American branch of the Islamic cult.

The wife from this Chicago couple was friends with the deceased. The wife became the leader of the American branch of the Islamic cult too; just like her friend who purportedly perished in the Pacific Ocean.

Now it turns out that back in the 1940s, the FBI was extremely interested in the parents of the husband from this Chicago couple.

When this Chicago husband, professor, and Soviet propaganda expert was a young boy he lived with his parents near Washington D.C.

The Chicago husband’s mother and all of his grandparents were from Russia. The Chicago husband’s father worked for the U.S. government.

The FBI had the father under government “technical surveillance” through a judge’s secret order. The FBI monitored his phone calls.

The FBI listened to his father getting chewed out by a Soviet spy for “questioning him over the telephone.” The spy then told the boy’s father “to bear in mind from where he was talking.”

The Soviet spy was part of an espionage network penetrating the highest levels of the U.S. government.

This Soviet spy ring had many agents working at American public libraries, scanning local newspaper obituaries to obtain the names of recently-deceased babies. This Soviet spy network then used the names of these dead babies to create fraudulent identities in order to obtain counterfeit U.S. passports.

These fraudulent passports were used by the communist spy operation to bring additional Soviet espionage agents into the United States.

The FBI eventually had 26,000 pages of files on this ring; the ring which also stole atomic bomb secrets from the Manhattan project.

There is one more detail worth mentioning:

It was the deceased who released a Hawaii birth certificate for the famous politician from Chicago, who is now the sitting U.S. President. Many claim that the Hawaii birth certificate is fraudulent.

More mystery? Yes.

The deceased was named in a sealed affidavit filed in U.S. District Court in Seattle alleging misprision of felony and treason against the United States. The sealed affidavit included a technical analysis concluding that the birth certificate was fraudulent. The affidavit also contained personal financial records of the Hawaii official.

Less than two months after the affidavit was filed the plane allegedly transporting the Hawaii official went down in the Pacific Ocean.

The Hawaii official reportedly died.

Shall we continue?

The following are the actual events portrayed in the story you just read, complete with real names and excerpts from the original Silvermaster FBI files. Approximately 26,000 pages of FBI files related to the Silvermaster Soviet spy ring and the Julius and Ethel Rosenberg espionage case were declassified under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). Excerpts from the William Remington FBI file are presented here as well.

The Hawaii plane incident

The Cessna Caravan 208B turboprop ditched off the coast of Kalaupapa, Molokai, Hawaii on December 11, 2013. The Makani Kai Air Charters flight had departed Molokai en route to Honolulu with eight passengers and one pilot on board.

Several former military pilots reviewed GoPro video which had been recorded by a passenger on board the aircraft. Those military pilots stated that they believe the pilot made a “controlled water landing.”

The island of Molokai is in Maui County, Hawaii. (Image credit: Wikimedia Commons)


The 246-word NTSB preliminary report released after the Cessna Caravan incident was called “one of the most incomplete and un-sourced reports published when compared to other reports.” Twenty months have elapsed since the plane ended up in the Pacific Ocean. The NTSB has yet to release its final report.

One passenger reported killed: Hawaii/SUBUD official who released President Obama’s birth certificate

Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, who released President Obama’s ‘Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth’ on April 27, 2011, was the only passenger pronounced dead after the Cessna Caravan went down.

Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy released President Obama’s Hawaii Certificate of Live Birth in 2011 and was pronounced dead in 2013 after a Cessna she was reportedly aboard ditched in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Molokai, Hawaii.

Former Hawaii Director of Health Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy (pictured with former Hawaii Governor Neil Abercrombie). (Image credit: Facebook)


Several passengers claimed that they last saw Loretta Fuddy alive in the water wearing a life jacket. The GoPro video confirmed that passengers were in the water wearing life jackets.

It is unclear if Loretta Fuddy’s face appears in the shaky, heavily-edited GoPro video. Therefore, it cannot be confirmed that Fuddy was ever on board the Cessna Caravan or in the water.

Sealed affidavit filed by Doug Vogt in U.S. District Court on October 18, 2013 included alleged details about Loretta Fuddy’s finances.

Preliminary official reports about Loretta Fuddy’s cause of death contained glaring inconsistencies. Various officials blamed her death on internal injuries due to trauma, on drowning, and finally, on heart arrhythmia.

sealed affidavit filed by computer scanning expert Doug Vogt in U.S. District Court in Seattle on October 18, 2013 included allegations of misprision of felony and treason against the United States.

The affidavit also contained details about Loretta Fuddy’s personal finances.

Vogt hoped that a federal judge would convene a grand jury to investigate possible criminal conduct and compel the production of Hawaii Department of Health original documents and sworn testimony from Hawaii officials.

Less than two months after Vogt’s affidavit was filed the Cessna allegedly transporting Loretta Fuddy went down in the Pacific Ocean.

Dead Hawaii official held key positions in SUBUD cult: What is SUBUD?

After the plane incident it surfaced that Hawaii Department of Health Director Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, the first non-physician health director in Hawaii’s history, had been the SUBUD USA national chairperson from 2006-2008.

‘Deliana,’ we learn from Fuddy’s memorial, is Fuddy’s SUBUD name. Not only is this the first time most Americans become aware of the Islamic cult SUBUD, it is also the first time Americans are made aware that Stanley Ann Dunham, Barack Obama’s mother, was also a member of the little-known Islamic cult SUBUD.


Subud Jakarta, circa early 1970s.

One of the few official documents Americans have actually seen related to President Obama’s early life is Ann Soetoro’s 1968 application to renew her U.S. passport. Dunham was preparing to exclude Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah) from her passport, but the name was crossed out. Ann Dunham’s passport was later destroyed by the State Department.

Stanley Ann Dunham Soetoro’s 1968 application to renew her U.S. passport. Dunham was preparing to exclude Barack Hussein Obama (Soebarkah) from her passport, but the name was crossed out. ‘Soebarkah’ is possibly Barack Obama’s SUBUD name.

The name ‘Soebarkah’ has never appeared in any other publicly-known documents related to President Obama. Is ‘Soebarkah’ perhaps Barack Obama’s SUBUD name? Why have Americans never been told of this SUBUD cult connection before? Why the secrecy?

The life histories of Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy and Stanly Ann Dunham appear to share many parallel trajectories. Like Dunham, Fuddy is from Hawaii, spent time in Seattle and in Indonesia, and was deeply involved in the SUBUD cult. Only after reading Dunham’s biography by Janny Scott “A Singular Woman” do we become aware of Dunham’s early fascination with and life-long devotion to SUBUD.

SUBUD is an Islamic cult comprised of about 10,000 members worldwide. The group observes Ramadan. The cult was founded in Indonesia by Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo.

SUBUD maintains strong and enduring connections to the United Nations. Ties between SUBUD and the UN began as early as the 1950s and continue today.

SUBUD spread from Indonesia to Hawaii and Chicago. The group also established an office in Seattle.

SUBUD USA moved its headquarters to a Washington D.C. suburb in 2012.

SUBUD received a land grant at the Crestone/Baca Community in Colorado from the Manitou Foundation. The Monitou Foundation was founded by shadowy former UN official and Agenda 21 architect Maurice Strong. Strong resides in China.

SUBUD cult founder Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo of Indonesia.

George Soros, through his Open Society Foundation, funded Yayasan Usaha Mulia, a SUBUD humanitarian effort in Indonesia. Soros funded the SUBUD project in 2005.

‘Deliana’ was Loretta Fuddy’s “SUBUD name.”

‘Deliana’ joined SUBUD in 1982 in San Diego.

‘Deliana’ was a SUBUD USA Endowment Fund trustee. This allowed her oversight of the group’s finances.

SUBUD literature often discusses the complete destruction of capitalism and the transformation of Western society.

Friends of the dead Hawaii/SUBUD official: The Chicago SUBUD couple

Pictured from L to R: Former Hawaii Director of Health and former SUBUD USA National Chairperson Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, Former SUBUD USA National Chairperson Sylvia ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin, UIC Professor Emeritus of Design and Soviet propaganda expert Victor Margolin. Victor has also served as SUBUD Chicago treasurer. (Image credits: SUBUD USA, UIC)

Former SUBUD USA chair Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy and future Subud USA chair Sylvia ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin met at the SUBUD USA board of directors meeting in Portland, OR on November 10, 2010. Eleven weeks later Fuddy was appointed acting director of the Hawaii Department of Health. (Source:

Loretta ‘Deliana’ Fuddy was connected to the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC).

‘Deliana’ Fuddy, who held a Master’s Degree in public health, posthumously co-authored an academic paper with one medical doctor and two UIC professors who held doctorates. The academic work may have been intended to enhance Fuddy’s limited résumé, which did not include a medical degree, the traditional prerequisite for Hawaii health directors.

UIC is the academic bastion of domestic terrorist and self-described communist revolutionary Bill Ayers.

UIC is also connected to Sylvia ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin and Victor Margolin Ph.D., both officials of SUBUD Chicago.


Communist revolutionary and domestic terrorist bomber Bill Ayers was a UIC professor. (Image credit: Chicago PD)

‘Deliana’ Fuddy was facebook friends with ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin.

‘Shoshanah’ Margolin holds a Master’s Degree and a Ph.D. in social work, both from UIC, according to LinkedIn.

‘Shoshanah’ Margolin, like ‘Deliana’ Fuddy, also served as SUBUD USA national chairperson. ‘Shoshanah’ was national chairperson from 2012-2014.

‘Deliana’ Fuddy and ‘Shoshanah’ Margolin both attended the SUBUD USA board of directors meeting in Portland, Oregon on November 10, 2010. The Portland meeting happened 11 weeks before Fuddy was appointed Hawaii Acting Director of Health.

‘Shoshanah’ is married to UIC Professor Emeritus of Design History Victor Margolin, a leading Soviet propaganda expert.

Victor has also worked as a professor in Havana, Cuba.

Victor Margolin is a graduate of Columbia University, like Bill Ayers, and has hard-core leftist political leanings. A small panel called “Conversation Café“, “conceived by Victor Margolin,” was held at the 14th SUBUD World Conference in Puebla, Mexico in 2014. The panel discussed “a new design for capitalism” and “the need for new concepts that would challenge the notion of nation states.”

Obama campaign logo designed by Sol Sender.

Victor, drawing on his in-depth expertise in Soviet propaganda design, suggested ways in which Radical America, the journal of Bill Ayer’s ‘Weather Underground’ Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), could have employed graphic design elements to better deliver their communist revolutionary message.

Victor has connections to Chicago graphic designer Sol Sender, the lead designer of the Barack Obama 2008 presidential campaign logo.

Sol Sender’s father Ramón Sender lived at a Northern California commune called “Morning Star Ranch” in Sonoma County with two members of the Indonesian SUBUD cult in 1966.

Victor Margolin has direct connections to Felix Beltran, propaganda graphic designer for the Cuban Revolution.

Meet the parents of Chicago’s Soviet/SUBUD propaganda expert

The frightening shadow of the Soviet Union’s communist espionage machine did not come into full focus until this investigation looked into Victor Margolin’s late parents Benjamin and Olya Margolin.

Running the Margolin name through the FBI Vault, a database of declassified files, led to a stunning discovery: The system immediately linked the names Benjamin and Olya Margolin to the FBI’s Silvermaster spy ring files.

Benjamin and Olya Margolin lived near Washington D.C. Benjamin held a series of high-level positions within the federal government and Olya would become well known in Washington for her work with the National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW).

The most notable campaign waged by Olya Margolin was NCJW’s ‘Freedom campaign’ targeting Senator Joseph McCarthy (R-WI) and the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC).

Olya Margolin was also involved in a scandalous 1976 secret meeting in Washington, D.C. with representatives of the P.L.O, uncovered by Wolf Blitzer at the Jerusalem Post.

Like the communists of today, Olya was deeply immersed in refugee resettlement programs.

British Soviet double-agent Kim Philby was also involved in refugee resettlement. Under the guise of humanitarianism, Philby secretly moved Soviet agents and Nazis into the United States and called them “refugees.”

Benjamin and Olya are referenced in several FBI files, most notably the Silvermaster File Volume 24, part of the intelligence agency’s Julius and Ethel Rosenberg Soviet espionage case files. Those case files investigated traitorous Americans employed by the U.S. government who shared secrets about America’s nuclear weapons development program with Soviet agents.

Convicted spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg helped the Soviets steal atomic secrets from the U.S. and were executed in 1953. (Image: LA Times)

Soviet spies Julius and Ethel Rosenberg of the Silvermaster spy ring were executed in 1953 for their role in the theft of American atomic secrets on behalf of the U.S.S.R.

The Silvermaster File is named after Soviet spymaster Nathan Gregory Silvermaster.

Nathan Silvermaster was born in Russia and raised in China, then emigrated to the United States.

The communist spy ring in America which Nathan Silvermaster set up and directed was connected to high-level communists in the Soviet Union and China.

Silvermaster was employed as an economist with the United States War Production Board during the Second World War.

Soviet spymaster Nathan Gregory Silvermaster.

The Silvermaster FBI files chronicle the activities of dozens of American traitors who worked inside the U.S. government and who passed information to Soviet spies.

These traitors held high-level positions inside the Treasury Department, the military, the State Department, the Commerce Department’s Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs (OCIAA), the OSS (predecessor of the CIA), and even the White House.

This treasonous activity was organized under the leadership of the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) and Soviet agents.

Benjamin and Olya (spelled Olga in FBI files) Margolin are identified in the Silvermaster file as “close friends” with Robert Talbot Miller III of the Silvermaster Soviet spy ring.

Robert T. Miller was an American who moved to Moscow before relocating to Washington D.C. to work for the U.S. government.

Benjamin Margolin and Robert Miller both worked at the Office of Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs. The OCIAA was deeply infiltrated by the Soviets. OCIAA employees spied for the Soviets and passed American intelligence reports about Soviet activities in Latin American to espionage agents for the U.S.S.R.

Soviet spy Elizabeth Bentley feared the Soviets would assassinate her. She became an FBI informant.

Margolin and Miller both left OCIAA and began working at the State Department. The State Department, like the OCIAA, was also heavily infiltrated by the Soviets.

Miller held a sensitive high-level position at OCIAA where he had access to Navy, Army, and OSS intelligence reports.

Elizabeth Bentley was a Soviet spy who became an FBI informant after she realized that the Soviets planned to assassinate her. Bentley told the FBI that Miller passed intelligence reports to the Soviets.

Bentley was a handler and courier for the Silvermaster spy ring.

Bentley provided FBI agents with the names of more the 80 Americans, including Robert Talbot Miller, who had participated in espionage against the United States on behalf of the Soviet Union.

After Elizabeth Bentley identified Robert Miller as a Soviet spy, the FBI began surveillance on Miller and his network of spies.

The FBI’s investigation of Miller led the intelligence agency to Benjamin and Olya Margolin.

Benjamin Margolin was recorded in a 1944 telephone intercept speaking with Robert Talbot Miller according to the Silvermaster file.

Miller “took Margolin to task for questioning him over the telephone.” Miller then warned Margolin “to bear in mind from where Miller was talking.”

Olya Margolin’s name also appears in the index of the FBI’s William Remington File Part 17. The ten pages where information about Olya should appear are missing or were stolen from the FBI.

William Remington, also a U.S. government employee who was accused of espionage by Elizabeth Bentley, was prosecuted and convicted of perjury. Remington was murdered in prison by inmates who objected to Remington’s activities as a communist spy.

The FBI Vault instantly matched the name Benjamin Margolin with several major Soviet espionage FBI files. (Source: FBI)

Robert Talbot Miller III was identified as a Soviet spy by Elizabeth Bentley, a Soviet spy who became an FBI informant. (Source: FBI’s William Remington File)

FBI Silvermaster File Volume 15.

Benjamin and Olya Margolin are listed as acquaintances of Robert Miller. (Source: FBI)

FBI Silvermaster File, Volume 24, page 71 of 166, March 1946.

The FBI Silvermaster file stated:

Olga and Benjamin Margolin are likewise close friends of the Millers. He was formerly a Research Consultant and Law Librarian for the Honorable Stanley H. Fuld in the District Attorney’s office in New York City. He has been recently employed by the office of Inter-American Affairs. In September, 1944, during a telephone conversation, subject Miller took Margolin to task for questioning him over the telephone. Miller told him to bear in mind from where Miller was talking. Margolin has recently been employed in the State Department, but has been fearful of applying for foreign assignment since his father, mother, and wife were born in Russia. – FBI Silvermaster File, Volume 24, page 71 of 166, March 1946

Olya Margolin’s name appears in the index of the FBI’s William Remington file, but the pages referenced in the index appear to be missing: either redacted or stolen. (Image credit: FBI)

Soviet espionage organizational chart from FBI Silvermaster File Part 15 page 4.

Many family descendants of agents from the Silvermaster spy ring and descendants of Soviet agents covertly inserted into the United States under Philby’s ‘refugee resettlement’ program, are actively engaged in anti-American communist operations today.

Below is a chart revealing the numerous individuals in President Obama’s network who have either been in contact with Soviet, Chinese, or Cuban espionage agents, or are communist spies themselves:

Connections between President Barack Obama and communist Soviet and Cuban espionage agents.

Silvermaster/CPUSA communist spies stole dead baby birth certificates: Modus operandi continued by Bill Ayers

J. Peters (1894-1990) was was a Hungarian who was trained in Moscow and Berlin and was “famous in the Communist world for the fabrication of the finest quality forged passports and other personal documents.”

Peters entered the United States and masterminded the Silvermaster/CPUSA passport fabrication operation, creating thousands of fraudulent passports for Soviet spies infiltrating the U.S.

Peters invented the dead-baby identification theft technique later adopted by Bill Ayers:

Silvermaster/CPUSA communist agents working in public libraries scanned the obituaries looking for dead babies, then wrote letters to records offices requesting duplicate birth certificates, claiming that the original document had been lost. The fraudulently-obtained birth certificates were subsequently used by the communist ring to obtain U.S. passports for Soviet agents infiltrating the United States.

President Obama’s Chicago associate, communist revolutionary Bill Ayers, continued the dead-baby stolen identity racket initially set up in America by Silvermaster/CPUSA spies.

Bill Ayers stated:

We soon figured out that the deepest and most foolproof ID had a government-issued Social Security card at its heart, and the best source of those were dead-baby birth certificates. I spent impious days over the next several months tramping through rural cemeteries in Iowa and Wisonsin, Illinois and North Dakota, searching for those sad little markers of people born between 1940 and 1950 who had died between 1945 and 1955. The numbers were surprising: two in one graveyard, a cluster of fourteen in another. Those poor souls had typically been issued birth certificates – available to us at any county courthouse for a couple of bucks and a simple form I could copy from a death announcement at the archive of the local paper – but they had never applied for a Social Security card. Collecting those birth certificates became a small industry, and we soon had over a hundred. – Bill Ayers, passage from his book “Fugitive Days: Memoirs of an Antiwar Activist


FBI Weathermen File

Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn coordinated with Cuba’s General Directorate of Intelligence (DGI), the communist island’s equivalent of the CIA, during the late 1960s and early 1970s. According to the New York Times, citing a top-secret FBI report, “Cuban espionage agents operating in the United States and Canada supplied limited aid to the Weather Underground.”

FBI: Valerie Jarrett’s father was in communication with Soviet agent who was charged with espionage and fled the U.S.

The startling connection between Loretta Fuddy’s Islamic cult SUBUD network and twentieth-century Soviet spy rings is only the latest revelation to paint an increasingly troubling picture of President Obama.

Valerie Jarrett, President Obama’s must trusted and influential adviser, is the product of Soviet communist espionage roots.

FBI files show that the father of senior Obama White House adviser Valerie Jarrett was in communication with paid Soviet agent Alfred Stern. Stern was charged with espionage and fled to Prague.

Declassified FBI files, obtained under FOIA by Judicial Watch, reveal that the father, the maternal grandfather, and the father-in-law of President Obama’s closest adviser Valerie Jarrett “were hardcore Communists under investigation by the U.S. government.”

Valerie Jarrett’s grandfather Robert Taylor and Soviet spy Alfred Stern worked as business partners in low-income housing. Valerie Jarrett carried on this family business tradition. Valerie earned the moniker “slumlord after she became ensnared in several Chicago public/private low-income housing scandals.

Valerie Jarrett’s father-in-law Vernon Jarrett, a communist propagandist for the Soviets, was placed on the FBI’s Security Index. The Security Index was a secret list of individuals to be immediately arrested should any disruption break out between the U.S. and the Soviet Union.

Vernon Jarrett and Frank Marshall Davis simultaneously worked as writers at the radical Chicago Defender newspaper.

Valerie Jarrett’s own father Dr. James Bowman was deemed a Soviet subversive by the FBI. Dr. Bowman, like Vernon Jarrett, was in touch with Soviet spy Alfred Stern.

The Jarrett family’s extensive connections to Alfred Stern provide further evidence that President Obama is affiliated with a long-standing Soviet espionage cabal.

Any question about Stern being a Soviet spy dissipated when he fled the U.S. in 1956 to Prague before moving to the Soviet Union and Cuba.

Dr. Bowman left the U.S. military in 1955 and moved to Iran, claiming that racism and pay disparity had forced him to seek employment in Iran.

Stern was subsequently charged with espionage in absentia in 1957.

President Obama refers to Valerie Jarret as “family.”

Frank Marshal Davis, another member of President Obama’s “family,” was also placed on the FBI’s Security Index. Davis was CPUSA member #47544 and was a suspected KGB agent. Davis was Barack Obama’s Hawaii mentor.

Is President Obama an agent for Marxism?

Is President Obama a communist agent, recruited decades ago by Soviet communists, who is now working to rebuild and empower the globe’s Communist nations? The Marxist Muslim Brotherhood has assumed power over much of the Middle East and is in every U.S. government agency under Barack Hussein Obama.

Many people were already asking that question in 2012 after President Obama was inadvertently caught by an open microphone surreptitiously telling Russian President Dmitri Medvedev:

This is my last election. After my election I have more flexibility.

Medvedev replied:

I understand. I transmit this information to Vladimir.

President Obama then rearranged his pants and glanced at the press corps looking like he was just caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

The discovery of the connection among Fuddy/SUBUD, the Margolins, and the FBI Silvermaster spy files provides new evidence that suggests President Obama’s allegiance is not to the United States of America.

The concern is that President Obama’s allegiance is to the power structure inherited from Soviet and Chinese Marxists, the Marxist Muslim Brotherhood, and the Communist Party of the United States (CPUSA).

From Chicago radicals Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, who launched President Obama’s political career, to his chief White House adviser Valerie Jarrett and to his “mentor” growing up Frank Marshall Davis, almost everywhere one looks one can find connections to the CPUSA and often to Communist spies.

Obama’s stunning move for normalization with Communist Cuba seems almost mundane in this construct of global communism.

If a man’s associations define him, then is Barack Obama a communist agent?

Soviet KGB defector and communist propaganda expert Yuri Bezmenov revealed the communist plan to take down America:

It has become abundantly clear that the communist connections to President Obama extend from the Silvermaster Soviet spy ring of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg to today, where those who surround him and his closest confidants–his “family”–are the products of the same deep connections.

If (i) the unprecedented connections and associations of President Obama to Soviet agents, terrorists, the Marxist Muslim Brotherhood, and the anti-American pro-Marxist global movement to destroy the United States, (ii) his decision to scrap Poland’s missile defense shield, and (iii) the inexplicable, secret Iran deal are not enough evidence of his communist anti-American connections, look no further than President Obama’s own words to President Medvedev promising greater “flexibility” after his re-election.

Barack Hussein Obama has made it abundantly clear through his actions that he is the enemy–from a long line of enemies–here to destroy the United States, her allies, and her position in the world. The U.S. is being crippled with debt, overloaded with Muslim refugees, and stripped of her power as President Obama works feverishly to rebuild the Axis of Evil by using the United States as its handmaiden.

President Obama’s “transformation” of America is our destruction.


Former CIA Director/Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, Hugh De Lacy, and the Silvermaster spy ring:

 The peculiar discoveries in the papers made by investigative journalists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have not received the national media attention they warrant.

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