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Stop Searching for Heroes
Padraig Martin

One of the reasons so many people love Trump is that he became an accidental hero to an angry electorate. Trump, unlike every other tired politician in 2015/6, did not balance his words, consult with polling data, or regurgitate tired old conservative talking points. He came across as a genuine, albeit flawed man. When his Administration failed on so many levels - especially in 2020 - much of it was understandably the result of bad administration selections. Trump was placed in a position to hire all of the Bush rejects to field his White House. But much of that goes back on Trump, himself. After all, the buck stops with the boss, which is why so many others are disappointed in him - especially as it pertains to his inaction in 2020 regarding both the extraordinarily violent leftwing rioting around these United States and the Fauci-driven Covidian totalitarianism. It is my opinion that Trump was a well-intentioned man who did not know (and likely still does not know) the mechanisms of Washington power. Obama, a purely evil character, was a master at manipulating the levers of power to get his way for eight years, but even Obama had the benefit of two Bush Administrations and eight years of Clinton to lay the groundwork for his globalist vision. Trump lacked the insider knowledge and the support to get things done.

What Trump proves is that Americans who genuinely care about the future of their country desperately want a hero. They hoped Trump was that hero. To many, he always will be a hero. But neither Trump nor anyone else in elected office will ever be a hero. They are just ordinary men within a system that is too great to destroy from within. It cannot be turned around because it feeds on itself. The only way the current system fails is through consuming itself to the point of collapse. A single hero will not make that happen - although Putin seems to be the closest to succeeding.

It is at about this time that Christians will say, "Jesus is my hero!" Whereas I agree with them - Jesus is my hero, too - God selects men to be heroes for His people. Jesus can be the guide, protection, and salvation for that individual, but we know things are so bad right now that we need support on earth ASAP. The fact is, no singular individual will fill that role.

It is time to stop looking for heroes and become one yourself. Heroism requires taking a stand. It requires courage and bravery. It requires moral clarity. Most people on earth lack those qualities. But enough people taking a defiant stand can force change.

Individual sticks are easy to break. When bundled together, however, the sticks become increasingly harder to snap. Eventually, the bundle becomes a weapon - or at least the handle of a weapon, capable of disposing of the systems of government that have betrayed us. Be the stick and find other "sticks." 

Set aside your fears. Do not wonder about the status of "Feds" or whatnot. The Feds will do what they want to do. They want you so fearful that you do nothing at all. They want to ensure you never seek out likeminded people and bundle together.

It is not easy to take a principled stand. History is replete with those first principled people imprisoned or killed as a warning to others. Those first individuals are true heroes. Whether they marched at Charlottesville or throughout the Halls of Congress, they took a principled stand and suffered for it. That was the system saying, "We will crush your heroes." A true hero does not allow the system to silence him simply because he was harmed by the system or saw the system's response. A hero will get back out there and fight for that which is right. 

Trump cannot do that for you. Noone can do the fighting for you. It has to be you who makes the decision to resist. It has to be you who is determined to make change possible. If you want to right the ship, stop looking for a hero. Become one - then become the bundle.


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